Chapter 9 Start a war

Cang Tian was sitting cross-legged on the bed. He was not practicing Qigong, but talking with Emperor Dan.

    One night’s rest brought the spirit and vitality of heaven to its peak. Now he has reached the peak in both mental state and physical state, and he no longer has the old lonely decade.

    "Boy, even after the foundation is established, even if you really step into the field of farming, the "Seven Seven Wonders of the Road to Heaven" is no longer useful for you. Now what you need is a technique that can be practiced upwards." Huang Dan said.

    In fact, the heavens also know that "Tianqi Qiju" is only used by mortals to practice Qi, and it is of no use to the cultivators in the beginning period. In the Wang family, once the foundation period is established, you can enter the family's treasure house and choose the practice that suits you to continue.

    If there is no emperor, the way from heaven will be like this, but now that there is a quasi- fairy emperor, some sports are better than the Wang family. This is still thinking about heaven.

    What kind of person Emperor Dan is, Heaven’s thoughts cannot be concealed, of course, in order to find the sea soul agate, he will also help the sky practice, because only he knows how to find the sea soul agate.

    Huang Dan looked at Cangtian's expression with enthusiasm, smiled and said, "Look at your talents. As long as you are talented, you can join a cultivation world, and you will naturally have a good technique." He said, he Threw it to the sky. A piece of jade slip.

    "This is the "canon" of the Tian Taoist school, but the old people here only recorded the psychological methods of cultivation in the Tan Dan era. As for the follow-up exercises, you will naturally be able to practice this after you join the Tian Taoist school." Emperor Dan said.

    Cang Tian was overjoyed when he received the jade receipt, his mind immediately sank into it, and immediately sent a huge message. From infrastructure to alchemy, this is indeed a practice.

    Compared with the broken products of the Wang family, Tian Daozong's "Tian Dian" is definitely one of the highest skills of Hong Huang Da 6. After all, Tiandaozong is the first genre of Honghuangda 6's correct path. It must be the existence of Taishan Beidou level. .

    Cangtian also heard that the inner disciples of the Tiandao sect were rampant in the Datang Kingdom, and his Wang family ancestors were the inner disciples of the Tiandao sect. So far, this incident is the glory of the Wang family.

    Cangtian also wants to join the Tiandao sect, but the Tiandao sect is very strict in recruiting disciples.

    The road ahead was long and long, and Cang Tian cheered up in his heart. One day, he will also become a disciple of Heavenly Taoism.

    After the conversation with Emperor Dan, Cangtian began to realize "Tiandian". I must say that this is definitely a top-notch exercise. The above explanation of farming is very detailed, which can save a lot of detours.

    Cangtian began to understand the "Tiandian" based on his current cultivation foundation, and compared it with the first, middle and last three parts of the infrastructure construction period. The farming foundation of the three-tier peak in the current infrastructure construction period is: in the initial infrastructure construction period At the peak of the stage, he will make a breakthrough in the early infrastructure construction stage. Four floors in the foundation period.

    This is a relatively important breakthrough, but Cang Tian is ready, his foundation is very solid, and it may take less than a month to break through the fourth floor of the Foundation.

    What Cang Tian has to do now is to find out his own level of cultivation. After all, he just moved from the first level of the qigong training stage last night to the third level of the infrastructure construction stage. Despite the solid foundation, it is inevitable that he is somewhat uncomfortable.

    Throughout the morning, Cang Tian practiced at home for five weeks, which consolidated his current farming foundation. He opened his eyes, two purple rays of light flickered, and his black eyes became brighter and brighter, and there was even a faint purple flash.

    Cangtian stretched and was about to get up, but Aunt Qing's voice came from outside the house: ``Master Tian, ​​the third old man invites you to the hall.

    The three elders?

    Heaven wants to know, what did he do to me?

    In the Wang family, the most powerful person is the patriarch Wang Tiexiong, who is also the grandfather of heaven. Then there is the Presbyterian Church. The Presbyterian Church consists of seven people. These seven people are the strongest seven in the Wang family. Usually, the lowest one must also establish seven bases.

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