Chapter 6 Blood of heaven

The sky saw purple blood seeping from the wound in the palm of his hand. His first reaction was shock, then panic. He said in horror: "Elder, I am not poisoned, how is it possible."

    This is not surprising. If someone saw his blood turn purple, he would think he was poisoned. It is still purple. If it is black, Cangtian may think he is dying.

    Emperor Dan was very excited. He smiled at the pale sky and said: "Your boy is really a blessed person. If the old man is right, your boy should have a special kind of blood. You attacked the foundation. The disappearance of the spirit will completely activate the blood . Now your lineage has started to activate."

    "Special blood?"

    Heaven was shocked for a moment. He is just a cultivator in Qi, where does he know his special blood. However, seeing the excitement of Emperor Dan is obviously a good thing, and he is no longer worried now.

    Emperor Dan was very excited at the moment. He didn't expect to see people with special bloodlines after his release. He excitedly said to Zangtian: "Boy, you don't know that there are many things you can't think of in the agricultural world, this kind of special blood. It is rare in the agricultural world, but only people with special experience pay half. With his efforts, the family tree will get twice the result, and the final result will be better than others."

    "As far as the old man knows, there are many special bloodlines and physiques, including the body of Suzaku, the body of Xuanwu, and the body of the blue dragon. These people have special bloodlines. Other people don't have talents, so they are very powerful. All of them are. Unparalleled genius."

    "As for the child's blood is purple, this is not surprising. The blood of some people with special physique will also change. For example, black, gold and green are not uncommon. Don't be surprised."

    After listening to the emperor, the sky finally calmed down. Since this is a good thing, don't worry.

    After thinking about it, Cang Tian asked, "Elder, because this is a special lineage, how should I establish a foundation?" He doesn't care about the special lineage, the foundation is the most important.

    Emperor Dan showed white eyes to the sky and said, "Well, since you know that your child has a special ancestry, the elderly can help you lay the foundation. In fact, there are more special ancestry than ordinary people, so they can easily build a foundation. The lineage is fully activated. In other words, as long as your blood is completely purple, you can build a foundation."


    Kurata was very happy when he heard the news. The problem that bothered him was finally resolved, and his heart suddenly became excited.

    Emperor Dan shook his head when he saw the sky happy, saying that if your child knows the benefits of special blood enrichment, he might be happier.

    "But, having said that, you, an old man of special ancestry, your child, can't think of any special ancestry for a while, let the old man think about it, hey, after being blocked for a long time, the memory of the old man has not recovered." Emperor Dan scratched his head, knowing that Zixue had no secrets.

    Heaven cannot handle so much. He said anxiously: "Elder, don't care about the bloodline. The important thing is to help me build the foundation first." He was trapped in training for many years and is now working hard to lay the foundation. Blood problems.

    "There are fifty bottles of Jizhu pills here. Before setting up the foundation, it should be enough to wake you up." Yao Huang threw a small bottle of wine into the Tibetan field and sat quietly.

    "Don't disturb the elderly, the elderly should consider your ancestors."

    Cang Tian did not disturb the emperor's pills. He took the vial, sat down, and started taking Zhuji pills.

    When Cang Tian saw a bottle of fifty Zhuji Pills, he finally knew why the King of Medicine no longer cared about building the "Nine Pills". He dare not eat Zhuji eggs.

    Of course, at this moment, Cangtian is having dinner in Chittagong.

    After eating 30 Zhuji pills, Cang Tian suddenly felt very comfortable. He opened his palm and suddenly found that his blood had completely turned purple.

    Cang Tian knew that his bloodline was finally awake, and now he can take another dose of Jijian pills to successfully establish the foundation.

    Kurata serves Dan excitedly and anxiously.

    What is certain is that this time the mental power in the body has not disappeared, but it is even more powerful.

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