Chapter63 To spend 1

     Ning Moqian couldn't help frowning when he heard this. The black flower would counterattack with green vines when it was stimulated by the outside world. Bian Yun didn't look attacked. Doesn't the black flower wake up? The main thing is that she has never smelled a strong floral fragrance.

    She squatted slowly, approaching the child's nose gently with her hands, her eyes suddenly showed a beam of joy, and there was still breath, but the breath was weak. If you don't hurry to rescue the child, I am afraid that she will die here.

    "The child is still angry. I'm afraid I will die here if I drag on." Ning Moqian said back to Bian Yun.

    Bian Yun had never been able to approach the sunspot before. The plant seemed to have his own consciousness to block his touch. Now that he heard that the child was not dead, the heavy stone in his heart was finally removed.

    "Let me come." Bian Yun took out the knife and would cut those plants.

    "No." Ning Moqian quickly reached out to stop, "You can't cut down the plants on him."

    "Why?" Bian Yun looked puzzled.

    "They are already united, and hurting the plant is equivalent to killing him." Ning Moqing pointed to the position of the child's heart, "Here."

    Bian Yun moved the tumbler forward a bit, the plants felt the heat, the leaves were gathered like mimosa, and the green vines were slowly tightening. He couldn't help but be surprised and quickly took the tumbler away a bit. Looking at Ning Moqian's direction.

    This flower runs through the child's body as if it grew out of the child's heart. Such a fatal injury can still live to the present, which is unbelievable.

    "How could this be?" Bian Yun saw such a weird scene for the first time, and it was all right. "These plants will tighten the child once they get close. What should I do?"

    "Let me do it."

    Ning Moqian reached out and slowly hugged the child. The green vines on his body kept tightening the child's body, and blood marks gradually appeared, but soon the vine found the intruder and transferred the attack to her.

    Bian Yun looked at the vines, strenuously strangling Ning Moqian's body, and couldn't help swallowing.


    Ning Moqian didn't wait for the other party to say anything, and quickly walked to the entrance of the secret room, holding the child.

    With one hand holding the child, one hand grabbed the rope ladder and climbed up slowly.

    The black flower gleamed at first sight, and the petals tightened quickly, and the vines accelerated, causing her to have wounds all over her body and a lot of blood.

    The children screamed when they saw such a weird scene.

    Ning Moqing quickly held the child in his arms away from everyone.

    Bian Yun couldn't help swallowing the saliva. This woman was too powerful. In such a scene, such pain was unbearable for him. She didn't change her face, but she bleeds too much, her face was pale, and the beads of sweat Slowly oozed from his forehead.

    Ning Moqian put the child in the corner, grabbed the vines on her body, and sucked the yin away a little, and the vines on her body quickly returned to the child. In order not to affect the child's life, she quickly released her hand.

    Only then did she see clearly that the child named Ajie was the one who showed her the way.

    After Bian Yun settled the child, she walked to Ning Moqing's side and looked at her bloodied body with concern.

    "Night girl, how are you? Can you move?"

    At this time, the pain gradually decreased. She looked at the wound on her wrist, a little healing, and finally no scars could be seen. Sure enough, she guessed well. Her current body has terrible self-healing ability, and the more severe the injury, The faster it recovers.

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