When the sun goes down, the afterglow of the sunset flies out of the dense woods and is scattered in the sky.

    On the back hill of Wangfu, there is a dense forest. There is a natural waterfall between the forests. The scenery here is natural and the air is fresh. This is an important place in the sky. He comes here whenever he is worried. Every time he did not establish a foundation. I also came here to heal the wound, and then to organize my mood and continue to practice.


    Cang Tian leaned on the boulder and sighed. This is his ninth defeat. Even though he has a strong will, he is still a little confused.

    He didn't know what to do.

    The Wang family is just a small cultivation family. The most powerful person in the whole family is his grandfather Wang Tiexiong, but his grandfather is just the peak of a nine-story building.

    In the heavy iron city, the Li family and the Lin family also coexist with the Wang family. These three big families control most of the practice resources of Tiecheng.

    However, in the heavy railway city, the most powerful person is the city owner Yang Zhennan, because he is the only Jiedan practitioner in Tiecheng.

    God knows that everything is built on the road to the masses. It can be said that the real strong are respected. Whether he is looking for a parent or must survive, he must have the ability to understand.

    The first step in becoming a cultivator is to build a foundation. Only by successfully establishing the foundation can it be regarded as a real tool for entering the ranks of farmers and can survive in this cruel wilderness.

    After hundreds of millions of years of cultivation, the Master of Understanding 6 of Honghuang University has been systematically classified. Infrastructure is the first step. If you cannot establish a foundation, please do not talk about agriculture.

    There are 9 small levels in the basic stage and qigong training stage. After the basic period is the Dandan period. It is said that the integrator of the Dandan era can fly with a sword, and the royal sword can kill enemies thousands of miles away.

    Cangtian had seen Yang Zhennan, the boss of Chonggang City, dancing with a sword. This is indeed enviable.

    "One day, I will also become a cultivator in the Dandan era. Yu Jianfei flew, and then flew into the sky!" Cang Tian clenched his fists, yearning for beauty.

    So he sorted out his mood, sat on the boulder, and began to practice energy.

    Although Cangtian County will fall from the 9th floor of the Qilian era to the 1st floor of the Qilian era after every failed infrastructure construction, after 9 rounds of cultivation, he has reduced energy consumption because he is already familiar with many aspects.

    "The road to heaven is to make up for the losses and make up for the deficiencies.

    Cangtian, who spent time in Shen Dantian, was sent to "Tao Daoqi Extinction". At the sacrifice of Dan Tian, ​​the aura of heaven and earth was suddenly surrounded by him, turned into a pure airflow and entered the meridian.

    "Tiandao Qigong" was the basic qigong of the first batch of Taoist qigong. Tian Daozong did not stop this because they still needed to recruit potential disciples.

    With heaven's luck, the aura between heaven and earth converged like a flood. He walked to his head without a word.

    If the master of cultivation sees the cultivation of the sky, he will be shocked, because the sky is not enlightened but plundered, plundered the soul of the world, this is what he can do.

    This is why Cangtian can be trained from level 1 to level 9 during a one-year maintenance period. The results of his one-day practice can be compared with others in more than ten days.

    Cang Tian didn't know his particularity, because his realm was too low, and no one in the whole heavy iron city could see his extraordinary, only thought he was a genius.

    Cang Tian himself thought so, but unfortunately, his genius was blocked by the Foundation and could not go further.

    "Okay, I'm hungry. I will find something to fill my stomach. I will practice later." After three weeks of physical exercise, the sky opened his eyes and sighed.

    He rolled up his sleeves and trouser legs, ran into the stream under the waterfall, and laughed

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