Chapter 87 Leaving Jiading Town 1

       Entering the wooden barrel, the hot water gradually dissipated the cold remaining in her body. At this time, she felt that she was alone.
  The matter here has been resolved. She needs to rush back to Beijing as soon as possible to know whether her mother is well.
   made up his mind and asked the Bai family to resign after bathing.
Bai Ziyuan looked at his right hand with his head down, unable to exert any strength, and a little pain would hurt him. He secretly sighed. This life may be so abandoned. If he wants to enter the Beijing exam, he can only practice with his left hand. Words, it takes a long time to practice, when he can hold a pen to write, it is no longer known how many years later.
  Yu Guang saw a white figure, he slowly raised his head, it was Ning Moqian.
   He got up quickly, a smile on the corner of his mouth.
   "Shallow, I'm relieved to see you all right." Bai Ziyuan smiled gently, "It's a good day today, I will take you out for a trip."
"No, I'm here to say goodbye to you." Ning Mo smiled lightly. The red patches on his face did not seem as obvious as before, and he still covered half of his beautiful face. "The matter here has been resolved. I am ready to go to Beijing."
  "So fast?"
"Well, the time agreed with the person is coming, so I must set off now." Ning Mo nodded and handed the big wooden box to Bai Ziyuan. "This is for you. It hurts you after eating. help."
   This was from last night when she asked Ye Xie, the other party did not ask anything, and gave her the medicine directly.
   Bai Ziyuan was reluctant to leave Ning Moqian to leave, but he knew there was no feast under the sky, and the fate of the two of them might end here.
Reached over the small wooden box in the other person's hand and said a thank you softly. When the small wooden box was opened in front of the other side, a strange scent rushed on the face, which made people feel relaxed and happy. There was a brown-black lying in the wooden box He took the pill without a doubt and swallowed it in his stomach.
After taking the pill, the whole right hand was sour, itchy, and itchy, like countless ants crawling on the arm, which was uncomfortably fatal, and the body temperature was much higher than other parts, and the forehead kept dripping with sweat beads. The whole body is comfortable, such a contradictory feeling floods the whole body.
Roughly a kung fu of tea, Bai Ziyuan felt that his uncomfortable feeling was gradually disappearing. He couldn't help moving the fingers of his right hand. The flexibility seemed to be better than before. He used force to squeeze his fist into a punch, completely without any The pain seems completely cured.
   "Okay, I don't want to say anything more, help me to speak to my uncle and aunt." Ning Mo said softly.
   "Wait." Bai Ziyuan's attitude to see the other party was so determined, knowing that the other party should leave no matter what he said, secretly sighed, "I will let you prepare some broken silver."
   "No more, I didn't bring anything when I came, and I won't bring anything with me. Rest assured, I won't be okay."
   "Well, be careful on your way, don't know when we can meet again?"
   Bai Ziyuan had planned to go to Beijing to visit relatives with her, but so many things happened that his father was much older overnight, and he wanted to stay at home for a few years to do his filial piety.
   "If there is a destiny, I think we will meet." Ning Moqian blessed him, smiled slowly, turned around and left, she knew that Bai Ziyuan was standing on the spot and staring at herself.
   left Baifu, left Jiading town, and walked towards the direction of the capital.
   Ning Moqian and Bai Ziyuan thought that they would never meet each other again in this life, but no one would think that not only will they meet after half a year, but they will also become lifelong close friends for a big case.

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