Chapter 19 Mystery Seven

Although Cangtian knows his grandfather's hard work, Cangtian still hopes that the mayor can take over this Jidan. First, he no longer needs to build Jidan, and second, he doesn't want Grandpa to spend money on this useless Jidan. Big.

    However, to the frustration of Cangtian, he can't contact his grandfather now, and can only stare at his grandfather and the mayor to bid.

    "One hundred and four hundred thousand!" The mayor continued to raise the price. He believes that Wang Tiexiong is only performing and will give up sooner or later. After all, others in the field also believe that no one in the heavy iron city dares to offend everyone in the city.

    No one dares to provoke the majesty of the strong in the pill formation stage.


    Wang Tiexiong's voice was low and undisputed.

    In the private room No. 5, Yang Zhennan frowned and looked at Wang Tiexiong sitting in the front row through the huge glass wall.

    The old butler behind him also frowned and couldn't help but secretly said: "It's strange, what happened to Wang Tiexiong? Didn't I see that Lin Batian and Li Tianfang both gave up? Why is he so ignorant that he dare not give up? The main face of the city."

    "Can you give it to that kid?"

    Suddenly, the old butler's eyes sparkled, as if thinking about something.

    Although Yang Zhennan on one side did not look back at the old housekeeper, he seemed to have felt something and asked softly: "What do you think? With the friendship between this seat and Lao Wang, he doesn't seem to need to offend me? "Although he did not turn his head, his sacred spirit enveloped the entire Yan Jian, making every step in Yan Jian unable to escape.

    The old butler respectfully said: "Report to the city lord that as far as the old man knows, Wang Tiexiong should be the grandson of that genius wasting him."

    "A genius abolishes his grandson?" Yang Zhennan was shocked when he heard these words, but he immediately remembered that the Wang family's genius was wasted in Heavy Iron City is indeed very famous. He has seen it several times before.

    He heard some news about the sky, and then sighed.

    "That's it. In a few hours, Yue Xu is his grandson's coming-of-age ceremony. According to the Wang family's regulations, if he does not establish a foundation, he will be expelled from the family." Yang Zhennan said softly.

    "That's why Wang Tiexiong gave up the blood of the monster and the monster's heart this time, and tried his best to fight for this basic building." The old butler continued, but he sighed inwardly, because this time the city lord will definitely win. After all, the city lord's daughter has reached the age of farming, and he will never let go of this pill.

In this case, it depends on their respective advantages. Yang Zhennan nodded and said no more.

    The old butler knew what he meant and replaced it again.

    "Two million!"

    "The 2 million is in Room 5. Did you pass?" Master Fengyuan's voice spread throughout the venue.

    Wang Tiexiong's face sitting in the front row was deep and painful.

    The municipal owner raised the price by 500,000 at a time, and noticed that he told him that this Jidandan was bound to be obtained.

    Wang Tiexiong's reserve price is 2.4 million. After all, although he is the head of the royal family, he cannot embezzle family funds for selfishness, otherwise his status as the head of the family will not be guaranteed.

    "My God, I'm sorry, Grandpa."

    Wang Tiexiong took a deep breath, stood up slowly, turned and left.

    He knew that even after making two hundred and forty calls, it was impossible to get Jidan from the city lord. In that case, why offend the city lord for nothing. After all, he was still the patriarch of the royal family, and he had to hesitate.

    Wang Tiexiong ly left the venue, causing quite a stir.

    At first, everyone thought that Wang Tiexiong was just acting, but now it seems that he did come to establish Jidan and immediately let them do it themselves. However, they immediately guessed the reason and sighed in their hearts.

    The sky showed the information of open-air talents, which made the whole heavy iron city serious, and it became famous overnight. However, every time he fails to establish a foundation in the future, he becomes a waste. This is what everyone in this heavy iron city knows.

    Everyone in Heavy Iron City knew more or less that Wang Tiexiong had such a genius and grandson of garbage. Obviously, he could guess that Wang Tiexiong must be looking for that grandson this time.


    In room seven, tears flickered in the eyes of the sky. The moment his grandfather turned around, he clearly noticed that his grandfather's body was shaking, as if he was about to grow old.

    It was for him, and he knew that the old man had secretly worried for him for years. It is precisely because of his existence that heaven has not encountered any bullying by the royal family for many years, and even the third elder dare not face it.

    "Grandpa, wait, I won't let you down this time."

    Cang Tian looked at the figure of his grandfather leaving, clenched his fists, his eyes firm.

    In the venue, the commotion of Wang Tiexiong's departure was immediately obscured by the enthusiastic atmosphere of the auction, and the last Zhuji Dandan was sold by the city owner for 2 million US dollars.

    After building the stars on Jidan, the auction house continued to conduct antique auctions and began to auction some high-end items, and too many people present learned something.

    In room 7, Qian Sanshao smiled and opened the door to enter.

    "Shao Tian, ​​this is your purple gold card. Excluding the cost of those materials, there is still 5 million. Click to view." Qian Sanshao took out a purple gold box card and handed it to the sky.

    The Zijin Card was issued by a bank and used in Datang, but it is only suitable for low-level practitioners. Since advanced tillers have storage bags, they can fix the spirit stones by themselves.

    "Thank you very much." Cangtian took the Zijin card and thanked Qian Sanshao. No matter why Qian Sanshao was so friendly to him, the other party helped him a lot.

    Qian Sanshao smiled when he heard these words and said that after a long period of time, he finally gained something. At least now when talking with Cang Tian, ​​Cang Tian will no longer remain silent.

    Sometimes, this relationship only appears little by little.


    The auction went on very quickly, and the rest were of no use to the Li family and the Lin family, so they were all competing for the middle-class families in the Heavy Iron City. Their game was fierce, but the sky was seen in the elegant room. Lively.

    With the passage of time, the last two finale projects finally arrived.

    "Everyone, from now on will be the second ending of this auction. This is-" Master Feng Yuan's high-pitched novel, when his eyes swept across the audience, suddenly became quiet.

    The maid came with an article.

    All eyes suddenly gathered, and everyone held their breath.

    Master Feng Yuan lifted the red cloth covering the subject, and suddenly revealed a delicate bottle with green liquid flowing inside.

    "Monster's blood!"

Master Fengyuan shouted. He picked up the vial and explained to everyone: "This is the blood of the bloodthirsty wolf in the early stage of alchemy. It contains most of the life essence of the bloodthirsty wolf, whether it is alchemy or, it is all It is the highest quality material and a low-priced 100,000-level low-priced spirit stone."

    Master Feng Yuan's words fell, and he stared enthusiastically at the bottle of monster in the venue.

    Lin Batian and Li Tianfang were also very excited, their eyes full of longing. When they reach their level, only precious items such as monsters and soul blood can help them go further.

    The essence of the blood of the beast contains the essence of the entire body of the beast. After taking it, it has a powerful effect on improving the planting foundation or strengthening the body.

    "Finally arrived."

    In Room 7, Cang Tian looked at the devil's blood bottle in Master Fengyuan's hand with excitement. This time his purpose is this thing.

    Qian Sanshao smiled secretly, the blood of this monster is not so easy to take good pictures.

    "Three young masters, what is the price of monster blood before the auction?" Cangtian asked suddenly, he didn't know if he could use the remaining five million to buy this bottle of monster blood.

    "According to the previous price, it was only about 5 million yuan, but as far as I know, this time Li Tianfang and Lin Batian came here for bargaining. The price is difficult to determine." Qian Sanshao told the truth.

    In fact, he didn't even talk about heaven. Looking at the red eyebrows of Li Tianfang and Lin Batian below, he knew their desire for monster blood.

    Cangtian couldn't help worrying for a while, he was really a good person.

    At this moment, the bidding has sounded at the scene, and the scene is very lively. However, Cangtian knew that these were just luck, after all, Lin Batian and Li Tianfang had not bid yet.

    Cangtian has been observing the price increase, but for a while, the price of this monster's blood rose from 100,000 to 1.5 million, which was almost the limit of those small families.

    "It's time for them to take action."

    Heavenly thoughts.

    Sure enough, Li Tianfang was the first person to speak loudly. He seemed to have ambitions to win the goal: "Two million!"

    The whole venue was silent, and no small family was bidding.

    At this moment, everyone's eyes were focused on Lin Batian. They all know that only these two families can compete for this monster blood.

    "Brother Li, the price of monster blood is more expensive than this. You are too stingy." Lin Batian smiled slightly, and then shouted domineeringly: "Three million!"

    He directly added a million.

    "Brother Lin seems determined to take this bottle of monster blood, but if he asks for three million, he will take it. For me, this is too small for Li Tianfang." Li Tianfang smiled slightly and shouted: " four million!"

    Although the monster's blood is very important, his goal this time is the last ending. Therefore, his happy Lin Batian spent too much money on this.

    Lin Batian's face suddenly sank. His goal is the final ending, but he can't spend too much money on the blood of the beast. He only added a million at a time. It just shocked Li Tianfang and let him know. Give up, but he didn't expect that he would lose, which made him depressed for a while.

    "These two guys!"

    In Room 5, Mayor Yang Zhennan was full of ridicule, and the old butler behind him also secretly laughed, and they watched the joke happily.

    In room seven, Cang Tian frowned. He didn't want Lin Batian and Li Tian to fight for this price, so he might not be able to take away 5 million of this monster's blood.

    It seems I must bid in advance!

    Cangtian thought to himself.

    "five million!"

    Do it when he thinks of it. Cang Tian shouted into the microphone, his voice was amplified and spread to the entire venue.

    Suddenly, the whole venue was silent.

    "Who is calling the price?" At this moment, everyone was very surprised. In this heavy iron city, who would dare to grab food in front of the Li family and the Lin family?

    However, they were disappointed in the end, and no one found anyone bidding.

    "VIP No. 7 bid 5 million, no one proposed a higher price." At this time, Master Feng Yuan shouted loudly on the stage, with a strange light shining in his eyes, thinking that the master alchemist was indeed trying to refine longan pill.

    Master Fengyuan’s words fell through, and the entire venue suddenly boiled over, VIP? In addition to the city owners of the heavy iron city, who else has been awarded VIP by the money machine auction house?

    In room 5, City Lord Y

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