Chapter 15 Sensational city

As soon as the sky left, the atmosphere of the appraisal room suddenly changed and became a little serious.

    The old man's eyes were gleaming cold, he looked at Young Master Qian San. He said, "Sanei, look, you think..." The old man wiped his neck.

    Master Fengyuan next to him frowned upon seeing this.

    When Qian Sanshao heard these words, his eyes were staring, and he coldly said to the old man: "Shut up! No wonder you stay in this small place. No progress has been made for so many years. You know these five. Zhuji Party representative. You. Want to commit suicide, won't our money family be a burden?"

    The old man did not expect Qian Sanshao's reaction to be so great, his head was immediately closed, his face was full of embarrassment.

    Master Feng Yuan glanced at the old man and said in a low voice: "This kind of perfect basic alchemy can only be refined by alchemists. Do you know what an alchemist is? The cultivation of an alchemist is at least naive. Soul stage or above. Even among those big sects, they all have a high status. Not to mention the Qian family, even the Tang Dynasty royal family dare not offend the alchemy master."

    When the old man heard the news, his face was pale. He did not expect the background behind the sky to be so big.

    At this time, a guard in black came in, said something to Qian Sanshao's ear, and then left.

    Qian Sanshao showed a hint of surprise in his eyes, and said with a smile: "This heavenly brother turned out to be the grandson of the royal elder Wang Tiexiong. It is said that he was a genius when he was a child. Within a year, he moved from the first Qiqi training period to the first. Nine Qi Qi training periods. It was just that the infrastructure construction failed nine times, which was called a waste by the Wang family."

    Master Fengyuan next to him heard this: "Where does this kind of small family know what, but that bottle of genius cultivation is better than other bottles. There are so many geniuses in the farming world, only the kind of small family I don’t know. Wrongly thought it was a waste. Obviously, the master alchemist passed by here and found the talent of the king of heaven, so he accepted him as a disciple."

    "Can Master see Brother Kurata's farming?" Qian Sanshao asked curiously.

    "The three-story peak during the infrastructure construction period is very strong. I am afraid that it will soon break through the fourth floor during the infrastructure construction period. More importantly, I felt his strong blood fluctuations. This shows that his body is very bad. No wonder the Foundation is so It has not been successfully established for many years." Master Feng Yuan said.

    Qian Sanshao was taken aback and said: "It is said that Brother Kurata did not establish a foundation not long ago, and the training base has been reduced to the first level of the Qi training period. I did not expect to be trained to the third level. The infrastructure construction is very fast."

    "It is not surprising that there is a master alchemist who is a master. His later level of cultivation is far from others." Master Fengyuan said jealously.

    "In this way, this heavy iron town will soon have a huge dragon." Qian Sanshao sighed, and a gloating expression appeared on his face: "I heard that the Wang family has rules. If the children of the Wang family, If you can’t establish the foundation before the bargaining ceremony, you will, as far as I know, is more than a month away from the bargaining ceremony of the Heavenly King Brothers. No one in the Wang family knows that he has successfully established the foundation. Perform."

    "Three young masters, Young Master Fengyuan, if this natural-born brother is just lucky and adventurous, and accidentally gets these five Jewel Pills, what should I do?" The old man next to him suddenly interrupted.

    Qian Sanshao shook his head, laughed, and looked at Master Feng Yuan beside him.

    Master Feng Yuan picked up the list of ingredients left by the sky, his eyes twinkling, and he said: "I have seen the formula of pills, and the ingredients needed to refine it are the ingredients on the list. That pill is not bad for this medicine. Known as "guiyuan pill", it is the best medicine a practitioner can take during infrastructure construction. What do you think he wants these materials?

    "Refined longan pill!" The old man couldn't help blurting out. After speaking, he learned that Cangtian himself could not perfect this pill, which showed that he was indeed a master alchemy behind him.

    "This kind of longan medicine is unique to Tiandaozong. The longan medicine of our dry base auction house is also imported from Tiandaozong.

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