Chapter 13 auction

Although the Heavy Iron City is only a small city in the Datang Kingdom, it has one of the few important resources in the cultivation world of the Datang Kingdom-heavy iron. Therefore, this small city is very popular with merchants from all over the country.

    In the early morning, the warm sunshine poured down, and the sky was strolling along the wide streets of the Heavy Iron City. The shops on both sides of the street were already open for business, and the shouts of some small and large vendors were endless.

    What a vigorous small city, this is the heavy iron city.

    Cang Tian smiled slightly, and disappeared among the crowd.

    Although Heaven used to hide at home and practice hard, and rarely came outside to go shopping, after all, he has lived here for more than ten years and is very familiar with everything about the heavy iron city.

    After turning a few corners and stepping on an ancient bridge, the sky soon came to the center of the heavy iron city, which is also the square city of the heavy iron city.

    The so-called square market is actually a gathering place for various shops selling self-cultivation items, and there is even a square dedicated to stalls for casual repairs.

    Because of the prence of cultivation in Honghuangda6, almost every city will have such a square city, and every square city is the most lively place in this city.

    At this moment, even if it was early in the morning, the sky was already crowded with people in the square, especially the carpets placed by casual repairs, all over the square. And some cultivators in the heavy iron city began to walk beside the carpets and began their own Taobao journey.

    Most of the things sold by casual practitioners are rather heterogeneous, and there are all kinds of strange things. Of course, most of them are junk goods, but there are also some treasures. The key is to see your eyesight.

    This kind of Taobao is very popular with the young children of the Heavy Iron City. Heaven used to hear that the children of the family like to come here for Taobao, and there is even a lucky guy who bought a powerful martial art at a very small price. Of course, There are very few such lucky people.

    Cangtian is also quite interested in Taobao, but now he has no time to waste on it. He wants to go to the surrounding shops and start buying some materials for refining Guiyuan Pill.

    According to the elixir list listed by the emperor, Cang Tian bought some auxiliary materials, and then went to the most lively place in Fang City-Qianji Auction House.

    Qianji Auction House is the largest auction house in the entire Datang Kingdom, and the owner behind it is the Qian family, one of the four great cultivation families of the Datang Kingdom.

    In Datang Kingdom, in addition to the imperial family, the four great cultivation families are the strongest and the most powerful. Among them, the Qian family is the strongest, and they are the richest. They control the great cultivation resources of the Datang Kingdom.

    And because the heavy iron city is rich in heavy iron, it is fortunate to have the opportunity for the Qian family to build an auction house here. Every high-level cultivation medicine, exercises, and magical instruments are flowed out from here.

    In the entire Heavy Iron City, the Qianji Auction House is a place where some aristocratic children often visit. Of course, it is impossible to come to such a place without a lot of banknotes.


    "My son, welcome to our Qianji Auction House, and hope that our sincere service will bring you convenience."

    As soon as I entered the Qianji auction house, a young and beautiful maid walked towards me, dressed in a blue uniform, with a professional smile on her face, and her voice was pleasant and very comfortable.

    Cangtian is no stranger to this. Every customer who comes to Qianji Auction House will be accompanied by a maid. God knows where the auction house finds such a beautiful maid, and they are trained so professionally.

    "Is the prince here to participate in the auction, or to send the items?" The maid asked with a smile.

    "Both of them." Cangtian said lightly, this auction house he followed his grandpa several times when he was a child, and he knew the procedures inside.

    "Excuse me, what kind of items the son sent?" The maid continued to ask with a smile.

    "Pills." Cangtian said, but his eyes were at the door of the auction house, where a couple came slowly.

    This is a pair of young men and women. The handsome men are extraordinary, and their eyes are full of arrogance. Only when they look at the girl next to them, they show a strange heat.

    The girl has black shoulders, curving eyebrows, watery eyes, and her face is flushed; she has a pretty face that breaks like a bomb, her body is plump without any flesh, she is delicate and boneless.

    The visitors turned out to be Li Tianjiao and Wang Ting.

    When Cangtian looked at them, they also found Cangtian, and a joking voice came.

    "Hey, isn't this the genius Young Master Heaven? Why did you come to the auction house? Oh, I almost forgot, there is still a month and a half for your coming-of-age ceremony. If you can't build a foundation, you will be kicked out of the Wang family, you I'm here to buy a pill for cultivation, let's talk, what you are fancy, this young master will buy it for you." Li Tianjiao's eyes are full of mockery, and he looks at the sky proudly, and his tone is full of charity.

    Wang Ting, who was next to him, looked indifferently, she hadn't said anything from beginning to end, as if she hadn't seen the sky.

    Cangtian's face was indifferent, his gaze looked at the maid who was staring at Li Tianjiao, frowning and said: "Can you take me to the appraisal?"

    "Um...yes, you come with me." The maid returned to her senses when she heard the words, and said quickly with a flushed face.

    Cangtian ignored Li Tianjiao and Wang Ting, and left with the maid.

    "Humph, waste is waste. Even with the help of elixir, you can't build a foundation. Tingmei, let's go. I heard that the auction house bought some Zhuyan Dans a few days ago, which can retain ten years of youth, which is just a gift to Ting. Sister." Li Tianjiao glanced at the back of the sky with disdain, and smiled admiringly at the girl on the side.

    "The little girl would like to thank Brother Tianjiao in advance." Wang Ting smiled shyly.


    In the appraisal room, Cang Tian followed the maid and saw an old man. Although the old man is old, his eyes are bright and experienced.

    "What kind of medicine is there for my little friend, please let the old man take a look." The old man glanced at the sky, his eyes flashed with disdain, and said lightly.

    Cang Tian took out a small bottle when he heard the words, and he opened the mouth of the bottle, and suddenly the fragrance of a pill spread throughout the room.

    "Huh?" The old man's nose moved, his eyes flashed, his expression suddenly became more solemn. He thought that a child with a hairy head would not be able to bring out any precious things for auction, but he didn't want to have an accident this time. Based on the fragrance, he knew that the pill in this small bottle was absolutely not bad.

    Cangtian took out five golden pills from the bottle, handed them to the old man opposite, and said lightly: "I want to auction these five Jidan pills."

    The old man took the medicine pill and was about to check it. When he heard the words from the sky, he was startled and exclaimed: "What! Jidan? You are Jidan?"

    "Why? Isn't it right?" Cang Tian asked in doubt, this is definitely the foundation pill refined by the emperor, is it different from the outside world's foundation pill?

    The old man also reacted at this time, knowing that he was gloomy, waved his hand quickly, and said respectfully: "Master, wait a minute, Jiuji Dan is the best medicine, and the level of the old man is not enough to appraise. Let me please tell our principal." After all, he put down five Zhujidans.

    Cangtian nodded when he heard the words, and couldn't help sighing that this Jidan is indeed the best pill. You can tell the preciousness of this pill by looking at the expressions of the old man.

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