Chapter 17 Auction starts

When the sky fell, the huge auction hall was full of seats, showing a lively atmosphere.

    Half an hour before the auction begins.

    Cangtian sat in an elegant room, looking at the guests below through the huge glass wall, among them many acquaintances. After all, the publicity before this auction was very successful, and many people came for the blood of monsters and Shaker.

    It can be said that this time the heavy iron city has face, even the city lord has come.

    "Hey, grandpa is here too, is he also here for the blood of the beast? After all, the blood of the beast is very helpful to the formation stage of the pill. That's why this auction attracted so many people" in the elegant room , Cang Tian suddenly saw Wang Tiexiong's figure, frowning involuntarily.

    "If Grandpa also sets his sights on the blood of this monster, half of the blood will be given to him after the photo is taken."

    Cangtian thought immediately.

    At the venue, the atmosphere became more and more active. Sitting in the front row of the venue are the three main families of Heavy Iron City. Heavenly grandfather Wang Tiexiong, Li Tianfang, the head of the Li family, and Lin Batian, the head of the Lin family, are among them.

    "Brother Wang and Brother Lin, this time you are here for beasts and blood, please rest assured, Li will not compete with you this time, but I hope you will be kind to the last item." Li Tianfang said with a smile. .

    Despite the inseparable and intimate relationship between these three main families, on the surface they still live in peace. After all, they all know that their strengths are similar to each other. If they turn around, they may suffer two losses. Therefore, everyone usually exercises restraint.

    Among the older generation, Li Tianfang has the worst academic background, so his strength is almost as strong as Wang Tiexiong and Lin Batian. However, this generation is just the opposite. Li Tianfang, with the worst qualifications, has the grandson of the younger generation of genius Li Tianjiao. Obviously, the next generation of his Li family will inevitably come from behind and rule the City of Steel.

    Therefore, Li Tianfang, the weakest, blushed even in front of Wang Tiexiong and Lin Batian.

    "The villain is determined!" Lin Batian snorted, but said weakly: "Lin Tiansheng is very interested in the blood of the beast, but I am also very interested in the ending. Is it too early to see Brother Li so calm? Do you know what the ending is?

    In each auction, there will be 3 finale items, usually the first two items will be promoted in the auction. The final outcome is a secret no one knows.

    In this auction, Zhu Jidan and Monster Blood are the first two finale works.

    Li Tianfang shook his head when he heard this sentence: "Qianji Auction House has done a good job in this regard, how did Li know." He said that, he didn't know how he felt.

    Lin Batian snorted coldly, without saying a word. Although he is interested in the blood of the beast this time, he will definitely get the final item, because he already knows what this relationship is. .

    Wang Tiexiong, who was silent at this time, opened his eyes, and two shocking lights flickered in his deep eyes. He said in a deep voice: "The monster's blood and the king's last item are not interested, but King Zhujidan will definitely win. If anyone dares to cause trouble for this matter, don't blame the king's tears on his face."

    When Wang Tiexiong's voice dropped, he exploded with a strong motivation.

    Li Tianfang's face suddenly turned pale. Although he has entered the ninth level of the infrastructure construction stage, he still feels tremendous pressure in the face of Wang Tiexiong's full-scale explosion.

    On the other hand, Lin Batian did not change anything, but the solemn color flickered in his eyes. It was obvious that even if Wang Tiexiong's strength was not as good as him, he would not fall behind.

    At this moment, Wang Tiexiong exploded his real farming base, only one step away during the consolidation period.

    "Brother Wang, don't worry, we don't need the Li family to establish Jidan, so we will naturally not fight with you." Li Tianfang sneered, his face much better.

    In fact, before that, the third elder of the Wang family came to him to prevent Wang Tiexiong from competing for the foundation of the foundation. For this reason, the three elders also promised many benefits, which tempted Li Tianfang.

    You know, what the Li family needs most is time. As long as the grandson Li Tianjiao grows up, the Li family will not be afraid of the Wang family and the Lin family, but if Wang Tiexiong is angry at this time, he will do everything he can to get rid of the Li family. Tianjiao, I'm afraid Li Tianfang is about to cry.

    As a result, Li Tianfang was the first to say that he was not interested in Jidan architecture despite his low voice.

    Lin Batian next to him thought for a while, but he didn't need to care about Wang Tiexiong's threat, because Wang Tiexiong had no power to threaten him, but considering the importance of the final outcome, he felt that he was temporarily low-key and let Wang Tiexiong go. In the battle for Jidan, he will do his best to grasp the final outcome.

    Therefore, Lin Batian opened his mouth and said softly: "Lin is not interested in Jian Jidan either."

    "Thank you!" Wang Tiexiong breathed a sigh of relief. He cares most about Lin Batian. Seeing that Lin Batian only saw the two finale, he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

    At this moment, the entire venue was suddenly silent, and a middle-aged man stepped onto the auction platform.

    The eyes of the three Wang Tiexiong also looked at the middle-aged man on the high platform. The eyes of the three of them were shining with heat, and they said secretly at the same time: "The drug is ready."

    The three of them could not see the cultivation base of the middle-aged people, and the cultivation base they could not see was at least in the period when the pill was formed.

    The eyes of these three people are very hot, and this field is their lifelong pursuit.

    In the room, Cang Tian looked at the high platform below. The middle-aged person he knows is Master Fengyuan, who confirmed Jidan for him the day before yesterday. He did not expect that this auction would be hosted by him himself.

    "In the face of fate, this auction can be hosted by me. The first item-Zhu Jidan will be auctioned. The reserve price is 10,000 low-grade spirits. Each price increase cannot replace 100 low-grade spirits." There were thousands of eyes on the venue. Staring, Master Fengyuan calmly reduced the weight of the plank.

    When his voice fell, a series of exclamations sounded.

    As one of the three final works, Zhu Jidan was supposed to be auctioned at the end of the year, but now it has been auctioned ahead of schedule, which made many people suddenly become unresponsive.

    But soon everyone reacted and there was a voice shouting.

    "Fifteen thousand inferior spirit stones!"

    "twenty thousand!"

    "Thirty thousand!"


    The atmosphere was very lively, and the bidding sounded one by one. The price of Zhuji Dan immediately rose from the reserve price of 10,000 low-grade spiritual stones to the price of 100,000 low-grade spiritual stones.

    But the sky in the room was calm. He knew that these people were looking excited, and the people who really came to Zhu Jidan shouted at the last minute.

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