Chapter 12 Yuan Shen Dan

Listen to Yuxuan, inside the house of heaven.

    "Hahaha! Boy, I really laughed at the old man. With the old man, the alchemist, you want these rubbish pills, what a fool."

    At this moment, Emperor Dan was sitting on the chair with his thighs resting on his two legs, and laughed.

    There were dozens of medicinal pills of various colors on the table by the side. I didn't know what it was at a glance. It was far from the Zhuji Pill that the heavens ate.

    These pills were delivered by Wang San's father, Wang Cai himself, and they were more than he expected. They were obviously apologizing to heaven for his son.

    Opposite the Emperor Dan, Cang Tian was embarrassed, and he smiled bitterly, "Isn't this not a moment of thought."

    This can't be blamed on him. There have been too many things that have been born to him in the past few days, and for a while, he has forgotten that he still has the top alchemist, the Emperor Pill.

    The pill emperor laughed for a long time, and finally stopped, and said to the sky: "But then again, although these pills are not very good, you still have to use them first. Because the pill that the old man refined was all high-level pills. Medicine, you can't use your current cultivation base, let the old man think about it, what kind of pill should you use for your current cultivation base?"

    Pill Emperor pondered for a moment, his eyes suddenly brightened, and said, "The old man remembered that the Guiyuan Pill is suitable for the foundation stage. It can help you condense your true energy and transform your true energy into true energy, which will impact you later. Danqi has a great effect."

    Cangtian didn't know what Guiyuan Pill, but from the words of the Pill Emperor, he definitely didn't have any Guiyuan Pill now, and even if it was refining now, he should prepare some refining materials.

    Sure enough, the Emperor Pill immediately gave Cang Tian a list of materials for refining the Guiyuan Pill.

    "Hundred-year-old ginseng, dried fruits, a thousand spirits grass, monster blood..." When the sky looked at the list, his eyes straightened, and all the things listed above were extremely precious. With the belongings that he had saved and used over the years, He can only barely buy a small portion, not to mention that he can't afford it, and even if he can afford it, he doesn't know where to buy it.

    "Elder Elder, everything else is easy to say, but this monster blood is very precious. It only appears a few times in our heavy iron city auctions, and they are all sky-high prices. Boy, I am poor and white, and even buy a piece of monster hair. I'm sorry." After reading the list, Cang Tian complained to Emperor Pill with mourning.

    "Oh! The old man almost forgot. Your kid is still a child. By the way, the last time the old man gave you a bottle of fifty jidan, you used forty-five, didn’t you have five left? This thing They are still very precious to you low-level cultivators. They are sold at the auction house and replaced with materials for refining Guiyuan Dan. As for the blood of the monster beast..." At this point, Old Dan smiled cunningly. "You have forgotten that little golden monkey. It is the offspring of the King Kong monkey. A drop of his blood is much better than the blood of those monsters. I really can’t ask him the point."

    Cangtian heard this and shook his head: "How can this be done? I am friends with it. Even if there is no Guiyuan Dan, I can't ask for its essence and blood. Just sell the five Zhuji Dan according to your old intentions. , The rest depends on luck. It’s not good. You can always refine some rubbish pills for the kid. In your old state, even the refined rubbish pills are better than some top-grade pills." He also Don't forget to flatter Elder Dan.

    "You guys have knowledge!"

    Regarding the flattery of the heavens, Emperor Dan is obviously very useful. A glimmer of relief flashed in his eyes, and he smiled: "Your kid is funny. You even made friends with a monkey. But with that monkey's talent, he really deserves you. Maybe I can still help you in the future, and you have to have a good relationship with it."

    In fact, Emperor Pill was also testing Heaven. After all, his wealth and life were parasitic on Heaven. If Heaven was the kind of person who used all means for his purpose, then he wouldn't be able to help Heaven.

    Cangtian obviously didn't have that much thought. He felt that the opportunities he got now were all due to the help of the Golden Monkey. Without the Golden Monkey, I am afraid he would not have met the Emperor Pill and would not succeed in building a foundation.

    So for the golden monkey, the sky is grateful.

    After finishing the conversation with the emperor, Cang Tian began to take the pills provided by the palace, preparing to attack the fourth floor of the base building stage. He has completely consolidated his cultivation base during this month of cultivation. It stands to reason that this impact is natural. Things.

    However, a few days later, Cang Tian still failed to reach the fourth floor of the foundation construction stage, but only improved his cultivation a bit.

    Cang Tian felt very strange in his heart. He Mingming felt that there was a gap between himself and the fourth floor of the foundation construction period, but this gap could not be pierced, and every impact was almost a bit close.

    Regarding this, Emperor Dan said: "Boy, your blood is very powerful, so every time you practice level is more difficult to break through than others, and as your cultivation level increases, every further step will be very difficult for you."

    "Ah~~What kind of blood is this invincible? Then, isn't my later cultivation level much slower than others?" Cangtian was full of depression upon hearing this.

    "You kid, don't be unsatisfied. The so-called invincible bloodline is not about the fast cultivation level, but the combat power of the same level. Take that Wang Fei kid, even if he has the 6th-level cultivation base of the foundation stage , May not be your current opponent in the third floor of the base construction period. Once you break through to the fourth floor of the base construction period, you can squash him as you like. The so-called invincible blood is invincible in the same tier and you can leapfrog." Seeing that he was not satisfied, he laughed and cursed.

    Cangtian was stunned, but he did not expect that he was so powerful now, but when facing Wang Fei's aura that day, he did not have any fear, and even vaguely thought of disdain in his heart.

    "It seems that I need a real battle to test my actual combat effectiveness." Cang Tian thought in his heart, but for the sake of the coming-of-age ceremony, he was a blockbuster, and he knew that he still needed to hide his cultivation.

    Since it was temporarily unable to break through the fourth floor of the foundation construction period, there was no point in continuing to practice. Cang Tian began to think about the Guiyuan Pill in his heart, so he left the palace and went to the city of heavy iron.

    "Hello Young Master Heaven!"

    "Good morning young master!"

    When passing by the gate of the palace, the voices of the two guards guarding the door were very loud, their faces full of respect, and even a trace of awe.

    Obviously, the matter of Heaven's anger beating Wang San has been learned by them, so they dare not be disrespectful anymore.

    "This is a world where the strong are respected. If you want to gain status, you must have strong strength." Cang Tian sighed in his heart, ignoring the two guards at the door.

    "Unexpectedly, Young Master Cangtian is so powerful, even if only the cultivation base of the first level of Qi training period can beat that Wang San half-deadly." A guard admired.

    "It's a pity that Young Master Cangtian can't always build the foundation, otherwise in this heavy iron city the younger generation, Li Tianjiao will have to stand aside." Another guard sighed.

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