Chapter 26 War, wang

You are rubbish, don't you let others become geniuses?

    Cangtian's words slapped Wang Fei's face like a slap, making it difficult for his complexion to appear immediately. The eyes of the children around Wang made him even more angry.

    "Even if you have such a genius, you will not be able to build a foundation for nine years. This is not a waste." Wang Fei became angry, staring at the sky fiercely.

    Cangtian smiled contemptuously, pointed to the Sauronstone fragment in that place, and said: "The fact is the fact. If you don't believe it, you can't do it. If you continue to argue, it's just that you are ashamed."

    The prince nodded involuntarily. Facts speak louder than words. Cangtian smashed the Sauron Stone with his fist. They see it with their own eyes and cannot forge it. They only felt that Wang Fei had become angry and embarrassed the sky.

    "Smashing the lock dragon stone does not prove that you have built the foundation. In fact, I know that your body is strong, comparable to ordinary foundation practitioners. It is naturally easy to smash the lock dragon stone. You want to use it to hide in the sky. But I can’t hide it from me.” Faye Wong retorted, thinking that he had found evidence of Heaven’s fraud.

    The sky was silent. This Faye Wong made it clear that she was very troublesome. Everyone knows that no matter how strong he is, he cannot smash the lock dragon stone. Only the invincible attribute of "True Qi" can work.

    The suolong stone can be used as the basis for testing the foundation of the tiller, which is not unreasonable.

    Wang Fei knew this in his heart, but Cang Tian suddenly established the foundation. This fact made him unacceptable, so he found such an excuse. The actual meaning is just making heavenly trouble.

    After Cangtian knew Wang Fei's thoughts, he did not defend himself, but looked at Wang Fei indifferently. He suddenly realized that Faye Wong has always been indisputable, he is so naive.

    Kurata thought to himself, maybe he had seen him tall before.

    Seeing the silence in the sky, Wang Fei immediately said sarcastically: "Why? There is nothing to say. Waste is waste after all. Don't think that you can get through the difficulties with a little trick."

    On the high platform, Wang Tiexiong frowned. This Faye Wong is too ignorant. He looked at the third elder and Wang Tian coldly, but found that these two guys closed their eyes and rested. He was so angry that he cursed secretly.

    Wang Tiexiong is not eager to protect the sky, he wants to see how the sky reacts. After all, young people must always grow up, and he cannot always be protected by wings.

    In the square, facing Faye Wong's irony, Cangtian's eyes became colder and colder.

    Everyone clearly felt that the storm was coming.

    "I have established a foundation, why not try it myself?"

    There was cold light in Cangtian's eyes, and he pointed to Wang Fei on the opposite side and said word by word.

    The sound fell like thunder on the ground, and everyone was shocked.

    OMG, this is a public challenge to Wang Fei!

    Although everyone was shocked by Kurata's accomplishment, Wang Fei was the strong on the sixth floor of the basic stage after all, and the younger generation in the heavy iron city was the strong. But shortly after Cangtian established the Foundation, the strength gap between the two parties was too great, and it was hard for everyone to think that he would challenge Wang Fei.

    Faye Wong was also taken aback. He didn't expect heaven to challenge himself publicly, but that was exactly what he wanted. He saw the cruel smile on the corner of his mouth, staring at heaven, and said, "This is what you said, don't blame me. Bully the children."

    Cangtian said coldly: "I defeated you, should I prove that I have established a foundation?"

    "Arrogance!" Wang Fei's eyes flashed cold, and he said with a sneer: "If you have this ability, naturally you can." After speaking, a strong momentum broke out, and the surrounding Wang's children all retreated.

    Cangtian looked at him proudly, and Wang Fei's halo rushed towards him, but it was of no use to him.

    Seeing the two young people supporting each other off the court, everyone turned their eyes with interest. They want to know how confident Cangtian is in challenging Faye Wong on the sixth floor of the base construction stage.

    On the high platform, Wang Tiexiong frowned. Although Heaven's sudden infrastructure construction brought him some surprises, he knew Wang Fei's strength. He does not think that heaven can defeat Faye Wong. But now it is God who challenged it himself. If he stops it, it will not only make Cang Tian ugly, but also destroy his confidence.

    Wang Tian next to him was about to teach Tian with his son's hand. He saw Wang Tikes

Yang Zhennan said nothing, he smiled and said, "Then let me wait and see."

    After hearing about their two outstanding personalities in the pill formation stage, everyone recognized them.

    Especially when Wang Tiexiong uttered his voice, his face was expressionless: "City Lord Master Feng Yuan, did you say Heaven has built the fourth floor of the basic stage?"

    If others say that, Wang Tiexiong is just a joke, but Yang Zhennan and Master Fengyuan don't have to deceive him.

    The third elder and Wang Tian also heard the character of the city lord and master Fengyuan, and stared at them. They are full of doubts.

    "Haha, it seems that your great-grandson even hid you, which is very funny." Yang Zhennan said with a smile.

    Wang Tiexiong was embarrassed when he heard these words. Cangtian suddenly established the foundation, and he has already noticed it. How could he think that Cangtian has a four-level planting base at the basic stage. At this moment, he only felt that he was dreaming. All of these are untrue.

    The expressions of the three elders and Wang Tian who were taller than him were much more serious. They can't believe this is true, they can only wait for Kurata and Wang Fei to test and verify.

    "Well, they are about to start." Master Fengyuan's words once again caught everyone's attention, and there were two opposite figures on the square.

    The fact is about to be revealed.

    At this moment, everyone's eyes are focused, they dare not miss any traces.

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