Chapter 20 Auction successful

A lot of boiling on the court. Everyone did not expect that at the last moment of the auction, a mysterious VIP would appear. Shocking and curious, they speculated who this person was.

    At this moment, even Yang Zhennan in the fifth room was surprised. As the owner of the Heavy Iron City, he naturally knew that apart from himself, there is currently no VIP approved by Qianji Auction House. .

    Therefore, this mysterious VIP 7 must be a big shot elsewhere.

    Yang Zhennan, who was just the lord of the heavy iron city, knew nothing about the heavy iron city, but during this period of time, he had not seen any major figures in the heavy iron city.

    In addition to Yang Zhennan, who was full of doubts, Lin Batian and Li Tianfang were also shocked. The mysterious VIP 7 appeared and disrupted their thinking, making them feel bored and forget to bid.

    "Who is this person? When did the Heavy Iron City come to such a big person, why don't I know?" Lin Batian frowned and looked at Li Tianfang. Li Tianfang was also confused when he saw him, even more confused. up. You know, their Lin family and Li family are definitely big families in the heavy iron city. If a big man comes to Heavy Iron City, they will definitely get news.

    Only the sudden appearance of the mysterious VIP 7 surprised them. They had not received any news before, as if they had come out of thin air.


    In Room 7, Cangtian opened his eyes and stared at the auction house. He doesn't care about the surprises his appearance brings to everyone. Now he is worried whether anyone will pay a higher price. After all, he only left. five million.

    But what makes Cangtian a little strange is that neither Lin Batian nor Li Tianfang made an offer immediately, and I don't know whether they are considering gains or losses or considering their gains and losses.

    On the high stage, Master Fengyuan opened his mouth again and shouted: "The second time I bought VIP 7 for 5 million yuan, did anyone bid higher?"

    At this moment, professional auctioneers must adjust the atmosphere and slow down the auction rhythm. But Master Fengyuan was different, as if he was eager to end the auction.

    He must have done this deliberately. After all, he knew that standing behind the sky was an excellent alchemist. He naturally must be good. Even if he cannot be a friend, he will not leave a bad impression on the other person's heart. So he hoped that no one could bid, and the blood of this monster was shot into the sky.

    As Master Fengyuan's voice fell, there was silence in the venue.

    Those excited people are waiting for Lin Batian and Li Tianfang's bids, but Li Tianfang and Lin Tiantian did not bid.

    "My goal is the last inner core of the monster beast. I can't offend a big man I don't know." Lin Batian thought. Although the blood of the monster beast is very important, he offended the lord with a bottle of beast blood. For the big man, it is not worth it, and the ghost knows whether the identity of the other party will be higher than that of the city master, and if offended, their Lin family will be finished.

    Li Tianfang had the same idea, so both of them gave up the bid for the first time.

    Not accidentally, Li Tianfang and Lin Batian did not bid, and the bottle of monster's blood was washed away by the sky, costing five million.

    In meeting room 7, Cang Tian finally breathed a sigh of relief.

    Congratulations to Shao Tian, ​​I will send someone to collect the blood of the beast. Qian Sanshao said with a smile, but he smiled bitterly inside. He naturally knew why Lin Batian and Li Tianfang gave up bidding, but I didn't expect that I would invite him to Asia to make good friends with the sky, but he lifted a stone and hit him in the foot, making him a little frustrated. Fortunately, after this auction, his relationship with heaven has become closer. No matter how many contacts you have, becoming your friend is a matter of time.

    "Thank you Sanshao!" Cangtian said gratefully. Although he didn't know why Lin Batian and Li Tianfang gave up bidding, he could still see Master Fengyuan speed up the auction.

    "Tian Shao is very polite. Even if some auction finds me in the future, the money will not be postponed." Qian Sanshao smiled, his face full of enthusiasm.

    Cangtian couldn't help feeling good, thinking this fat man was good.

    At the scene, the auction finally ended. To everyone's surprise, the final result was the alchemy inside the monster, which evoked air on the spot.

    As we all know, just like human cultivators, monsters will condense their inner alchemy when they reach the stage of pill formation. This is the essence of their entire body

Moreover, the internal alchemy of the alchemy beast has a great influence on the cultivators in the nine-story base construction stage of the sudden alchemy stage, which must make people want it.

    Especially Lin Batian and Li Tianfang, the two of them stared at the internal alchemy of the golden beast in the hands of Master Fengyuan, and the family drooled.

    Cangtian was also surprised. He didn't expect to see such a heaven-defying treasure, but he had already got what he wanted, and now he is watching the performance with great interest.

    "It did sit in the well and looked at the sky, but it was just a huge internal pill, actually a group of mortals who had never seen the world before." Suddenly, he thought of Wandi's familiar voice.

    Usually, the emperor meditates in the cauldron of meditation, and only appears when he is summoned from heaven. This was the first time he took the initiative to speak out.

    "Old pills, how can we compare with you? The highest cultivation level of our heavy iron city is only the formation period of the pills, so this huge inner pill seems so precious." Cang Tian smiled bitterly when he heard these words. The existence of the top of the Honghuangda 6 is naturally incomparable with their small and heavy iron urban tillage machines.

    "Boy, the longan medicine extracted from the raw materials purchased this time can be cultivated to the pill formation period. When the pill formation period is over, leave this broken city. This is not a place for planting at all. Leaving early is good for you. Good. Good." Huang Dan Huang said with his mouth.

    "Don't worry, Elder Dan, I know if you don't tell me. Besides, after three years, Tiandaozong should recruit disciples. I must go, otherwise I must wait until ten years later." Cang Tian nodded.

    Tiandaozong recruits disciples in the Datang Kingdom every ten years. At that time, all people under the age of 50 trained during the pill formation stage will participate in the uation.

    And this time the Tiandaozong assessment, there are only three years left.

    If it was the sky before, he would naturally not make pills in three years, but now with the help of the emperor, the situation is different. He is full of confidence.

    In the conversation between Cang Tian and Emperor Pills, the auction ended, and Lin Batian finally sold the monster's internal medicine for a high price of 12 million US dollars.

    Cangtian was not surprised by this. After all, the Lin family is currently the largest family in the heavy iron city, and its power is still higher than the Wang family and the Li family. For a long time, he has always thought that Li Tianfang is not an opponent, but this has nothing to do with him. The system of longan pill.

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