Chapter 88 Earn consultation fees

        "Girl, you are a wonderful boy! My grandson is not tossing for another month, any doctor says that there is no medicine, my wife... I have no idea, I have to give you a bang!"
   An old woman with pale hair grasped Ning Moqian's hand tightly, kneeled on the ground with a puff, and tears crossed her wrinkled face.
   "Mother Li, this is absolutely impossible." Ning Moqian quickly hugged her arm with her hand, and asked her to stand up from the ground. "Who will take care of the little plums?"
   Granny Li heard the other person’s words, and turned her eyes to the child’s face on the bed, so she stood up in compliance with the other person’s intention.
"Girl, my family is very poor, there is no way to give you a doctor's fee, otherwise I will bring you some cakes." Mother-in-law sees the other party to refuse, and quickly said, "If you don't accept, my conscience can't pass. ! At least let's go for a meal at my house."
  "it is good."
Ning Mo nodded her head gently, if she didn’t agree, she didn’t know what the other party would do, not to mention rushed for a few days, either sleeping in a broken temple or falling asleep deep in the woods. Others, who wanted to get a glass of water and take a break, didn't expect to encounter the water ghost.
  Mother Li saw that Ning Moqian agreed to stay and eat, and happily took out all the money from a pottery jar in her pocket and went out to buy food.
   "I went back to the county seat to buy some food and you are sitting for a while." Mother-in-law picked up the bamboo basket beside the house and was about to leave.
   "Mother Li, how far is it from the county in front?"
   "Not far, not far, just thirty miles away, don't look at my grade, I have a short journey, I will come back soon." Li's mother said softly.
   It turns out that the county in front is not far away. You should be able to find an inn to sleep tonight.
"Xiao Lizi will wake up soon, and he will find you when he wakes up." Ning Moqian looked at the other person's eyes with a trace of reluctance and said quickly, "It's better to take him to the county town and find a better restaurant for He supplements his body, so that I can live directly in the county."
Mother-in-law heard this, and there was a hint of incomprehension on her face. She could only buy one chicken for all her money and went to the restaurant to eat. She couldn't afford that much money. She wanted to refuse, but After all, the other party was Xiao Lizi's life-saving benefactor, and she couldn't speak at all.
   "Don't worry, I will pay before meals." Ning Mo murmured.
   "How can I do that?" Mother-in-law shook her head vigorously, saying nothing, "You saved my grandson's life, how can you still have money to eat?"
   "You have paid the consultation fee."
   "Paid? When?" Li's mother couldn't help but felt surprised and asked in surprise.
"You take me to the county seat in front of you is the best consultation." Ning Mo lightly smiled. "I don't hide from you, I don't know the road very much. These days I have been circling in the woods in front of me. ."
  Mother Li listened to this and couldn't help laughing out loud. She didn't expect that a clever woman like medicine would not know the way.
"Little Li Zi has been tossing for so long, he will sleep for three days after he wakes up, so he needs to make up his body." Ning Moqian continued to persuade, "You save this money, buy it for him when he wakes up delicious."
   Granny Li sighed secretly, she simply could not refuse the other party's request, after all, distressed grandson.
  Ning Mo saw the other party agree and walked into the room to hold Xiao Lizi in his arms, and the two went out.

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