In the heavy iron city of the Tang Dynasty, outside the gate of the "Long Garden" of the Wang family, it was noon and it was the scorching sun. A group of children of the Wang family were waiting outside the gate of the Dragon Garden early.

    Wang Jianai is one of the three big families in the heavy-duty iron city. It is said that his ancestor was a disciple of Taoism, the first Taoist school of Taoism. Later, due to mistakes, he was expelled from Tian Daozong and fell into the heavy iron city. The Wang family was established in the heavy iron city. It has been flooded and became a member of the three. The main family in the heavy iron city.

    Long Yuan is the secret residence of the Wang family. There can only be one door. This door has a broken dragon stone. The broken dragon stone weighed 100,000 pounds. Non-humans can lift it. After putting down the broken dragon stone, no one can enter.

    In the Wang family, Long Yuan was used as a secret room to cultivate bottle tightness. After a child of the Wang family wanted to break through the safety of the bottle cap, he went to Longyuan to apply for the broken dragon stone and then came out after breaking through the safety of the bottle cap.


    Suddenly, a roar came, and all the children of the Wang family felt the ground trembling, and the gravel in front of them slowly rose to reveal a black hole.

    With the footsteps, an ordinary boy slowly walked out of the black hole. The boy's face was pale, his teeth clenched his lips, and his eyes were full of despair and reluctance.

    The sky is a layer of Qi Xiu. At the gate of Longyuan, a middle-aged man looked at the indifferent teenager. A trace of disappointment flashed in his eyes, he hid two words in the book-Cang Tian.

    With the words of middle-aged people, Long Yuanwai suddenly brought irony.

    "The first stage of Qigong practice? Hey, it really failed. It is calculated that this is his ninth basic failure. He must practice hard again."

    "What is that? People are geniuses. We have worked hard for the ninth level of the Qigong training stage for more than ten years. People completed this work within a year. Genius!"

    "What if the farming speed is fast? It is not impossible to establish a foundation. In the end, it is empty. I think he is a genius waste."

    "Yes, this waste has been destroying the family's resources, just dragging down the family."

    "Who made my grandfather the patriarch? Otherwise, this kind of waste that could have accumulated on the ground should have been driven out of the family a long time ago and let him die."

    "Don't say it, it's been three months since he was 18 years old. If he hasn't established a foundation, then his grandfather is the patriarch and he can no longer protect him."

    "Speaking of which, his cultivation level is definitely a genius. I really don't know why I have never been able to lay the foundation. Hey, a generation of genius, it just fell down."

    "Who knows, shouldn't he be jealous of heaven? They all say they are talented."

    "I think he was cursed by God. Look at his name. How dare you call it "Cangtian". God is lucky that he will die without thunder."


    After hearing all the mockery, contempt, and sighs around him, the teenager's pale face became paler. This sentence made his body tremble like a thorn that pierced his heart.

    "Maybe, as they say, I am a man cursed by God!" The boy's pale face showed a bitter smile.

    "Next, Wang Ting, the third floor of the foundation period." The middle-aged man's voice rang in the ears of the sky, followed by a slender figure. The appearance of the girl caused a sensation in the crowd.

    This girl is about the same age as the sky (17 or 80 years old), but her beautiful face has made the crowd look hot.

    "It's Wang Ting. I didn't expect that she had built the third floor of the foundation period. This time I went to Longyuan to affect the fourth floor of the foundation period. This is indeed the genius of our Wang family."

    "People are seed-level characters, they are cultivated at home. Where can we compare?" Someone said sourly.

    "Well, even if you have received the key training for the family, you can't practice on the third floor of the basic stage before the age of seventeen." Some people disdain.


    Passing Kurata, a trace of disdain flashed in the girl's eyes, and then entered Longyuan.


    The broken dragon stone fell, and the shaking ground was shaking again.

    When the broken dragon stone dropped, the crowd also dispersed, leaving only a lone figure.

    The sky stares at the falling dragon stone

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