Chapter 7 Dripping blood to recognize the owner

The strong man in the heart of heaven feels excited and admired. This is a true invincible power, a legendary existence.

    Of course, it is exciting that Heaven has the same bloodline as him!

    The domineering blood of heaven!

    Cangtian was very excited. Although he thought he could not reach the level of senior three, it also made him full of motivation. He wanted to target that senior.

    ``Wait a minute! Heaven's domineering blood! My father knew my blood, so he named me Cangtian? The sky blinked suddenly.

    But this conjecture was immediately rejected by him. He was not born at that time, how would his father know.

    "Boy, don't you think you can use the blood of heaven's tyrant to rise to that person's height, right? Tell you, don't dream, the most important thing on the road to cultivation is to rely on yourself." Beside, the emperor's pill happily Looking at heaven, there is no politeness of Said.

    Cangtian didn't care, he asked, "Elder Dan, do you know the name of the old man?" He was curious.

    "do not know!"

    Unexpectedly, Huang Dan shook his head: "No one knows that person's name, nor his contemporaries. Maybe he thinks no one knows his name."

    Really domineering!

    Cang Tian thought everything this strongman did was domineering, and no one else dared to think about it.

    "By the way, the old man finally understood how your boy broke the seal and released the old man." Dan Huang opened his eyes suddenly and said, "Do you remember that you confessed to Ni Tianding? That old man was still because of you." . Is it weird that a drop of blood can smash that old man’s blood? It now seems to be entirely due to the blood in the sky. This domineering blood can break the restrictions of certain seals."

    "Elder Dan, why are you sealing yourself in the cauldron of the Tianshou?" Cang Tian asked strangely after hearing these words. At this time, he knew that the seal of the Tianshou Cauldron was arranged by Emperor Maru himself.

    "This is a long story." Dan Huang sighed softly. He said, "I almost forgot to tell you that this old man was originally a ninth-level composer. Do you know what the health period is? I don't know your child. Are there many fields? The basic period can be divided into basic period, knotting period, metaphysical period, outing period, distraction period, adaptation period, transition period and mahayana period. This area is divided into nine smaller areas.".

    Cang Tianwenyan opened his eyes. In the past, he only knew the Yuanying period at most, because New Year's Day was the strongest period in the Yuanying period in the heavy iron city. The Yuan Yuan period was a legend, and he didn't know it later.

    Unexpectedly, there are many areas behind Nascent Soul Stage, but Elder Elder is indeed very powerful. It turned out that he was the pinnacle of Fit Stage. Cangtian thought, he now knows how terrible the old man's blood is in front of him.

    "On the 6th of Hong Huang Da Da, the fit period is the strongest, and the transition period is the transitional existence. Once you reach the peak of the fit period, you will face the pain of heaven. This will be the Mahayana period after the Mahayana suffering. Emperor Hongdi lived for one year, and he had to ascend to heaven one year later. Unfortunately, the old man was attacked by a villain and failed at the last minute. The body was cut by heaven, and only Yuanying was hiding in the cauldron in the sky. , The old man was seriously injured, worried that Yuan Ying’s mana would dissipate, so he locked himself up. It has been a thousand years." Huang Dan exclaimed.

    Facts have proved that Cang Tian felt a little sorry to hear Queen Dan. He is just the last step to become God, but he does not want to be attacked by villains. The cultivated land seems cruel. Even for a peerless master like Emperor Dan, he ended up like this. End.

    I am afraid Emperor Dan would not think of his own self-report, but when Kurata enters the farming field in the future, he will be more cautious to reduce trouble, but this is a later story.

    "Boy, don’t talk nonsense. Because your blood volume is very strong, you may be able to recognize this cauldron. You must know that this cauldron is very mysterious, but the old man does not. This will let him know that the Lord is here. Heyday." Huang Dan relaxed. , Suddenly snatched the Guardian Tripod from the paws of the golden monkey on the side, and then gave it to Heaven.

    "Squeak!" Jinhou was furious, but he knew that Emperor Dan was very powerful, so he could only say hello.

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