Chapter 25 Faye Wong's question

The huge square was silent at this time.

    Everyone looked at the Sauron stone fragments scattered on the ground in disbelief, and their confused expressions could not be described in words. Those who used to gloat for misfortune, but now have their eyes wide open and their mouths wide open, it seems that they don't believe the sight before them.

    Cang Tian punched the Suolong Stone, just like a dragon going out to sea, proving himself with strength.

    On the high platform, the expressions of the three elders and Wang Tian were very excited. They thought about many scenes beforehand, but they didn't expect the sky to smash the Suolong stone.

    The elders of the Wang family were also stunned.

    The only people in this field who do not change their expressions are Mayor Yang Zhennan, Master Feng Yuan and Qian Sanshao, because they already know the foundation of heaven in advance.

    As the grandfather of the heavens, the head of the royal family, Wang Tiexiong, blushed at this moment. He laughed loudly: "Hahaha, good! Good! Good! Good! Good, worthy of my grandson."

    This is indeed a daily surprise. Wang Tiexiong never thought that Heaven would successfully lay the foundation, but his heart was already full of excitement at this moment. He didn't expect so much. He just thought it would be a shame, no one dared to laugh anymore. His grandson is now.

    The faces of the third elder and Wang Tian are ugly. Everything carefully arranged satisfies Yang Wei in heaven. This really lost his wife and collapsed.


    ``The 18-year-old Cang Tian successfully established the foundation.

    Next to Thrawn Stone, a middle-aged man registered the name of Heaven. He looked at the sky deeply, his eyes shocked.

    Just three months ago, he stood in front of the "Long Yuan" gate of the Wang family and announced that Heaven did not have the basic stage of offensive, and his cultivation had been reduced to the first stage of Qi training.

    But now only three months later, the sky has successfully laid the foundation.

    As the voice of the middle-aged people declined, the originally silent square became more silent.

    It took three months from the first stage of basic qigong training to the basic construction stage. At this level, even Li Tianjiao, who is known as the number one genius of the Heavy Iron City, could not keep up.

    "Hi!" I don't know who took a breath.

    In the crowd, Li Tianjiao looked ugly at the sky on the square, feeling uncomfortable inside. Wang Ting was by his side, strange colors flickered in her eyes, and then she sighed slightly.

    Many children in the Wang family were also shocked. They seem to have seen the peerless geniuses trained to the ninth level during the qigong training period nine years ago.

    Hedong thirty years and Hexi thirty years, would rather bully Baixu than the poor young people!

    The children of the Wang family sighed. Those who were once triumphant were more worried that heaven would hate them in the future. Obviously, at this moment, Cangtian has regained the name of a genius, facing the Cangtian genius, they naturally can't offend them.

    In the crowd, Wang Fei, who was about to watch Heaven's jokes, was also stunned. He stared at the dragon stone fragments in that place and muttered: " is this possible?"



    Looking around, Cang Tian breathed a sigh of relief and felt the gaze around him, but there was no joy in his heart.

    "The Wang family is just a marginal family in the farming field."

    "Heavy Iron City is only a corner of the six major cities."

    "My journey to heaven has just begun. How can I be satisfied with the foundation? I want to pursue a higher level."

    Cangtian's heart is very calm. The Commandment Chapel used to be a mountain that made his heart weigh. Now he moved to this mountain, and now he showed himself a long farming road.


    "Please come here."

    "Congratulations to the royal chief."


    On the high platform, Wang Tiexiong was proud of the spring breeze and paid tribute to the mayor and Master Fengyuan at the banquet. At this moment, he couldn't help but thank the three elders, father and son for such a big scene, making his grandson famous in Tiecheng.

    The three elders looked very ugly, as if taking a bite of soy sauce.

    Wang Tian next to him looked even darker, staring at the sky below, his eyes were uncertain, he didn't know what he was thinking.

    In the square, a series of discussions took place.

    "Look, I just want to say, how did Major General Heaven embarrass bald Zhuji? Genius is always

"Successfully established the foundation within three months. TSKTSK is worthy of being a genius." Someone sighed.

    "Do you think Heaven can catch up with Wang Fei in a few years?" someone asked.

    "5 years!"

    "Three years!"


    Many children in the Wang family quickly changed faces. Those who were gloating due to misfortune disappeared one by one, and the rest were those who praised heaven.

    This is the realm of cultivation, where the strong are respected.

    In the crowd, Wang Fei's expression became increasingly ugly when he listened to the discussion of Wang Xiaozi around him. He yelled: "This is fake! He didn't establish a foundation, you are all deceived by him."

    Wang Fei still enjoys a high position in the Wang family, and when his voice came out, it caused a commotion.

    On the high platform, Wang Tiexiong greeted everyone. He suddenly heard Wang Fei's roar, his face suddenly sank, looked at Wang Tian beside him, and said coldly: "Is this a good son you taught? In front of so many seniors, I really lost my king. Face family."

    At this time, Wang Fei looked very excited and roared in the crowd.

    The three elders next to him were a little embarrassed, but did not speak.

    Wang Tian said blankly: "The patriarch forgive me. Cangtian only failed in the infrastructure construction stage three months ago, and the farming base has returned to the first stage of the vitality training stage. Now the infrastructure construction has suddenly succeeded. It's not unreasonable that Sansheng is a little strange."

    "What? Do you think my grandson was also deceived?" Wang Tiexiong sneered when he heard these words.

    The third elder and Wang Tian remained silent. When heaven crushes the lock dragon stone, they will naturally see the release of heaven's true energy. Although they could not determine the foundation of heaven for farming, they must have established the foundation, and Wang Tian just defended himself. The son of nothing.

    Wang Tiexiong naturally knew Wang Tian's thoughts. He laughed, turning around and shouting to Faye Wong below: "Hurry up, shut up, how can you be arrogant with so many old people here."

    Wang Tiexiong's voice with a majestic halo suddenly stopped the commotion of the crowd, and everyone looked towards the stage.

    Wang Fei is not afraid. He stepped forward, facing Wang Tiexiong, and said loudly: "Patriarch, the sky is cheating, I don't believe it!"

    Wang Tiexiong checked Faye Wong carefully, and then sneered: "You said that the sky is cheating, do you have any evidence?"

    "Naturally!" Wang Fei smiled triumphantly when he heard these words, and said loudly, "As we all know, Cangtian failed to attack the foundation three months ago, and the training base was reduced to the first level during the Qi training period. He How to establish a foundation within three months? Unless he has Jidan.

    When Faye Wong saw that the three elders and Wang Tian were not talking, he thought they had also acquiesced to himself, and he felt even more proud.

    At this time, Cang Tian also came over. He looked at Wang Fei coldly, and said disdainfully: "Who said you can't practice from the first stage of qigong training to the basic construction stage in three months? Does the practice world have this rule? Are you wasting it? Yourself, don’t you allow others’ geniuses?"

    Wang Tiexiong did not bother junior high school either, only Heaven was left to defend himself.

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