Chapter73 The odds are against you (2)

        When Mr. Yang just left the study, he looked at the five monsters standing on the wall and couldn't help but be scared, but this feeling soon disappeared. As a parent official, he was absolutely not able to panic, let alone the people to leave At this time, I understand why the other party wants all the people to enter the Yamen. If this is not done, I am afraid that the next day is just an empty city.

         Bai Ziyuan was naturally afraid that Ning Moqian was injured, and hurried to go. Master Bai looked at the terrible monster outside and would not let him go, but the other party insisted on it, so he had to go with him, and he didn’t know if the second lady and the little bells were the same. Also entered the Yamen.

   "Shallow!" Bai Ziyuan whispered.

   Ning Mo looked at Bai Ziyuan shallowly, and there was a hint of joy in her eyes. She quickly stepped forward and pulled it aside, her back to the monster.

   "You immediately go to the backyard door to take the fast catch and the servant to find the black flowers, and there are five scattered in various places, remember to only hit the stamen at once!"

  Bai Ziyuan looked at the five monsters and understood the meaning of Ning Moqian. He nodded heavily, and did not say hello to Master Bai, and hurried towards the backyard.

   "Master Bai, I am afraid that Mrs. Er is very afraid of such a situation. Go and find her quickly. Don't worry about Ziyuan, he will be fine." Ning Moqian watched Master Bai to catch up and said quickly.

Master Bai glanced at the monster and sighed secretly. He did not have any fear or despair at this time, because he had experienced it once. Although he did not remember clearly, he knew how powerful this monster is. Now there are five monsters. I'm afraid that no one can live tomorrow's sun, let's just let Ziyuan do what he feels right, anyway.

   "Be careful yourself." Master Bai looked at Ning Moqing and said softly, and turned to leave.

  Ning Moqian wanted to let Master Yang also leave the front yard without opening, and the other party raised her hand to signal that she didn't need to spend much slobber. He wouldn't leave here, so he had to leave.

   They stared fiercely at the five monsters in front of them, fearing that they would suddenly jump in. If this gate could not be held, everyone in the government office would die, and no one was spared.

  Bai Ziyuan quickly walked to the back door. Many of his servants and arresters were pale and ugly. No one expected this to happen. They did not know what their fate was like.

   "As long as the weird flowers that control these monsters are wiped out, these monsters will disappear." Bai Ziyuan walked among the people and said softly, "If you want to live, follow me!"

   "If you just eliminate the flowers, you can do it alone?" I don't know who came up with a word.

   No one else said anything, I'm afraid that was what I thought.

"A total of five monsters means that there are five black flowers growing in Jiading Town. I can't find these flowers at all. How fast are people? Do you think that after the monsters rush into the Yamen, will you still be alive? It's better to give it a try!" Bai Ziyuan whispered, "Anyway, it's all death. I'd rather die to war, rather than be a tortoise, and I wouldn't see the ancestors in the land."

Bai Ziyuan saw that no one was willing to go with him. He deflated his mouth, even if he was timid, this group of people was even more arrogant than him, no matter how to solve the black flowers in Fang Kang's family first, the goal was certain, So it's quicker to find.

   reached out to open the courtyard door, looked left and right twice, and left directly.

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