Chapter 11 Angry Faye Wong


    Faye Wong hiding in the curtain was shocked at this moment, and Wang San was defeated so thoroughly. Although Wang San's 7th-level qigong training level is nothing to him, he knows that Heaven only has first-level qigong training level. How could he defeat Wang San so easily?

    Apart from being scared, Wang Fei was still confused. At this moment, the sky in front of him still showed no signs of waste. Could it be that these wastes have been successfully established?

    Although this speculation was correct, Wang Fei immediately rejected the proposal because everyone saw the failure of the Heavenly Kingdom's establishment of the Foundation a month ago. It may be that those people are blind.

    Wang Fei shook his head. He has no time to consider this issue for the time being. Now, Heaven defeated his men in front of him. He must go out to seek justice, otherwise his prestige among the children of the Wang family will disappear.

    After thinking about it, Faye Wong stood up and opened the curtains with one hand.

    There was a ruin outside the curtain, and the sky stood proudly with his hands raised, with a trace of sarcasm in his eyes, and looked at the person coming out of the curtain with disdain.

    Faye Wong!

    Cangtian laughed at himself secretly. He guessed right. Only three elders and one family dared to target him in this palace. The third elder and Wang Tian are meticulous about their status and absolutely dare not do it by themselves, so it is Wang Fei, Wang Tian's son.

    Speaking of Faye Wong, he is also a member of the Wang family. He had already established a six-layer foundation when he was very young, and he is the strongest person in the entire Wang family.

    Many family elders have said that he will have the opportunity to attack the pill formation stage in the future, which makes him much higher than the other direct descendants of the royal family.

    If it was before, Cang Tian was afraid of this person, but now...

    Cang Tian sneered in his heart. Now he has a three-layer planting base in the basic stage. Although he is very different from Faye Wong in terms of training, he is confident to fight his opponents.

    This may be the invincible advantage the blood of the tyrant gave him.

    At this moment, facing Wang Fei, Cangtian still looked arrogantly, not letting go!

    "This kid..."

    The heaven's performance made Wang Fei who walked out of the curtain frowned. In his opinion, with his prestige among the children of the Wang family, Cangtian had to humble himself even when he saw that he was not in awe. How could he suddenly become so confident?

    However, it is obviously not the time to consider this issue now. He looked at Wang San who had fainted in the ruins, frowned, looked at the sky gloomily, and then said in a heavy voice: "Cushing heaven, why did you defeat him for no reason? If you hurt Wang San and spread, I am afraid that others People will make fun of my Wang family children for lack of education."

    Faye Wong is accustomed to ruling the king in the royal family, and naturally has an undoubted domineering attitude when speaking, as if Tian Tian did make a big mistake.

    "It turns out that it is my cousin Faye Wong. I thought it was why Ao Xiong and Guo Taiming were hiding in his cousin." Cang Tian sneered when he heard this, glanced at Wang San, and snorted coldly: "As for These despicable dog slaves, even if they die, deserve it. If the life and death of subordinates may involve the upbringing of my royal family's children, then there is indeed a problem with the upbringing of my royal family's children."


    Wang Fei was very angry when he heard the news. Is this a cat or a dog, isn't this mocking him? He did not expect Heaven to be so brave that he dared not laugh at him face to face.

    In fact, Wang Fei used to be a dignified person, thinking that the other children of the Wang family were just first-rate, but Heaven didn't care, he had no good face for the three elders and his family.

    "If my cousin Faye Wong has nothing else to do, my cousin will take measures first." Cang Tian looked at Wang Fei angrily, very happy in his heart.

    "Want to go? Does the person who hurt me want to go like this?" Wang Fei smiled triumphantly. The vitality of the sixth floor during the foundation construction period suddenly exploded and swept toward the opposite sky.

    If Kurata left so easily today, his reputation among Wang's children might disappear.

    "Why? The cousin wants to do this to me? If I remember correctly, the family has rules. Those who act arbitrarily to the family's children are considered treason. Should the cousin go to the law enforcement agency?"

    Facing Wang Fei's impulse

When Faye Wong heard this, he was shocked and suddenly awakened from anger. He forgot this rule. It was set by ancestors to prevent children in the family from killing each other. If he really did something to the sky, I'm afraid his grandfather and the three elders will not be able to save him. .

    "This kid used to deliberately angered me!" Wang Fei secretly got angry, feeling that he was almost cheated by the sky.

    "It seems that my cousin is okay, so the younger brother will go first. Oh! By the way, the troublesome cousin will tell Wang San of me. If he doesn't give me the tonic before sunset tomorrow, he won't waste it next time. . The arm is so simple."

    After Cangtian finished speaking, he turned and left without looking at Wang Fei, who was pale.


    As the sky fell, a strong halo exploded in Wang Fei's center. The powerful force shook the surrounding land, and the whole house was shaking.

    "Heaven -"

    Wang Fei gritted his teeth and stared fiercely at the passing sky. At this moment, he could not help tearing up the sky, but reason told him that now is not the time.

    "Let you be a wild animal for a while, wait for the coming-of-age ceremony two months later, I know who can help you!"

    Wang Fei grabbed Wang San on the ground with one hand and rushed out.


    Although neither Faye Wong nor Cang Tian mentioned this dispute, it was spread by deliberate servants and soon became known to a king, causing a sensation.

    No one thinks that Heaven has not established a foundation, or even defeated Wang San on the seventh floor of the Qi Qi training period on the training base during the first Qi Qi training period. It must be said that this is a miracle. Of course, more importantly, everyone was surprised that Heaven dared to fight Faye Wong face to face. How much courage and determination will it take?

    The trouble is so great, it naturally shocked the top of the palace.

    Heaven's grandfather Wang Tiexiong naturally breathed a sigh of relief and warned Wang Fei's father Wang Tian.

    The difference is that the third old man is not surprised. He smiled and said to his son and grandson: "Little Beast failed to lay the foundation nine times. Although his farming has disappeared, his physical strength is getting stronger and stronger. Compared with now, it is not much worse than this. Foundation. During the establishment period, you can naturally defeat Wang San, but don’t worry, as long as he doesn’t establish a foundation, he will be kicked out of the house within two months, so we can pinch him what we want. He."

    Faye Wong was secretly happy when he heard the news, and now he can teach the wild species.

    Wang Tian, ​​the son of the third elder, said with some worry: ``But father, will the old patriarch ignore it? ''

    "Cannabis, the old man's words are still useful in the palace, but except for the palace, the patriarch's words are no longer useful. We can't do it. Can't we kill people with a knife?" The third elder sneered.

    When Wang Tian and Faye Wong heard these words, they suddenly showed cold smiles.

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