Chapter 4 Take an alchemist medicine

On the rock, the golden monkey rushed out, but this time he did not run to the old man, but became smaller, crying and hiding behind the sky.

    Obviously, the golden monkey gave in like an old man, hoping that God would be angry for him.

    The sky was immediately ecstatic. Although this monkey is very powerful, his head is like a child. He looked funny and couldn't help laughing.

    The old man was also amused by the golden monkey.

    "Elder, you should be kind and not familiar with it." After smiling, the sky clenched his fists at the old man. He can see that the old man is not hostile to them, so he is not worried.

    At this time, Cang Tian determined that the old man was a master of cultivation. He was worried that he had been sealed in a small jar before and accidentally let him out.

    "Don't worry, the old man won't care about that fluffy little monkey, but the old man would also like to thank you for lifting the guardian's seal and letting him go." The old man smiled and waved.

    real? Cang Tianyan pointed at him curiously and landed on the tripod at the feet of the old man.

    "Yes, that's it." The old man jumped off the blue tripod and waved his hand. The blue tripod began to shrink and eventually became a palm-sized small tripod.

    "Boy, I don't know your name yet. You let me go. I must thank you. By the way, you can call me Huang Dan." The old man put down Xiaoding and sat down.

    The golden monkey saw that the old man stopped hitting it, so he came out from behind the Tibetan field and sat next to him with a small tripod. I don't know why the tripod is so small.

 Emperor Dan didn't understand the thoughts of the sky, otherwise he would destroy the sky even if the sky was his savior.

    "Sky? Who gave you this name? You call this name so boldly.

    As we all know, cultivators fall from the sky and often suffer disasters. The most worrying thing is the sky. Even the oath will be confirmed by God. I am in awe of "Sky".

    The Sky Family is a spiritual family. Emperor Maru was surprised. He dared to give the sky such a name.

    Huang Dan

    "Don't let the old man be brief, the old man is not good at this." The emperor interrupted Dan.

    "The younger generation should call you Elder Dan!" Cang Tian said. He still felt that "the name of egg yolk is inappropriate.

    Huang Dan nodded, very satisfied with the title.

    "Grandfather, grandfather, young grandfather said my father called me. As for why I call it this way, the younger generation doesn't know why. Some people say that my grandfather objected." Cang Tian said. Soon after he was born, his parents left him, and so far, he has never seen his face. For his parents, he had only a vague concept.

    "It seems that your father is not a lunatic, that is extraordinary." Emperor Dan nodded. Although practitioners are in awe of the world, they are not without lunatics. They like to take some names in the sky. Ah, in the end, they did not defeat the sky, but they were covered by disaster.

    Speaking of this, the sky is considered good. After all, he did not fight the sky, did not defeat the sky, he was as famous as the sky. In ancient legends, there were names like "blue sky", "yellow sky" and "sky".

    Therefore, you can imagine how surprised others will be when they hear the name of heaven.

    However, after all, Huang Dan has an extraordinary history, and did not consider much about it. What surprised him most was how Cang Tian opened the seal and released him.

    After all, there are heavens planted there, but Emperor Dan is not surprised how heavens will find the seal he placed.

    Cangtian didn’t know that he would be sealed, so he saw Emperor Dan’s problem and said frankly: "Elder Dan, I heard that my grandfather has magic weapons that can identify the main gods through blood. If you are released, you will win. ...
    Emperor Dan did not think that the first generation of rebellion against heaven was the ancestor of heaven. After all, from his eyes, he can see that the era of Cauldron Sky must be traced back to 100,000 years ago. Is there such an ancestor? Even if there are such ancestors, they have been passed down for many generations, and the lineage has long been impure, and the method of identifying the owner by dripping blood still has shortcomings.

    However, at this time, Heaven obviously didn't need to deceive him, so Yao Huanghuang could only reveal from this topic in the end, because he really didn't know the reason.

    "Well, we won’t talk about this for the time being. Since you let me out, then I will not be too bad for you. Say, what good things you want, whether it’s practice or magic secrets, I can give you, absolutely Better than your clan’s broken technology. Huang Dan said proudly, but he’s me

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