Chapter 27 surprised

In a huge square, two people hugged each other, everyone around them held their breath, staring at the two young people hugging each other in the field.

    On the high platform, the big man in this heavy iron city is still watching the two young men below intently.

    This is really eye-catching!

    Cangtian couldn't help feeling proud, his eyes were full of confidence. He wants to defeat Wang Fei in front of everyone today and let everyone know that he is still a genius.

    On the other side of the sky, Faye Wong, who was opposed to him, was very excited and finally had the opportunity to honestly teach this wild species. Haha, even if you set up a foundation, you spent nine years with me.

    The two of them looked at each other coldly, moving their auras. Both of them want to use their aura to overwhelm each other before taking action, so as to plant an invincible seed in the opponent's heart.

    In this way, almost every combatant likes to do this.

    Everyone off the court also paid close attention to the match between the two young men on the court. They all want to see who will fall behind. Some people are even speculating on the outcome of the game, but most people are optimistic about Faye Wong.

    After all, Wang Fei has a great advantage in the planting base alone. After all, in everyone's eyes, the sky has not quickly established a foundation. How to defeat the existing Faye Wong? It reached the sixth floor during the infrastructure construction period.

    The prince thought so too.


    Although Heaven does not understand what people think, he is full of confidence in himself. Facing Wang Fei's powerful motivation, he took a proud step, his eyes shocked.

    Nine years of decadence, nine years of shame and nine years of uselessness can only be looted by a battle.

    At this time, the fighting spirit of the sky rose to the sky. His sharp eyes, like a pair of cold blades, pierced Faye Wong on the opposite side, as if saying, let the horse come.

    "Since you are looking for death, then I will satisfy you."

    The eyes of the sky made Faye Wong angry. He has never been so despised. Even if Heavy Iron City is called the first genius of the young generation, Li Tianjiao dare not despise him. This is shameful to him. He will never sympathize with those who insult him.

    Wang Fei stepped forward angrily, his entire halo suddenly changed. If he was a wolf before, the bloodthirsty wolf has begun to show its fangs.

    Instead, Cang Tian's eyes condensed. Although he is confident, it does not mean that he underestimated Wang Fei. He will go all out.

    The atmosphere on the court suddenly condensed, like a frozen lake.

    In such a tense atmosphere, everyone who participated in the battle held their breath, and everyone was looking forward to the battle.

    "Little Beast, hit me hard."

    The silence finally broke, but Wang Fei couldn't wait to teach the sky. He roared and rushed to the opposite sky with his fist. The real energy radiated violently, condensed in the bloody wolf's head in the air, it looked really amazing.

    Kill the wolf!

    This is a very powerful boxing technique of the Wang family. Only the direct descendants of families above the basic level can be implemented. Even Cangtian had only heard of the name Killing Wolf, and had no chance to learn it.

    At this moment, Faye Wong showed such a fist. Obviously he wanted to beat Heaven with one punch, but he was unable to fight back.

    In the advanced stage, the prince and several generations were shocked. They believe that Faye Wong is a backward student, so there is no need to use such a powerful fist against an opponent who has just established a foundation.

    Wang Tiexiong's eyes were deep, and his fists clenched unnaturally. If the sky is in danger, he will rescue him immediately. According to his strength, he is certain that there is a certain distance, so he can still hold his breath now.

    In the field, with Wang Fei's first shot, it seemed as if the frozen lake suddenly broke, and two powerful auras collided for the first time.

    Facing the eliminated blood wolf, the sky is neither lukewarm nor cold. He raised his fist, real energy poured out from him, and a white tiger appeared behind him, exuding unparalleled domineering.


    The white tiger looked up at the sky and roared for 3,000 miles.

    The sky rushed out like a tiger king in the forest, and all the beasts screamed. The tiger's power is irresistible, and the invincible dominance has infected everyone present.

    "This is Tiger Fist!"

    "How to succeed

On the high platform, Wang Tiexiong looked at the heaven below in shock. Today, this grandson has brought him too many surprises, which makes him a little doubt that this is still his grandson.

    On the other hand, the three elders and Wang Tian stared at incredulous eyes and opened their eyes wide.

    Mayor Yang Zhennan and Master Fengyuan were also shocked again and again.

    "What a fierce tiger fist, it is really domineering and powerful!" Qian Sanshao's eyes flashed.

    Master Fengyuan next to him whispered: "He may be able to shine at the three-year Tiandaozong apprenticeship."

    Qian Sanshao was shocked when he heard this news. Three years later, Tiandaozong’s apprenticeship ceremony was a gathering of heroes. The young talents of the entire Datang Kingdom will gather together. Keeping the name in it is not easy.

    However, thinking that there is a master alchemy behind Cangtian, Qian Sanshao dare not deny it. After all, with the help of heaven's talents and alchemy masters, becoming a strong is absolutely absolute.

    Master Feng Yuan's voice was low, but Yang Zhennan, the master of the pill molding stage, heard it. He looked a little shocked, as if he didn't expect Master Fengyuan to have such a high uation of the sky.

    If you want to name yourself at the "Tiandaozong Reception", it can only be done by one of the geniuses. No such person can be found in the entire Datang Kingdom.

    "Master Fengyuan takes this child too high, and the apprenticeship ceremony of Tiandaozong is not that simple." Yang Zhennan whispered. He was very proud when he was young. He attended the apprenticeship ceremony of Tiandaozong, but he didn't even think about it. The mountain gate of Tiandaozong was cleared without seeing it. This is the shame in his life, and it is still a shame that can never be washed away, so he is very aware of the cruelty of Tiandaozong recruiting disciples.

    "Brother Yang, why don't you wait and see!" Master Fengyuan said with a smile, it is impossible for him to tell Yang Zhennan the alchemist behind the sky.

    Yang Zhennan listened to these words and looked at the fiercely fighting sky in the field, his eyes lighted in contemplation.

    Does this young man really have such great potential?

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