Chapter 16 Tiger King Cannon

The bright sunshine poured down, and the whole palace was enveloped in a warm atmosphere.

    Listening to Yuxuan's voice, a young man waved his fist in the yard. The fist was sharp and powerful, and there was a hint of invincible domineering shock. This is heaven.

    In the field of cultivation, the power of the ivist is not only in the field of cultivation, but more importantly, in combat effectiveness. If you want to improve your combat effectiveness, you can only use fists, feet and swords in the current heaven.

    Tiger boxing is a boxing technique that Kurata has raised for more than ten years. It has been well practiced. Coupled with the overbearing emotions awakened by the blood of the heavenly tyrant, Heaven can fully grasp the essence of Tiger Fist.

    There is no doubt that this will be the most suitable martial art for Cang Tian at this stage, and it is also his most powerful martial art.

    Emperor Dan may have many powerful martial arts, but facing the coming-of-age ceremony to be held within a month, it is obviously unrealistic to spend time practicing those powerful martial arts. After all, practicing martial arts is not a matter of overnight.

    Yaohuang himself feels that this tiger fist is the most suitable for heaven now!

    Therefore, these days, except for the time to practice qigong at night, Cangtian practiced tiger boxing vigorously during the day. At the same time, Emperor Dan will take this opportunity to instill some experience and skills against the enemy, which are not in the books.


    The heaven in the yard suddenly jumped into the sky, fists down, he shouted angrily, the unparalleled domineering and fierce aura suddenly exploded, and a surge of power was immediately activated.


    Just hearing the explosion, the earth bombed by heaven suddenly revealed a deep hole.

    Tiger King Cannon!

    Following the instructions of the Emperor Pill, Cang Tian created another method of killing based on Tiger Fist and Tiger Roar. Of course, this was actually created by the Emperor Pill. After all, it is impossible to create unique knowledge as the sky rises and falls.

    Tiger King Cannon is actually an improvement of Tiger King Boxing in the original Tiger Boxing. The original Tiger King boxing uses a single fist to excite qi, forming a whirling gas bullet that severely injures the enemy.

    The Tiger King Cannon is moved by a combination of two fists, causing two infuriating bullets to entangle each other to form a tornado. The power is even more amazing, far surpassing Tiger King's fist.

    "This is a powerful destructive power. If it is hit, it will not be killed directly."

    Cang Tian looked at the big hole he drilled in the ground, his heart was shaken. Since the creation of Tiger King Cannon, this is his first successful shooting. He didn't know the power of the Tiger King Cannon before.

    "This technique doesn't seem to be easy to use." Cang Tian thought, even though he has no affection for the children at home, he can't kill them directly. After all, he is also a member of the Wang family.

    Emperor Dan expressed dissatisfaction with this move. He cursed in his heart: "Boy, I told you several times that the Tiger King Cannon can only use two fists at the same time to explode the most powerful force. This time your right fist is obviously faster, otherwise, the power cannot be so powerful. small."

    "It's still very small!" Cangtian was speechless, but he could do nothing. After all, with the exception of left-handers, most people rely more on the right hand, so the right hand is the fastest way to respond.

    If you wish to have the same requirements as the Emperor Pill, I am afraid it will take some time to exercise.

    Fortunately, there is still more than a month before the coming-of-age ceremony. Kurata was not in a hurry. With his current strength, in addition to Wang Tian's son Faye Wong, he really found several opponents among the Wang family's children.

    As long as Wang Fei did not break through to the seventh floor of the infrastructure construction period during this period, when Heaven broke through to the fourth floor of the infrastructure construction period, he would have the confidence to defeat Wang Fei.

    "A Tibetan master from Qiantian Auction House said that he will invite you to participate in today's auction." At this time, a respectful voice came from outside the courtyard.

    When Cang Tian heard this, his eyebrows moved, and his eyes flashed happily: "The auction has already started. As long as you get the blood of this monster, the longan pill can be refined."

    After thinking about it, Cang Tian said softly outside the yard: "Go answer, I will be there soon."

The people outside the yard retreated respectfully. If no one has answered the sky before, but since the sky took over the three powers of the king last time, no one dared to look down on the sky.

    At least before the coming-of-age ceremony, no one dared to plunder the tiger's beard from the air.


    After taking a shower and changing clothes, Cang Tian followed a guard from the Qianji Auction House to the Qianji Auction. Far away, he saw a familiar figure standing at the door of Qianji Auction House waiting.

    "It's him!"

    Cangtian was surprised. He saw that man once. It is Qian Sanshao, the person in charge of Qianji Auction House. He still has a good impression of "Fatty Qiansan", perhaps because they are about the same age.

    When Cangtian saw Qian Sanshao, Qian Sanshao also saw Cangtian, and immediately greeted him with a smile.

    "Shao Tian hasn't seen you for a long time, how are you doing? Recently? I prepared Yajian for you a long time ago, so hurry up with me." Qian Sanshao, as if he and Cangtian are good brothers who have known each other for many years, warm He took Cangtian's hand and moved to the auction house, making Cangtian a little uncomfortable.

    long time no see? Two days have passed, Cangtian is speechless, but as the saying goes, you don't hit a smiling person with your hands. People are so enthusiastic that you can't help meeting, let alone his blood. Monsters and spirits.

    The young Heaven didn't know Qian Sanshao's inner conspiracy. He has never traveled far, so naturally he has not experienced the sinister cunning of the world.

    Emperor Maru saw Qian Sanshao’s motivation to make friends with Heaven, but he did not remind Heaven. First of all, Qian Sanshao is invincible to nature. Although there is an exploitative relationship, for the current paradise, there are friends with money and three young people. There are still great benefits, at least the medicinal materials used for planting in the future will be more convenient. Second, this can be considered beneficial to the growth of heaven, after all, some things can only be understood through experience.

    Emperor Dan knew that with his help, Kurata would leave the heavy iron city sooner or later. But he is more aware of the cruelty of the farming world. If he can't confuse his current nature with the farming world, I am afraid he will not know if he is sold.

    After Qian Sanshao, Cang Tian came to a luxurious room.

    Shao Tian, ​​this is the seventh private room of our auction house. There are only ten such private rooms in our auction house. After entering the house, Qian Sanshao introduced warmly.

    Yajian's huge glass wall attracted the eyes of heaven. He walked over and lowered his head, and suddenly saw a huge auction house from the glass wall. It is full of people and very lively.

    Qian Sanxiao smiled when he saw it: "From here, you can clearly see everything on the auction floor. If you want to increase the price, you can shout directly into the microphone." After that, he pointed to a pair of black shorts. Something that looks like a stick.

    "As expected." Cangtian said secretly in his heart. He opened his eyes today. When he and grandpa came to the auction, they used to sit below.

    As for this elegant room, it is said that only some places have made a great contribution to Qianji Auction House, or some alchemists and top powerhouses will also come. Like the entire heavy iron city at present, only Yang Zhennan, the city owner during the alchemy period, is qualified. Come on, other than that, even the heads of three big families are not eligible. After all, compared with Qianji Auction House, these three big families are nothing.

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