Chapter 28 Seven injury blow

In the square, the tiger roared to the sky, the wolf screamed in the sky, and the dragon and tiger were fighting.

    Everyone who appeared in the battle held their breath and watched the wonderful duel with all their attention. Who would have thought that the sky that had just established the Foundation could explode such an amazing power, and it would be difficult for Wang Fei, who worked hard, to win him for a while.

    Compared with the surprise of everyone outside the field, Faye Wong, who was fighting with the sky, was completely furious. He did not expect the sky to be so strong that he could withstand his own attack.

    "How could this little beast be so powerful?"

    Wang Fei slammed his fist to force him to retreat from the sky, staring at the other person in surprise, a bad feeling welled up in his heart, this time he seemed to kick the iron plate.

    This feeling was immediately rejected by Faye Wong. He sneered and shook his head. How could he be defeated by the waste of nine years of successfully establishing a foundation.

    The sky on the opposite side ignored Wang Fei's thoughts. He finally found his opponent. He was very excited at the moment. Although Wang Fei was forced to retreat, he immediately bullied himself again and attacked with his fists.


    Seeing this, Wang Fei sneered, his whole body rejuvenated, and raised his fist to greet him. After all, his farming base was two steps above the sky, and then came to the top of the mountain, forcing all the power of the sky to retreat.

    The sky is not discouraged, raises his fist again, fighting spirit, soars into the sky.

    The two fought fiercely in the wild, just like how called a tiger and a wolf, they actually went hand in hand. You are here, I wandered between the sides, leaving a shadow in the air, and whenever they collide, there will be a thunderous sound.

    The audience of the older generation was stunned, and the power of these two men was infinitely close to them.

    In the heavy iron city, the first three areas of the infrastructure construction period belong to beginners, who have just entered the ranks of practitioners. The fourth to sixth layers of the basic period can be called the arrogance of the younger generation of the heavy iron city. The three areas after the basic period are the real masters, belonging to the older generation.

    Now, the fierce fighting momentum between Cang Tian and Wang Fei has approached this realm infinitely, shocking the older generation of masters who watched this battle.

    Can this generation of young people break the taboos of the previous generation and create a new era of heavy rail cities?

    The more brawny older generations watch the game, the more likely it will happen. You must know that this generation created Li Tianjiao. When he was young, he stood on the seventh floor during the foundation construction period, humiliating the older generation of strong men, making him known as the most promising young genius. A pill.

    At this moment, although Cang Tian and Wang Fei were not as strong as Li Tianjiao's, they were not far from each other, which caused generations of masters to exclaim. Wouldn't this generation have more than one strong man when the pill was formed?

    prosperity! prosperity! prosperity!

    More than ten thunder sounds continued.

    On the battlefield, the battle between Cang Tian and Faye Wong became more intense, and the two sides changed from the initial exploration to the current real battle.

    Although Wang Fei was a little angry, the power of heaven completely eliminated his contempt, and he began to explode the true sixth-layer power during the basic construction period.

    Feeling the increase in Wang Fei's strength, Heaven knew that the other party had finally begun to go all out. There is no fear in his heart. Instead, he let out a long roar of excitement and shouted: "Faye Wong, do you have this kind of power? If so, you will be defeated today."

    The fighting spirit of the sky is high, unparalleled domineering.

    Many of Mr. Wang's children were shocked off the court. Can Cangtian really surpass Wang Fei? This is simply an impossible miracle.

    The older generation of masters on the high platform also watched this fierce battle intently. They know that real time has come, and the two people below must show each other's true strength.

    After hearing what the heaven said, Faye Wong's heart was full of anger, but this little beast underestimated him.

    "Arrogant, I will show you the true strength of the 6th floor during the infrastructure construction period!" Wang Fei's eyes flickered, his fist suddenly changed, and his fist became stronger.

    "Qi Shangquan's first form-stumps and leaves!"

    Wang Fei stepped on seven stops

This group of boxing is indeed much stronger than yours, it is time for your child to show his true strength. "In my opinion, Emperor Dan's voice sounded.

    Before, Emperor Dan did not speak because it was a battle in heaven. At this time, he just thought of heaven.

    Cang Tian nodded, Huang Dan didn't even say that he didn't dare to underestimate it. After all, the names of the three great martial arts of the Wang family were there.

    Between thoughts, Wang Fei had attacked and killed him.

    Cangtian's eyes were solemn, and he raised his fist to resist.

    As the name suggests, the upper punch is not only fierce, but also good at seven death points. Every punch is a killer, mercilessly.

    Despite Cangtian's best efforts, he was forced into the wind in an instant, and danger was everywhere.

    On the high platform, Wang Tiexiong clenched his fists and frowned, his eyes full of worry. As the patriarch of the Wang family, he naturally realized the horror of Shangshang. He himself was an exquisite Shangshang. His Qishangquan is the most powerful in the entire Wang family, so he understands the ferocity of Qishangquan. This is indeed a move. Come on, the trick is fatal.

    Wang Tiexiong did not expect that Faye Wong would use this deadly trick when competing with his family's children. He has serious eyes and a reserved expression. He already felt that three elders and a family were challenging his endurance limit.

    "It seems it's time to clean up the Wang family."

    Wang Tiexiong took a deep breath, the murder intention in his eyes disappeared instantly, without making the person next to him seem strange. He stared at the battle below, and as long as the sky was in danger, he would rescue him at any time.

    At this moment, the field has changed again.

    "Tiger Roaring Mountain Forest!"

    "The tiger is down!"

    "All the beasts have surrendered!"


    The tiger's roar from the sky shook the sky, and the sky was very angry.

    Wang Fei's Seven Injury Fist completely dissipated the power of the kingdom of heaven, and the fighting situation immediately changed.

    At this time, the powerful chess punch was shot to the sky. He seemed to be attracted by the god of war, his unparalleled domineering suddenly raised the power of Tiger Fist to a level.

    "Faye Wong, do it again, this level is not enough!"

    The sky rushed, the wind was raging, and the surging waves resembled turbulent waves, shaking three kilometers.

    Wang Fei's face was dignified, his expression melancholy and terrifying, the power of his fists changed again, and the power of his fists on chess instantly increased.

    "Two styles of Qishangquan-"

    The violent collision concealed the sound, and the battle between the two on the battlefield was once again deadlocked.

    But everyone watching the game knows that this time the winner must be decided.

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