Chapter 29 Break through in battle

In the square, the two young men fought fiercely. Heinous and terrible energy waves oscillated throughout the space, just like two terrible tornadoes in the desert entwining each other, releasing terrible energy.

    Undoubtedly, these are two frightening young forces.

    During the infrastructure construction period, Faye Wong was the driving force of the six-tier heavy industry. Among the younger generation of the heavy iron city, only Li Tianjiao could dominate him. Now, he has fully demonstrated his true strength, which shocked all the old Master of a generation. .

    Although Kurata just built the foundation, at this moment, it shows the farming foundation of the four-story mountain during the foundation construction period. This makes everyone not surprised. What shocked them was that Cang Tian's actual combat effectiveness could compete with Wang Fei on the sixth floor. comparable.

    At least so far, neither side seems to be able to do anything. Although Wang Fei had the upper hand, the sky was still domineering, not without the power to counterattack.

    The entire battle situation is intertwined, so everyone can't guess for a while, who will have the last laugh and can only continue to watch intently.

    "This kid..."

    In the field, Faye Wong's face grew darker and grayer. Cangtian's strength exceeded his expectations. He has hit seven injured punches in the second position. He is still powerless. This had to make him feel ashamed. After all, three months ago, Cang Tian couldn't establish a basic waste, and now he can compete with him in the blink of an eye. This is the true genius of the other party.


    Faye Wong's eyes flashed with a strong light. He absolutely cannot tolerate heaven being a genius. In this Wang family, only he can be called a genius, and no one else can be called.

    If Cang Tian is really a genius, then he doesn't mind destroying this genius by himself.

    The murderous intention was shot in Wang Fei's eyes, and his intense jealousy made him lose his composure. He no longer cared whether he would kill Cang Tian by mistake. He wanted to teach Heaven a bloody lesson.

    "Qi Shangquan's third form..."

    The power of Wang Fei's fist changed again, and his power rose to a new level, as if ten thousand swords were shooting at a dead end in the air, and each sharp sword had a killing momentum.

    There are seven types of Qi Shangquan, one is stronger than one, and one is more terrifying than the other.

    During the period of infrastructure construction, Faye Wong worked in the sixth-level farming base, and he could beat up to seven wounds into the fourth form, but usually as long as the third form was beaten. In this heavy iron city, there are no young people except Li Tianjiao. One generation can. resist.

    Outside the court, watching Wang Fei hit the third fist of the seven tees, everyone was shocked. He shocked Faye Wong's ferocity, but also shocked the ferocity of heaven. He actually forced Wang Fei to use the third form of "Qi Shangquan."

    It can be said that even if Heaven is defeated at this moment, he is considered to be the top powerhouse among the younger generation of heavy iron cities.

    In today's coming-of-age ceremony, Heaven achieved amazing results.

    But can God accept failure?

    The answer is yes.

    Nine years of patience, every move, how can God accept another failure.

    In the wild, feeling the change of Wang Fei's fist, a dangerous halo spread to Heaven's heart. He knew he must now use his unique skills.

    "I admit that I underestimated you. I didn't expect you to grow to the fourth floor of the basic stage, but it is not so easy to break the gap between these two levels. You are not destined to become my opponent."

    Wang Fei's ferocious expression showed a wild smile. The third type of "shangshang fist" was like a huge wave rolled up in the ocean, carrying incomparable power, and rushing to the sky.

    Before punching, the momentum was already daunting. This was indeed one of the three extinction events of the Wang family.

    "Not necessarily!"

    Cangtian's eyes were indifferent, and his cold eyes exuded terrible fighting intentions. His whole body was boiling. The real energy of his Dantian split into two torrents, and then they pounced on his fists.

    If Wang Fei's fist is as magnificent as the sea, then the sky at this time is like a prone dragon, ready to fly into the sky.

    "After you die, your mouth will be hard. I look forward to your desperate expression."

    Faye Wong sneered, her fists suddenly gathered like a sea and flew to the sky.

    At the same time, Cang Tian had accumulated enough power. He raised his fist and extinguished the terrible real energy, forming two tornado real energy waves.

    "seven o 'clock

The warriors on the battlefield were stunned, watching the scene, screaming constantly.

    "Look, they are at the same level!" someone exclaimed.

    But this was a collision between the Tiger King Cannon from the sky and Wang Fei's seven wounded fists, and both sides faced a terrible wave of real energy.

    "No, Faye Wong is beginning to prevail." Another person saw the truth.

    In the field, Wang Fei's momentum continued to increase. Although the sky was still unyielding, his momentum declined greatly.

    Many older generation power stations have discovered this problem. Obviously, in this confrontation, heaven will fail.

    "After all, the gap between these two levels is difficult to eliminate." An old man from the Wang family sighed.

    Wang Tiexiong remained silent. Today, heaven gave him enough surprises. Even if he fails, it doesn't matter. He just waited for Heaven to rescue them immediately when he showed a lack of support.

    The initial gloomy expressions of the three elders and Wang Tian are now much better. Although the level of cultivation in heaven worried them, they were still defeated at this moment.


    On the square, in the turbulent shocking storm, Wang Fei and Cang Tian went all out.

    "Hahaha, you have reached the limit, I have more energy, you are my loser after all!" Wang Fei laughed frantically, as if he saw his foot stepping on the sky.

    The sky on the opposite side was indifferent, but in those dark eyes, purple cold electricity flashed, but Wang Fei did not notice.

    The terrible pressure of Qi Shangquan made Cang Tian's heart surprisingly calm at this moment.

    "For nine years, how could I fail?"

    Cang Tian looked at himself, with a blade-like gaze, purple light flourished. It seems that the purple blood in his body has also completely boiled at this time.

    In the darkness, the gap was immediately pierced.

    The empty Dantian in Cang Tian immediately extinguished the true energy that was ten times stronger than before. Fei bombed.

    Five floors in the early days of establishment!

    Under Wang Fei's pressure, Cangtian finally rushed to the fifth floor during the infrastructure construction period. The increase in the cultivation base made his Tiger King cannon more powerful, and re-squeezed Wang Fei's seven wounds back.

    Between the two sides, there was a thunderous explosion.

    Almost at the same time, the two were beaten back by the violent blast and returned to a confrontational state.

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