Chapter 14 Qian Sanshao

After staying in the appraisal room for a while, the old man returned and brought two people, one is a middle-aged man and the other is an obese young man.

    Cangtian looked at the two men, and from the old man's respectful expressions, it could be seen that the status of the two men was even higher.

    "This son, this is the third owner of our auction." The old man introduced Cangtian, and he pointed to the fat man next to him.

    This fat man is about his age. Cangtian was shocked that the other party turned out to be the person in charge of the auction, but when he heard that his surname was Qian, he must be the young owner of the Qian family.

    "This is Master Fengyuan. Master Fengyuan has just arrived from the capital of the empire. He is an intermediate alchemist." When the old man introduced the middle-aged person, his eyes were not only respectful but also more respectful.

    Intermediate alchemist!

    Kurata was shocked when he heard the news. He didn't expect this ordinary uncle to be the alchemist in the middle. You must know that someone who can become an intermediate alchemist is at least in the pill formation stage.

    Thinking of standing in front of him during the pill formation stage with a strong person, Cang Tian suddenly felt a little breathless. You must know that the strong in the pill formation stage can completely sweep the heavy iron city, even if their entire family is tied together, it is not the pill formation stage. Strong opponent.

    I don't care about the cultivators of the 9-story peaks in the early days of the Iron City, but there is a huge gap between them and the pelleting stage. From the pill-making stage, cultivators can truly enter the temple of agriculture and be regarded as the agricultural field. From those schools that only recruit disciples above the pill formation period, we can see the importance of the pill formation period.

    "Brother, don't you know your last name? I want to make friends with Qian Sanshao. If my brother is worthy of you, call me Sanshao." The young fat man was very enthusiastic, and his brothers called them kind . comfortable.

    As for the moment Master Feng Yuan came in, his gaze stopped on five Jidan bamboos, his eyes gleaming green, and he murmured: "Extremely high quality, truly top-notch, this is definitely a top alchemy. Master. Zhuji Dan is definitely the best."

    Hearing these words, the fat man's eyes flickered sharply, his smile became brighter, and he greeted the sky with constant enthusiasm. If others see him, he will think these two are long-lost brothers.

    "In the air, if Brother Qian has nothing to do, you should help me arrange the auction as soon as possible." Cangtian downplayed, resisting Qian San's enthusiasm. Over the years, he has seen many so-called smiles, but he clearly remembers the people here. After not establishing a foundation, his ridicule and contempt.

    The young Master Qian San saw the arrogance of the sky, but this did not stop him. He still enthusiastically said: "Call the third brother Qian to see more, I call you Tian Shao, you call me San Shao. Everyone is very young. Just like two old guys, staying there all day. "After that, he pointed to Master Feng Yuan and the old man next to him.

    The old man smiled awkwardly.

    Cang Tian suddenly found it interesting to get fat, and his face was not so arrogant.

    At this time, Master Fengyuan, who had been watching for a long time, also put down Zhu Jidan and solemnly said to the sky: "Brother, isn't this the medicine you want to refine? Tell me it is refined medicine?

    When Qian Sanshao heard the news, he frowned and looked at the sky with some worry.

    Sure enough, Cangtian's face sank, and he said coldly: "What? When will Qianji Auction House change its rules to learn more about customers? If you do not accept the position, I will move to another one. The house." Later, he caught five Zhuji Dan.

    Master Fengyuan obviously didn't expect Kurata to turn his face so quickly, and his face immediately felt embarrassed.

    The old man next to him hurriedly said, "Master, please stay!"

    Master Qian San strode to the sky with a smile on his face, and said, ``Master Tian, ​​you have misunderstood, Master Fengyuan is an alchemist, and there are rules in the alchemist circle. You must meet with a senior alchemist, or you will be considered unruly. "


    After all, Heaven hesitated. There is only one auction house in the entire heavy iron city, and he is still asking Emperor Dan in his heart. Sure enough, Emperor Dan told him that such a rule does exist.

    "This is true!" Qian Sanshao said quickly, and then smiled.

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