Chapter 23 Adults'

The sun rises from the east, and warm sunlight is scattered throughout the heavy iron city. Today is destined to be a good weather.

    In the early morning, the pedestrians on the streets of the heavy iron city are already in an endless stream. As one of the three major families of the Heavy Iron City, the palace has become busier now, shrouded in a fiery atmosphere.

    The reason for all this is the heavenly passage ritual.

    If this is just the coming-of-age ceremony for ordinary children of the Wang family, naturally there is no need to be so grand, but Heaven is the grandson of the patriarch Wang Tiexiong and the direct descendant of the Wang family. His coming-of-age ceremony must be prepared naturally.


    In the backyard of the palace, Wang Tiexiong heard a report from a confidant who looked deep in his confidant, his eyes getting more and more angry.

    "Boy Wang Tian cheated too much!"

    After listening to his report, Wang Tiexiong was indignant.

    He plans to hold this paradise coming-of-age ceremony in a low-key manner. After all, he knew that heaven had not yet established a foundation. However, since Wang Tian carried him so solemnly, it made him very angry.

    However, this time Wang Tiexiong could only knock off his tooth and swallow it into his stomach. After all, Wang Tian tried his best for his grandson. Although he knew the little bit in Wang Tian's heart, he was helpless.

    "Patriarch, Lin Jia, Lin Wei came to you with a gift." At this time, one of his people came to report.

    Wang Tiexiong's face suddenly sank. Before this started, the old man Lin Batian sent a person, obviously watching his jokes.

    But for a while, someone came to report: "The patriarch, the leader of the Li family came to visit him with his grandson."

    Well, the Li family is better, the old man Li Tianfang actually came in person.

    "Okay, okay! This is to kill my grandson, really vicious." Wang Tiexiong smiled slightly, his cold eyes flashing with cold murderous intentions.

    It is conceivable that in the face of the heavy steel city hero, if the sky is expelled from the royal family, not only the sky will lose face. As the grandfather of the sky, Wang Tiexiong has no face. This is for the head of the royal family. The highest prestige.

    Not only that, but facing the ridicule of many people, Wang Tiexiong was really worried that his grandson would become frustrated and truly become a waste if his grandson did not persist.

    This is an army of three elders and frontline soldiers!

    Wang Tiexiong sneered in his heart.

    "Ancestors, Qian Sanshao and Master Feng Yuan, who are in charge of Qian San Auction House, are visiting."

    "Patriarch, the city lord is here!"

    "The Patriarch..."

    After a while, some servants came to report, but one after another heavy iron city figures came to the Wang's house.

    "The King of Heaven!"

    Wang Tiexiong couldn't help but lose his temper. This time, the workload of the "three elders" and "one group" was too great, and even invited two heavy-iron cities, the city lord and the Qianji auction house.

    This is forcing the palace!


    In a house in the palace, the three elders Wang Tian, ​​Wang Feiye and grandson gathered together.

    Excited expressions appeared on the faces of these three people.

    "Father, I really didn't expect the mayor and Qianji Auction House to be here this time. Even if the wild species are expelled from the Wang family, it will be a beautiful scene." Wang Tian couldn't help smiling in his heart. If Wang Tiexiong is a person of prestige, then he is likely to replace him and become the new patriarch of the Wang family.

    Faye Wong was full of schadenfreude, thinking: "Little Beast, when you are kicked out of the Wang family, the rules of the Wang family will no longer work. Then I will see how to deal with you, ha ha!"

    "In the last auction, the city owner snatched Zhu Jidan away. I was afraid I was a little embarrassed, so I came to see. This is the Qianji Auction House. They are powerful forces of the Tang Dynasty. The mayor of the city hall cannot commit crimes against them, but they Don’t want to do this. It’s amazing to be invited here. When the time is up, you should pay attention and try to be friends with them."

    The third old man said puzzledly between his eyebrows.

    "Father, don't worry, I will see the machine when the time is up." Wang Tian said sternly. He naturally knew that the horror of Qian Ji Auction House was the horror of the Qian family.

    If the city owner makes them feel pressured, then facing the Qian family, they can only look up. The two sides are completely unparalleled. The Qian family can wipe out this heavy iron city with just one person.

    "Well, we should go outside to watch the game. I really look forward to Wang

Wang Tian and Wang Fei also showed cold smiles.


    Listen to Yuxuan's words in the heavenly house.

    Heaven, already well-groomed, stood in front of the mirror. He looked at himself in the mirror with a confident smile: "Three months of hard work, at this moment, it's time to prove himself to them."

    Considering the failure to establish a foundation time and time again, Cangtian thought in his heart, wondering what people would express when they knew they had established a foundation.

    He was excited at the thought, and he couldn't wait.

    Walking out of the house, the warm sunlight fell on the sky, making him feel comfortable.

    "Young Master Tian..." Outside the house, Aunt Qing looked at the sky slightly worried. I don't know why, these days she always feels that the sky has changed a lot, and she doesn't know where the changes are.

    Today is the coming-of-age ceremony in heaven. Aunt Qing knows the importance of this day, so she waits early in the morning, just like a mother watching her child grow up.

    "Auntie Qing, don't worry, I will completely shut down those guys today."

    Looking at Aunt Qing, Cang Tian's heart warmed, he said softly, his eyes full of confidence. This self-confidence seemed to have infected Aunt Qing and made her feel relieved, thinking that Young Master Tian has not changed. Even if he was kicked out of the Wang family today, he is still that strong young man and he will not lose his fighting spirit.


    There are already many people in the huge martial arts field of the imperial palace. In addition to the children of the Wang family, there are many people in this heavy iron city.

    At this time, Wang Tiexiong and the elders of the Wang family were also talking with the mayor, Master Feng Yuan, Qian Sanshao and Li Tianfang. In the square, the children of the Wang family were also whispering, and their voices continued.

    "It's almost here, why isn't this kid coming?" Wang Tian frowned.

    When Wang Tiexiong was talking with Master Feng Yuan, he smiled coldly and said, "What? When should you intervene in the rites of maturity for the children of the Wang family? When did my ancestors not exist?"

    When Wang Tian heard the news, he was dead, unable to speak. Only the patriarch has the right to interfere with the ceremonies of the children of the Wang family. He did it by accident just now, but was attracted by Wang Tiexiong's shortcomings.

    Although Wang Tian has broken through the ninth layer of the infrastructure construction period, he still has fear when facing the already famous master Wang Tiexiong.

    The three elders who were talking with Li Tianfang saw this, and quickly laughed: "The ancestor was serious, and he was also very friendly. You see it has been a long time, Lord City, Master Fengyuan and others are still waiting. "

    Wang Tiexiong snorted coldly, but there was no answer.

    Because at this moment, at the entrance of the square, a young man walked slowly with a faint smile on his face, causing a commotion in the square.

    The young man’s smile was full of confidence, and he was full of energy in the warm morning sun.

    I don't know why, seeing Wang Tiexiong's boy smile, his original nervousness suddenly relaxed.

    At the same time, everyone's eyes on the square were focused on the young man who was walking slowly.

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