Chapter 8 Treasure gift

Kurata was pleased to receive the information recorded by Ni Tianding. He told Emperor Dan that he had nothing to hide from Emperor Dan, because Ni Tianding was originally Emperor Dan.

    Cang Tian is still very young after all, and his thoughts are still very simple. If the "Guardian Pot" had no owner, he would have no pressure to bear it, but since it belongs to the Medical Emperor, he would not use it forcibly.

    Emperor Dan was very satisfied with this. He sighed: "Boy, you can't see that you are honest, but this character will definitely suffer in the field, because you know that the field is a world that people can eat. If you are not careful, it will die. of."

    "Being able to build a foundation is the greatest luck for the younger generation. The guardian's cauldron belongs to the older generation, so the younger generation cannot accept it." Cang Tian shook his head. For him, being able to lay the foundation is already a huge asset. He got rid of despair and started a new life. To be honest, he is very grateful to Huang Dan. If it is not basic, let him practice. It is estimated that even if his will is restored, it will still take decades to wake up his blood. Strong, I am afraid it will not last for decades.

    In addition, this big pot against the sky can't even figure out Huang Dan's purpose.

    "That said, because Ding can recognize you as the master, he is destined to give it to you. The old man will give it to you, but in exchange, you have to help the old man." Huang Dan seems to get off the car. , Staring at the sky in front of him.

    "Elder Dan is polite, so I urge you to help me build the foundation. If you have anything to do, I will do my best." Cang Tian said sincerely.

    Emperor Dan could also see the sincerity of the sky, and his decision became firmer.

    "Okay!" Huang Dan nodded in satisfaction, then patted the short man, and said to the sky: "Your boy may not know the identity of the old man. Tell you that the old man now only has a baby boy. The current situation can only make these three gods grow up. Two important materials are needed, pills and sea soul agate; as an alchemist, the old Nirvana is ready, but the sea soul agate is destroyed. The sky, so You, the child must help the old man find the sea agate. Before that, in order to protect Yuanying from getting lost, the old man must live in your Dantianzhi."

    "Living in my Dantian? No problem, but the younger generation of Sea Soul Agate has never heard of it. Even if I see it, I don't know." Cang Tian frowned.

    "Don't worry. Since the old man lives in your dantian, you will naturally follow where you go. You don't know the old man." Huang Yao turned into a lamp and disappeared.

    At the same time, Emperor Dan's voice fell from the sky.

    "Boy, the old man will not live in your dantian for nothing. There is an old man. You can ask the old man if there is anything you don't know about in the future. If you need any medicine, ask an old man to help you improve it."

    Hearing the sound of the Emperor Pill, looking down from the sky, the Emperor Pill looked like a little man, sitting on top of the sky guard. However, Cang Tian immediately discovered that Emperor Dan had stepped into the cauldron and fought against Tian.

    "Boy, this tall sky tank is an independent space. This is great. If there is time, the children can learn by themselves. In the future, the old man will farm in it. Ask if there is a problem." The light yellow voice suddenly spread. Come.

    Cangtian listened curiously, his head entered the patron saint's cauldron, and suddenly a ten-meter radius appeared. This is really amazing, which made him believe that the cauldron of the patron saint is a treasure.


    The golden monkey screamed to one side and awakened Ding Tian.

    Cang Tian took a deep breath and walked out of the cave, suddenly emitting a dazzling light.

    On the first day of ascension, the sun was very good.

    Before discovery, Cangtian had lived in the cave for one night. He had many things that night, and these things would change his life.

    Cang Tian looked back at the grotto behind him. He did not expect that he would have so many incredible things overnight. I'm afraid no one will believe it.

    But Cang Tian himself knows that now he is no longer a waste that cannot establish a foundation, but a real genius.

    "Xiaojin, I will call you Xiaojin in the future. I will go back now. Sometimes I will come to see you again. You have to stay here." Cang Tian touched the golden monkey's head and whispered.

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