Chapter 24 A boxing broken

Looking at the slowly rising sky, everyone in the square had a variety of ideas, gloating, and sighing, some of them were purely lively.

    Faced with such a complicated gaze, Cang Tian didn’t seem to see it, but walked calmly. He saw Yang Zhu Nan, Master Feng Yuan and his grandfather sitting on the stage, and Master Qian San Shao winking at him. . , A little surprised, but casually turned into a sneer.

    "Such a large handwriting can only be done by those guys."

    Cangtian's eyes were cold, and he sneered in his heart. He was very clear about the three elders' thoughts.

    How could his little coming-of-age ceremony attract the attention of so many big figures in Tiecheng? These were obviously set up deliberately by the three elders. Not only would it embarrass him, but they did target Grandpa.

    "It's a pity that people are not as good as heaven. This time, you are destined to be disappointed."

    Cang Tian sneered toward the place where his grandfather was, with a cold expression, because everyone was paying attention to him not stage fright, his black cloak danced with the wind, and his handsome face looked handsome and extraordinary.

    In the square, as the sky came, it also caused a whisper.

    "Hey, he looks very relaxed, very relaxed, is it possible that his grandfather can still protect him this time?" Someone wondered.

    "Hehe, I'm afraid he still broke the jar and fell over." Someone said sarcastically.

    "Hehe, all the big people in the heavy iron city are here this time. Even if he is kicked out of the family, he is still very famous, maybe he is proud of it." Someone laughed.


    There are many similar sounds in the square. Everyone is puzzled by the relaxed expression of the sky, especially the Wang family. They can't figure out how the sky doesn't care.

    At this moment, the members of the royal family sitting on the stage and the big figures in the heavy iron city are all looking at the sky side by side. After all, this young man is today's protagonist.


    Mayor Yang Zhennan looked at the sky with his eyes twinkling. He couldn't help wondering, isn't this a rumor that children cannot build a foundation? He didn't establish a foundation not long ago. Why is he now entering the fourth peak of the infrastructure construction stage? The emergence of an irritating spirit seems to be able to break through the five levels of the infrastructure construction period at any time.

    Yang Zhennan was confused and couldn't help looking at Master Fengyuan, but Master Fengyuan laughed.

    The cultivation base of Tibetan fields can be hidden from the cultivators in the grassroots field, but he cannot hide in a powerful country that is one level higher than him in the pill formation stage. Therefore, Yang Zhennan and Master Fengyuan can clearly detect the precise cultivation of Tibetan fields. at this time.

    "There seems to be a good show this time." Yang Zhennan smiled secretly, his face remained unchanged and no one could see it.

    In the square, as the sky approached, the discussion finally stopped.

    Cangtian looked around and saw the three elders Wang Tian, ​​Wang Fei and others. On their faces, he saw mockery, sneers, and gloat.

    "Let's see if you can still laugh!" Cang Tian sneered, then paid tribute to his grandfather on the stage and said loudly: "The city has seen the patriarch and all the old people of the Heavy Iron City."

    Cangtian's face is very respectful, his voice is very loud, he appears calm and relaxed, without the slightest stage fright, so many people secretly nodded on the court, secretly saying that this man is great, but he can't build a foundation.

    Sitting on the stage, Wang Tiexiong couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. Heaven's performance did not disappoint him. Even if he cannot build a foundation, his grandson is still an upright person.

    Wang Tiexiong stood up and looked at the sky friendly, and then a loud voice sounded in the square: "Today is the grandson's coming-of-age ceremony. I am very fortunate to invite everyone to watch the ceremony. Wang X would like to thank you first." He told the city lord and Master Fengyuan arched his hands in his seat.

    Everyone also bowed.

    After speaking, Wang Tiexiong stared at the sky above the crowd. At the moment, the old face looked very serious. He solemnly said: "My God, from today on, you will be a real man. In the future, grandfather, I hope you can keep going. One day grandfather will be proud of you."

    Cangtian looked at the grandpa in front of him with tears in his eyes. He said excitedly: "Don't worry, grandpa, Tian'er won't let you down anymore."

    After Heaven finished speaking, he looked firmly at

This is Thrawn Stone.

    Cang Tian looked at the dark golden lock dragon stone. He knew that the suolong stone was made of special materials and was particularly hard. It is the best material for the army to build armor and weapons in the mortal world.

    But in the face of cultivators with real energy, this kind of stone is easily hit by a single blow, and its invincible attribute can completely destroy the Suolong Stone.

    With the passage of time, this kind of Sorong stone has also become a test stone for the farming field in the test infrastructure stage.

    In addition, "suolong" also symbolizes the realm of the cultivator during the infrastructure construction period. Only when he enters the basic construction period can he truly step into the cultivator's palace and be regarded as a dragon in the abyss, flying for nine days.


    The huge dragon stone was put down, and the earth was shaking.

    Cangtian's eyes stared forward.

    At this time, everyone in the audience focused on him. Although they know that the sky has not yet established a foundation, they also want to see if the sky has the courage to blow up the dragon stone.

    On the high platform, Wang Tiexiong also stared nervously at the sky in front of the Sauron Boulder, thinking constantly in his heart: "Thanks to Heaven, smash it quickly." Although he knew that the sky just failed to establish a foundation not long ago, he Still leaving traces in my heart. hope.

    Cang Tian was in front of Thrawn Stone, looking back at the audience, his cold eyes staring at the expressions of everyone on the court.

    In the distance, Aunt Qing looked worried, anxious and nervous.

    Grandpa worried about looking forward.

    The old man's indifferent stare.

    The second elder silently ignored it.

    The third old man smiled coldly.

    The ridicule of Wang Tian and Wang Fei and his son.


    The worry and tension of relatives and the irony and ridicule of the enemy are clearly reflected in the heart of the sky at this moment, so it is clearly visible.

    Cang Tian's eyes gradually became cold, he suddenly raised his fist, and his whole body gathered towards the fist. Suddenly, the tiger roared, his fists flashing white. With a majestic halo of destruction, he hit the lock dragon stone in front.

    "Do you all want to see my joke?"

    "Do you all think that I am still rubbish that cannot build a foundation?"


    The sky roared in his heart, the real energy in his body was surging. Behind him, it seemed that an extremely domineering white tiger jumped up, opened its teeth and claws, showing an amazing halo.


    A burst of thunder sounded.

    In the audience's eyes, the huge Thronestone made a clear sound. The stone was full of cracks, and then the stone fell.

    Suddenly, there was a series of creepy sounds, and everyone's eyes were incredible.

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