The moon is like a silver plate, and the sky is full of stars.

    In the mysterious grotto, Cang Tian sat on the stone chair and looked at the small tripod on the stone table. In the dark, Xiaoding's scattered blue light is very obvious. With this faint blue light, he looked at Xiao Ding carefully.

    For Ding, Cang Tian is no stranger. Since ancient times, Ding has been a symbol of the country’s weapons and political power. In the hearts of mortals, Ding is the most sacred existence, usually used for sacrifice.

    In addition, some practitioners also refined Ding, but most of them are alchemists. They conducted alchemy refining in Baoding. The alchemy tripod is slightly different from the sacrificial tripod.

    As a symbol of imperial weapons, the tripods are all three-legged round, while the alchemist's tripod is four-legged.

    But Cang Tian was surprised that the slap-type tripod in front of him was a four-legged tripod, which he had never seen before.

    Of course, because there are four legs, this tripod is a magic weapon for the cultivator. For some alchemists, perhaps this is a tripod, which makes Tian Tian excited.

    Alchemists are gods. Few people dare to offend the alchemist, because their eternal life is a precious resource.

    Not only that, alchemists have many friends. After all, as long as immortal people need immortality, those who offend the alchemist will offend a group of powerful people behind him.

    In this way, you can imagine the identity of alchemists, especially those of the top alchemists. All these alchemists exist like gods, and stepping on the continent will tremble three times.

    The topic went further, I recovered from the excitement, and the sky once again showed the difference of the tripod. The T is engraved with ancient characters.

    These characters do not know the sky, but this does not mean that these characters are worthless. he is very smart. He knew that this tripod was more than an alchemist's medicine. After all, which kind of alchemist pill is not related to carving characters on a tripod, even if it looks good, it is not necessary. Well, after all, the alchemist's tripod is used for alchemy, not for decoration.

    Coupled with these ancient characters, he knew nothing about it, and he had never even seen it. This further shows that this little Ding is extraordinary, definitely not the Ding of the lower alchemist.

    Thinking of this, Cangtian was even more excited. If it is Dante, a senior alchemist, then selling it is absolutely astronomical. After all, alchemists in this industry are not short of money. They are the richest among innocent people. Dante's pursuit is also crazy.

    Cang Tian did not expect to stay, because although this is a magic weapon, it is useless to him. In addition, he is not an alchemist, so he may wish to sell some exercises and spells to achieve reality.

    "By the way, I almost forgot that some magic weapons without the main god can be recognized. It is said that after obtaining the approval of the main god, you can get information about the magic weapon. This is unusual, and its origin is absolute . Not small." Heaven suddenly thought.

    Cultivators' magic weapons are different from mortal weapons. They have the spirit, and once refined, they will carry some of their own information. Most of them are added by the refining master during the refining process. Just like mortal casting masters are casting some. When using a weapon, it always has a good name.

    "But how do you know the Lord? It is said that practitioners in the Dandan era can recognize the Lord with the fire of Dantian, but..." Cang Tian was suddenly angry, and he didn't know how to know the Lord. Lord, even if he encounters a treasure, his ability is terrible. The uation hit him a few points.

    "Maybe you can try to confess the Lord with blood. Grandpa said some magic weapons can confess the Lord with blood." Cang Tian suddenly blinked. "Although Grandpa said such magic weapons are rare, they are considered lucky. The characters are exploding!"

    Cangtian is not an indecisive person. He wanted to do it, extended his index finger, bit into his mouth, squeezed a drop of blood, and then dripped in the blue tinkle in front of him.

    The sky saw purple light shining in his blood, but because he was fascinated by the blue tinkerbell, he thought it was a fantasy.


    Golden monkey squatting in the sky

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