Chapter 22 Such days hand

At the waterfall on the mountain behind the palace, fierce collisions erupted, such as thunder and thunder, especially in this quiet jungle.

    On the boulder in front of the waterfall, the two figures continued to interweave quickly, making a violent and deafening sound.

    "Hey, hey, kid, show some real skills, are you playing a monkey? Don't worry, with your current skills, you won't hurt this little monkey."

    Emperor Dan mumbled dissatisfiedly when watching the two people collide in the air on the huge boulder. He is still chewing the fish that has just been grilled.

    The two characters fighting in the air are Sky and Little Golden Monkey.

    It has been more than 20 days since Kurata broke through the fourth floor of the foundation construction stage. Tomorrow will be his most important day-coming-of-age ceremony.

    In order to test his farming method, Cang Tian came to the back mountain and discussed with the little golden monkey.

    In these twenty days of cultivation, heaven can be described as the god of progress. He has reached the top of the fourth floor of the infrastructure construction stage, and it may break through the fifth floor of the infrastructure construction at any time.

    The little golden monkey opposite him is not simple. As the offspring of King Kong Monkey, Xiao Jin has unique talents and rapid growth. Coupled with the fact that Tianjiang is spreading Guiyuan Wan, it is even more powerful.

    So far, Cangtian didn't know how strong Xiaojin's real strength was.

    However, until now, the sky also found that Xiaojin was relaxed, but he did not feel tired, because he knew that he underestimated Xiaojin, and immediately did not intend to keep his hands.

    "Xiaojin, be careful, I'm here to be real, watching my tiger go down the mountain!"

    With an amazing pass, Cang Tian kicked his foot on the boulder, and his body suddenly stood up like a cannonball. He stretched his fist into the air, and the powerful and heinous energy trembled violently like a tiger. With the little golden monkey being culled and leaving, the momentum is amazing.

    The biggest difference between the period of infrastructure construction and the period of qigong training is that cultivators in the period of infrastructure construction can release real energy and use the indestructible real energy to kill the enemy.

    The move of the sky tiger down the mountain is a very powerful move in tiger boxing, second only to the tiger king cannon he created.

    Obviously, heaven is ready.

    "Zhenzhi" and the little golden monkey opposite him did not panic at all. It squeaks as if to say don't worry.

    "Well, look at the action!" Cang Tian shouted when he saw it, and then rushed down quickly. After a while, he and the little golden monkey became more and more harmonious, knowing what every action Xiaojin meant.

    Facing the heavenly tiger landing on the mountain, the little golden monkey is on his back. It bounces faster than heaven, like a sharp sword falling towards heaven.

    In the air, there was a thunderous sound, as if two shells had collided.

    "What a powerful force!" The sky in the collision was shocked to see the huge power from Xiao Jin's fist and directly exploded him.


    However, Xiaojin used this counter-impact force to kick his legs onto the huge boulder below, jump high again, and rushed into the sky.

    At this time, Cang Tian had just been pushed back by a powerful force, and he was already near the waterfall behind him. If he is hit by Xiaojin, he will fall directly into the spring under the waterfall and become a drunkard.

    "Squeak!" The little golden monkey screamed in mid-air, his sly eyes gleaming, apparently intentional.

    "Haha!" Huang Dan suddenly laughed beside him.

    "Damn it!" Why couldn't the sky see the gloat in Xiao Jinhou's eyes? He was so angry that he said angrily: "Little monkey, dare to play yin with your eldest brother and see how I can deal with you."

    Finally, Heaven yelled, when he was about to fall into the spring water, a huge hand condensed by real energy suddenly appeared, as if it had appeared out of thin air, with an amazing aura, and Xiao Jin was thrown at him in the air. go together.

    This huge palm tree that is rare and condensed has only ten small golds. At this time, he was slaughtered, he did have the meaning of holding the sky. Even Emperor Dan, who stayed aside watching his excitement, was shocked by this move.

    "Squeak!" The little golden monkey obviously didn't expect such a trick in the sky. He will react in a hurry, and even if he knows this, he can't hide in midair now. After all, it was not grown into pills

As the sun sets, the rest of the setting sun falls among the two figures playing under the waterfall, forming a vigorous picture.

    But in the palace at this moment, some gloating voices have already been heard.

    "Hey, tomorrow will be the trash coming-of-age ceremony, see how arrogant he is."

    "Isn't it? When he is kicked out of the family, I think he is still acting cool."

    "Haha, there will be a good show tomorrow. I heard that the third elder invited a lot of big figures from the Heavy Iron City. That waste will be kicked out of the family this time, I'm afraid I will lose my face."

    "I think the third elder has another purpose. I heard that Wang Tian broke through the ninth floor of the foundation construction period not long ago. This time, the third elder is not only embarrassing the waste, but also embarrassing the patriarch so that his son can compete for the position of patriarch."

    "Now the palace is going to change, hehe!"


    Heavy Iron City, Lin Family.

    Lin Batian held a list of invitations in his hand, with a series of sinister smiles. He addressed his son Lin Wei with an article: "For my father, I want to retreat and condense fake pills. Tomorrow you will go to Wang's house to watch the fun for my father."

    Lin Wei answered.


    Li family.

    Li Tianfang held the invitation in his hand and laughed, "Lao Wang is going to have a headache now! Tianjiao, come and see the excitement with me tomorrow."

    "Yes!" Li Tianjiao on the side heard this, and his eyes suddenly showed schadenfreude.


    Qianji Auction House.

    Qian Sanshao put down the invitation in his hand and smiled at the master Fengyuan on the side: "It seems that tomorrow will be fun to watch. Master is willing to go with me."

    "Three young masters are invited, dare not follow their orders." Master Fengyuan laughed.


    At sunset, the sky said goodbye to Xiaojin and returned to the palace.

    At this time, Cang Tian did not know that his coming-of-age ceremony had already attracted the attention of the entire Heavy Iron City.

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