Chapter 5Blood variation

In the cave, with the help of stars, you can see the sky sitting cross-legged on the ground. In front of him was the medical emperor with a serious expression. As for the golden monkey, he is still studying how the small blue tripod suddenly grows and returns. Did not notice the situation here.

    The calm mind wants to try Zhu Jidan. After all, this is a legendary pill. He was curious, but the pill melted in his mouth and entered his body through the throat, then flowed from Dantian to his limbs and veins.

    The whole process is so fast that the sky cannot appreciate the taste of Khitan. Of course, what Cang Tian was most worried about at this time was farming. At this moment, his heart is protected, watching the changes in his body closely.

    Qidan's medicine is very powerful, even beyond the imagination of the sky. He could not imagine that the immortal fairy had such a huge energy.

    With such a huge energy, the heaven's training base flew into the sky, but it quickly reached the peak of the ninth level of the qigong training period, which was the same as when he arrived in the base construction period not long ago.

    At first, he spent a year practicing, and the panacea enabled him to complete the practice one year ahead of schedule.

    Kurata felt the power of alchemists for the first time and realized why they had such a position among cultivators.

    But this is obviously not the time to sigh, because that is a critical moment for the infrastructure.

    The so-called basic building actually opens all the meridians in the human body, so that the meridians in the human body form a circulatory system. Only such a body can support it in the next step.

    In order to be able to cultivate to the ninth level of the qigong training stage, almost all the meridians in Cangtian body were opened, leaving only the last two most important meridians-the two meridians of Rendu.

    The two channels of Rendu are also called the second bridge between heaven and earth, because they are directly connected to the points of heaven and earth. Once opened, practitioners will absorb the aura of heaven and earth faster. At the same time, the two channels of Ren and Du are the only way to connect the upper, middle and lower pubic regions. If you want to be a cultivator, you must succeed.

    Cangtian carefully guided the body's powerful spiritual power, and began to try to impact the Strait of Dur. He didn't dare to be careless, he must know that his previous failure was because when he hit Dulmai, all the mental energy in his body suddenly disappeared.

    This time Cang Tian didn't know if it would pass, so he was embarrassed at the moment.

    Outside, Emperor Dan was staring at Cangtian's body movement. His cultivation foundation is very strong. His sense of sacredness can penetrate directly into the sky, and he can clearly see the changes.

    At the same time, Cang Tian has influenced Ren Du's second realm from the initial influence.

    "It must succeed!"

    The sky growled firmly. When his thoughts were mobilized, the deep spiritual power in his body rolled up violently in the sea like turbulent waves.

    At this time, a ray of purple-red light flickered in the blood flowing in the air meridian, and then the mental power of his body in the meridian began to disappear with the naked eye.


    Looking at this familiar scene, Cang Tian roared in his heart.

    This is also a failure. Like the previous nine foundations, the spiritual energy of the entire body disappeared at this critical moment, and cultivation was reduced from the ninth level of the Qi repair period to the second layer of the Qi repair period.

    Even though he was ready, at this moment, Heaven couldn’t help being disappointed.

    Outside, Emperor Dan stared at his inner movements until he saw the change

    "What is that purple light? How could it suddenly appear in his blood?" The emperor's divine consciousness was very strong, and naturally there was a scene that the sky didn't notice. Intuition told him that the disappearance of spiritual power in the sky might be the same as purple light. related. It's just that the purple lights flickered, so he didn't have time to think too much.

    However, if one time is not enough, you can try again. Emperor Dan wanted to take out the Qidan and said to the sky in front of him: You try again. "

    The sky was stunned, and Emperor Dan took away Zhuji Dan's superb potion. It seems that this old guy has a lot of inventory. But considering Fang Cai's situation, he felt helpless, but because Huang Dan didn't care about Jian Ji Dan, Cang Tian was very happy to accompany him, and he began to rebuild the foundation according to Huang Dan's instructions. .

    As a result, Cang Tianxiu, who once served as Equator, once again soared to the ninth floor of the Qi Xiu period.

As a result, Cang Tianxiu, who had served as the equator, once again rushed to the ninth floor of Qi State's cultivation period and began to attack Ren Du's second pulse.

    But the result is still the same as before, and all the spiritual energy at the critical moment is gone.

    "Elder Pill..." Cang Tian opened his eyes and looked at Emperor Pill. He wasted two pills awkwardly. You must know that this is the best pill in the field of cultivation.

    Huang Dan waved his hand, he didn't care what Dan was. His heart was curious about the purple light that suddenly appeared in the blood of the sky. At this moment, the purple light appeared again, and then the spiritual power in the sky began to disappear.

    Obviously, Emperor Maru found the source of the disappearance of spiritual power in Aoda, but according to his experience, he did not know where the purple light came from. So he told Kurata what he was.

    "Purple light?"

    Heaven was stunned, his eyes widened: "Lao Deng, your eyes are dazzled and confused, how can your blood have purple light?"

    "Fart, what kind of culture do I have, how to make myself dazzled and confused, and think carefully, have you ever eaten something special or have a special experience?" Huang Dan rolled his eyes and said.

    Cang Tian thought about it for a while, then shook his head and said, "No, I have been practicing, I have not encountered anything special, nor eat anything special."

    "That's weird!"

    Emperor Dan frowned when he heard the news.

    At this moment, the sky next to him suddenly remembered something. When he confessed to Qingding through a drop of blood, a purple light was also found in his blood, but he thought it was dazzling. messy.

    Cang Tian told the emperor the situation.

    "So, it's because you have a blood problem. Anyway, you must try again." Huang Dan said, he took out another Qi Qidan and threw it into the air.

    When the sky saw that Emperor Dan did not care about building Jidan, he was not polite. He took Jidan and went downstairs to establish the foundation.

    The result was still the same, the mental power of the whole body disappeared, but this time Cang Tian looked at his blood carefully, like the emperor's pill, he saw the blood gleaming with purple light.

    Obviously, Cangtian also knew that the reason for his failure to establish the foundation might be related to this purple color. But even if he knew the reason, he didn't know how to solve it. He can only stare at Huang Dan.

    "try again!"

    It is a bit unnatural to be stared at by the heavens. Huang Dan took out Ji Jidan again. He thought it was easy to help Cangtian Zhizhi, but now he can't sit down and feel inside.

    Cangtian brought Jidan to try again, and the result was the same as usual.

    Yao Huang didn't say much this time, he directly took out ten lucky pills and gave them to heaven. He gritted his teeth and said: try again. "

    Obviously, Emperor Dan had entered the tip of the horn and vowed to stop if he did not help Heaven lay the foundation.

    What Kurata can do is continue to attack the Foundation according to Huang Dan's instructions. After eating fifteen tango in this way, the result is still the same.

    The sky looked at the emperor's pills helplessly, thinking that he had taken fifteen Jidan pills and was speechless. If he let others know, he would definitely call him the prodigal son.

    Huang Dan was very excited. He said, "Boy, the old man may know that you reach out."

    The sky was chaotic, but he still reached out according to these words.

    Emperor Dan pointed like a sword, gently stroked his outstretched palm, blood suddenly appeared.

    However, in the next moment, Heaven opened his eyes and stared at his palm with an incredible expression. There was no bright red blood flowing out of the place where Emperor Dan was pierced, but a faint lavender liquid.


    correct! It is purple, and the blood flowing from the wound is purple.

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