Chapter 10 Slave deceives master

After the fierce battle in the hall, Cang Tian returned to his side Ding Yuxuan.

    Although the sky in front of everyone seemed calm, it didn't mean that he was the same deep inside. The childhood lovers of him and Wang Ting for more than ten years are so easily forgotten.

    It's just that heaven doesn't want these people to see his fragile side.

    Cang Tian did not show his current cultivation foundation, but competed with Li Tianjiao for Wang Ting, because he felt that this woman in life was no longer worthy of him. He wanted to hide the farming base and wait until the age ceremony to let those people gloat. Slap in the face and let them know that I am still a genius.

    "In the future, my heart is the way!"

    After clarifying, Cang Tian took a deep breath, and his eyes bloomed with confidence again. At this moment, his heart was not affected by the love of the children, but he was full of longing for cultivation.

    The growth of young people is always accompanied by blows. Wang Ting's engagement may be good news for him. At least this will allow him to completely get rid of the feeling of immaturity and concentrate on self-cultivation.

    However, this does not mean that he has forgotten everyone's ridicule today. He must wait until the day of the coming-of-age ceremony to wash away the shame of today.

    With the end of the battle in the hall, Kurata began a month-long retreat practice. He wanted to prepare for the attack on the fourth floor of the base construction period.

    Once on the fourth floor of the infrastructure construction stage, among the younger generation, Heaven will not be afraid of anyone, and only masters of the older generation can suppress him.

    At this moment, there are rumors that Li Tianjiao and Wang Ting are engaged. Initially, the communication between the two juniors did not attract the attention of the entire city, but the incident involved the family of King Li Jiahe in three main families, so the matter was serious.

    In the heavy iron city, it is well known that among the three major families, the Lin family is the strongest, followed by the Wang family, and finally the Li family. Now the family of Wang and Li are getting married, and the Lin family is the first to bear the brunt, which makes the Lin family have to prepare.

    As a result, this small heavy-rail city began to undercurrent.

    Of course, God does not care about all these things. At this moment, there is only cultivation and re-training in his mind, nothing else.

    A month later, Cang Tian came out of the hermit. It is not that he is impatient, but that he has been waiting for the supply of family medicines. This surprised him. He decided to go out and see, knowing that these medicines were used on the fourth floor of the basic building stage.

    In the Wang family, each immediate descendant has a prescribed supply of pills to improve farming. This is the so-called resource in the farming world. Of course, the pill is just a resource.

    "The supply of pills in the palace has always been managed by the general manager Wang Cai, and his son Wang San is responsible for the supply of pills to his immediate family members. Will Wang San dare to be greedy for my pills?"

    Along the corridor, Cang Tian walked to the diplomatic hall where Wang San was, but he wanted to know why, he had never seen anything like this before.


    Royal Palace, Foreign Affairs Department.

    "Little San'er, how about the things that Shao Ben did for you?" A young man's voice came from the curtain of Zhu wall. Outside the curtain, Wang San stood respectfully.

    Wang San's father was the housekeeper of the palace, and he was the little housekeeper of the palace. He is in charge of the affairs of the young master of the palace. Usually, their father and son are second only to the children of the palace in the palace, and more important than other servants. Much higher.

    But at this time, Wang San did not dare to pay respect to the young man on the curtain, because the person inside was Wang Tian's son Wang Fei, and the most beloved grandson of the third elder.

    "Report to Master Fei that I have done what you explained, and I have not given up the supply this month." Wang San said respectfully.

    "Okay, yes, when my father becomes the head of the Wang family, I will tell you some good things." Wang Fei said satisfied.

    "Thank you, Master Fei." Wang San was very grateful. "But Master Fei, Waste has failed to establish a foundation nine times. Even if he has a supply of pills, he does not want to establish a foundation within three months. Don't worry."

    "In other words, at this critical moment, it is best to be safe. Who knows whether waste will suddenly become feces. Caution is the best." Wang Fei said solemnly. In fact, this is all

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