Chapter 18 Yang Zhennan

At this moment, large auctions are usually very active. With the start of the first finale "Gidan", there was a loud noise.

    "One hundred and thirty thousand!"

    "One hundred and fifty thousand!"



    The price of Zhuji Dan continued to refresh. Half an hour later, it has risen to a high price of 300,000 yuan, which is close to the actual price of Zhujidan.

    At this time, the voice of the bidding was also lower, and the rest were bidding by smart families in the heavy iron city. Although they knew they could not match the three main families in Heavy Iron City, they had only a glimmer of hope. I don't want to give up either.

    The heaven in the room was a little excited. He did not expect that after eating dozens of remaining Zhuji Dan, he would not be photographed by thousands of low-grade strong stones.

    Thinking of the dozens of "jizhu pills" he had dropped at the beginning, there were probably tens of millions of low-level spirit stones, Cangtian's head suddenly fell, and he secretly scolded the prodigal.

    You know, although their royal family is one of the three major families in Heavy Iron City, their annual income is only one million low-level spirit stones. Among them, the cost of dismissing the family's children is almost small. up.

    In view of Cangtian's status in the Wang family, he can only consume ten low-level spirit stones a month and only one hundred a year.

    "Five hundred thousand!"

    At this time, a grim voice appeared, the entire venue shook, and all the shouts suddenly disappeared.

    The bid was Li Tianfang, the person in charge of the Li family sitting in the first row. At this moment he opened his eyes and looked forward. Although he has made up his mind not to compete with Wang Tiexiong to build Jidan, as the head of the three major families of Heavy Iron City, if he does not bid, you will lose your status.

    Wang Tiexiong's side seemed indifferent to Li Tianfang's offer. He closed his eyes, and people he didn't know thought he was asleep.

    "This is the first time for 500,000 yuan. Has anyone bid higher?" Master Fengyuan said softly. He is not a professional auction house, but in the alchemy period, due to his farming foundation, he can do whatever he wants. The atmosphere of the entire venue.

    However, facing the high price of 500,000 yuan, those small families began to give up fighting, knowing that they would no longer be opponents of the Li family.

    They started to sit down and watch the excitement of the game, because they knew it was time to perform the three main families in Heavy Iron City.

    In the elegant room, Cang Tian also showed a solemn expression with a hint of excitement. The higher the price of Jidan, the better for him.

    "Six hundred thousand!"

    In the end, someone bid, everyone looked at it, and the bid was amazingly Lin Batian, one of the three big families.

    Lin Batian's thinking is the same as that of Li Tianfang, but his mind is more sinister. Although he could not compete with Wang Tiexiong for Jidan, he was very happy to raise the price and make Wang Tiexiong bleed once.

    When Lin Batian's words fell through, everyone in the field turned their heads, and Wang Tiexiong closed his eyes and took a break. They wanted to see how much the Wang family, one of the three big families, paid.

    The auction has already formed fierce competition among the three main families in the heavy iron city. People who were excited watching the scene thought so.

    Wang Tiexiong knew that he could no longer remain silent. He opened his eyes and prepared to bid, but was suddenly interrupted by the bid.

    "one million!"

    An indifferent voice appeared, and the whole venue was shocked.

    Wang Tiexiong, Li Tianfang and Lin Batian trembled at the same time. They are very familiar with this sound, which is the existence they have been afraid of.

    Master Fengyuan on the high platform also showed some surprises at this time, but it was only fleeting. He said lightly: "The fifth VIP bid 1 million, no one bid higher."

    VIP! Only those in private rooms are called VIPs.

    In an instant, everyone in the venue knew the bidder. In the entire heavy iron city, only one person can enjoy the treatment of the former Kyrgyzstan auction house Yajian, and that is Yang Zhennan, the owner of the heavy iron city, who is a master of alchemy.

    The lord actually intervened in the battle for Jidan!

    Suddenly, everyone was more excited. This auction has become more and more active. It has been outside. The first shot of a city owner who does not interfere in the dispute between the three major families will obviously bring a storm.

In meeting room No. 5, Yang Zhennan, the mayor's black body, sat there, staring at the meeting place below indifferently. He is tall and straight, black, and his eyebrows go into his temples. Although he did not deliberately radiate strong power, he gave people a strong oppressive force, which is a natural momentum.

    "My main city, there are three main families here for people to eat the blood of beasts and the alchemy of the beasts. I shouldn't interfere with your bid for this Jizhudan."

    An old man in Tsing Yi saluted behind the mayor Yang Zhennan.

    This old man in Tsing Yi is the steward of the city master, usually very low-key, but people who know him dare not despise him because he is still the master of the nine-story base construction stage, and his strength is not strong. Lower than the three major heavy rail urban families.

    "Yes!" Yang Zhennan replied lightly. Most of his eyes were on the master Feng Yuan below, he was still a strong man in the pill formation stage. He naturally felt the strong aura of his opponents, and even they clashed secretly.

    In terms of farming, Master Fengyuan, the master alchemist, is naturally better than Mayor Yang Zhennan because he takes contraceptives all year round. But in terms of actual combat ability, the combination of the two Fengyuan masters is not Yang Zhennan's opponent, the latter always licks blood on the tip of the knife.

    Heaven was in another private room and was shocked by Mayor Yang Zhennan's proposal.

    "Unexpectedly, the city owner would be interested in this Jidan building. Obviously, according to his bidding tone, it will definitely win." Cang Tian was shocked and excited at the same time. This shows that his Jidan building will be auctioned higher. Price increased.

    At the same time, it is best to sell this Zhuji Dan to the mayor, not to the Lin and Li family. Cangtian obviously didn't think his grandfather would come to Jidan.

    At the meeting, at the request of the mayor, he fell into a brief silence.

    "Brother Wang, there are rumors that the city lord was very happy not long ago. This Jidan should prepare for her. You should give up." Li Tianfang expressed sympathy to Wang Tiexiong.

    On the other hand, Lin Batian smiled.

    Wang Tiexiong's face is ugly now. He didn't expect to kill Cheng Yaojin midway, it was still a life he couldn't afford.

    If everything is normal, Wang Tiexiong may take a step back given the face of the Iron King. But this time, he will not retreat what he said.

    "One or two hundred thousand!" After a brief silence, Wang Tiexiong finally bid.

    The atmosphere in the court suddenly rose to a level. At first, Li Tianfang and Lin Batian were not interested in Zhu Jidan. At this moment, they gave up the fight, and they decided to watch the excitement.

    At this time, the heaven in the room was a little stunned. He didn't expect that grandpa would compete with others for his foundation.

    "Wait, why did Grandpa want to build Jidan, right?"

    Cangtian suddenly thought of a possibility. His grandfather thought he could not establish a foundation before worshiping, so he gave up the blood of this monster and competed with the city owner to establish a foundation.

    Cangtian's heart was immediately moved.

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