Chapter 21 Base period4

With the end of this sensational citywide auction, residents of the city are still guessing the identity of the mysterious VIP 7 and drinking tea after dinner.

    After that, Mayor Yang Zhennan, Lin Batian and Li Tianfang sent people to find the identity of the mysterious VIP nearby. Unfortunately, they are destined to be disappointed. Even if some people who worked in the previous auction houses didn't know it, VIP seemed to have disappeared. .

    As an outstanding guest, Cang Tian left Qianji auction house and returned to Wang's house, waiting for the emperor to refine the longan pill.


    Wang family, listen to Yuxuan.

    A young man waited anxiously outside the house. Strange noises from time to time in the room affected the young people's thinking.

    This is the sky!

    After returning to China from the dry base auction house, Emperor Wan began to refine longan pills. In the field of understanding, refined medicine pills are a time-consuming and laborious task. It cannot be perfected in a short time. Some alchemists can only refine a pot of medicine in three to five months.

    Fortunately, Emperor Pill is a top alchemist. He is confident that he will perfect the longan pill before the Tiancheng ceremony to help him break through the fourth stage of the infrastructure construction stage.

    As time passed, Cang Tian stayed in the yard, waiting for the medicine emperor to perform alchemy while preventing others from being disturbed. Fortunately, after Wang Sanliwei was taken away last time, no one in the Wang family dared to offend him.

    Heaven knows that those people are waiting for his coming-of-age ceremony. As long as the coming-of-age ceremony is over and they are kicked out of the house, the hatred faces of these people will be fully exposed.

    Unfortunately, they are destined to have no such opportunity.

    Cangtian's eyes exuded a charming light, and the shame of nine years was about to be washed away.

    "Prosperity!" The knock on the door stunned the sky.

    "Have you succeeded?" Cang Tian looked at his house in a little surprise, and ran to open the door.

    In the room, a half-person-sized medicine jar exposed golden pills, constantly exuding fragrance, making the whole house immortal.

    The medicine emperor next to him looked a little tired. He shook his head and said, "If you don't have a body, it will be very troublesome. It took a lot of energy to refine this small round round pill. Fortunately, this harvest produced a total of 5oo longan pill, enough for you to pick up. Practice it down."

    "The hard medicine is getting old." Cang Tian excitedly picked up the longan pill and looked at it. The pill is crystal clear, with golden halo scattered on the surface, which looks like gold from a distance.

    Cangtian could even clearly feel that this kind of vitality pill was very strong, and he could take one pill, which was probably comparable to his ten-day cultivation.

    This shows that with the longan pill, his level of self-cultivation will be increased tenfold, and his strength can be fully improved before the coming-of-age ceremony.

    He took some Yuanyuan pills in his hand, and Cangtian put the remaining Yuanyuan pills in the cauldron against the sky, and put them into the pubic area together. In any case, there is a space in the big pot against the sky, which is most suitable for storing longan medicine.

    This time, Wan Huang seemed to consume too much energy. He explained that Heaven can only take one longan pill a day, and then return to the patron saint cauldron for planting.

    After clearing the room, the sky began to meditate, preparing to take longan pills.

    It took more than ten days for Maruwang to perfect the longan pill. Currently, there are 20 days left for his coming-of-age ceremony. Now, he must hurry up and work hard to improve his strength.

    Swallowing a longan pill the size of a soybean, the sky suddenly rushed down from his throat with a rush of heat, and huge mental power rushed to his dantian like a huge wave in the sea.

    "What a powerful pill!" Cang Tian was taken aback, he quickly reluctantly began to refine the enormous energy brought by Guiyuan Pill.

    With the transformation of this huge energy, pure qi and water gushed from the dantian in the sky, and then combined with his own true spirit, turning into a larger torrent, rushing to his limbs with many veins.

    With the influx of the torrent, all obstacles on the Heaven Meridian were cleared, and his whole body immediately rejuvenated.

    "This is the time!" Cangtian didn't like the refreshing feeling brought by the powerful ballast. He wanted to use the powerful force brought by Guiyuan Pill to start attacking the four-layer obstacles during the infrastructure construction period.

As if roaring in his mind, Cang Tian felt that his dark barrier had been broken by his powerful real energy, and he felt that he had entered another field-the fourth stage of the infrastructure construction stage. .

    When Heaven entered the fourth floor of the infrastructure construction period, a majestic halo poured into Ting Yuxuan from the outside, and continued to converge towards him, as if a river merged into the sea.

    After Heaven refined this spiritual breath, the zhenqi in his body suddenly increased tenfold.

    After good luck, Cangtian opened his eyes, and two purple rays of light flashed. The huge irritating energy in his body was encouraged, and his clothes shook the prey.

    "It is so powerful, ten times stronger than the third floor during the infrastructure construction period. Now even Wang Fei who built the sixth floor during the infrastructure construction period is not my opponent. I think who dares to say that I am a waste this time." Said to myself. Excitedly, the huge power in his body made him full of confidence in his heart.

    In addition, with the breakthrough of farming technology, Cang Tian feels that his body is getting stronger and stronger, as if his body has absorbed a lot of energy, otherwise his farming will be more.

    "Now, the coming-of-age ceremony still needs more than 20 days. I have time to practice. By then, I may be able to break through the fifth floor of the infrastructure construction period." Cangtian thought.

    After the breakthrough, Cang Tian did not practice any more, after all, he could not rush to practice. He went to the yard and punched the tiger for a long time, venting the powerful force in his body.

    "Fight the tiger!"

    "Tiger Roaring Mountain Forest!"

    "Tiger King Cannon!"

    The sky was flying between his steps, and when he waved his fist, a terrible burst of real energy made the yard tremble. With the improvement of his training level, his tiger fist became stronger, especially the attack on the Tiger King's cannon, which was simply destroying everything.

    "My power is so powerful now. I don't know how it compares with the masters of the pill formation period?" Kurata stopped and thought of the encounter between Master Feng Yuan and Mayor Yang Zhennan at Qianji Auction House.

    Heaven does not know how powerful the pill was during its formation, but he does know that in this heavy iron city, no one dares to offend the majesty of Mayor Yang Zhennan, which shows the power of the pill during its formation.

    "Hehe, a strong man in the pill formation stage can fly with a sword, he can attack me in the air, but I can only be a target. No wonder some people say that there are ants in the pill formation stage, which is completely unparalleled."

    Cang Tian shook his head, smiled in pain, and scolded himself as an idiot. In the current stage of Dan condensing, how can he compare with the strong.

    "If there is a technique that can deal with the enemy in the air, that would be great." Cang Tian suddenly thought that air is always a taboo for mortals, but alchemy practitioners can break this taboo. They can fly with their swords, flying across the sky, the earth and the mountains. Over time, this is so easy.

    "Boy, it's not easy. The magical ability to deal with the enemy in the sky on the sky guard cauldron is not a skill. Although the old man has not practiced it, it is definitely not easy to come up with that magical ability and can be recorded in the sky guard cauldron. Emperor Dan's voice suddenly came.

    "Catch the sky!"

    Cang Tian's eyes sparkled when he heard the news, and the mysterious figure flickered in his mind. These are the words recorded in the Guardian.

    "Maybe it's time to practice this magical power."

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