Chapter 30 defeat

The sudden breakthrough in heaven made him, who was in a disadvantaged position, returned firmly again. The two sides are still in a state of confrontation, and no one can do anything.

    When the sky rushed to the fifth floor of the base construction period, the appearance of the warriors were all stunned. This breakthrough in combat is in great danger. It is difficult for a peerless genius to have this opportunity.

    Now, Cang Tian has done it in front of everyone, his well-deserved genius.

    At this time, everyone deeply felt the level of cultivation in heaven. From the collapse of the basic building three months ago to the fifth floor of the basic building period, this terrifying degree of farming has never appeared in the history of the heavy iron city.

    Among them, the children of the Wang family have the deepest affection with the elders of the Wang family. Some of them have witnessed the failure of Cangtian Foundation with their own eyes, and some have watched Cangtian grow up. In their minds, it is difficult to think of how this young man who failed to establish the foundation nine times can enter the fifth level of the infrastructure construction stage within three months. This is completely sky.

    "With this level of farming, this son will become the first person in the heavy iron city of the younger generation outside of Li Tiejiao."

    Someone sighed.

    Subsequently, more and more people agreed that if Heaven maintains this level of cultivation, Li Tianjiao will take more measures. He may even break through the pill formation period before the age of 30, becoming the youngest pill formation in the history of the heavy iron city. . Strong period.

    The 30-year-old man in Dan's condensation stage thought excitingly.

    "Am I too much?"

    In the crowd, Le Tianjiao (Le Tianjiao) expressionless, looking at the sky in the field fighting, his heart became more and more disturbed. Because he was just watching a joke this time, he participated in the sky's coming-of-age ceremony, but now the result is that he can't laugh, as if he was joking.

    Li Tianjiao couldn't help complaining to Faye Wong, and even forced the waste of nine years to build the foundation. If Wang Fei knew what Li Tianjiao thought, he would be angry with him.

    Next to Li Tianjiao, Wang Ting looked at the domineering heaven in the field with a complicated face. At that time, it was such a paradise that attracted her, but unfortunately, since the failure of the first attack on the Foundation, such a paradise has disappeared.

    Now, the domineering and powerful heaven is back, but her heart is no longer a pure little girl.

    On the higher platform, the gods were also shocked by the breakthrough of heaven in battle.

    Wang Tiexiong was the most excited, blushing and proud of his eyes. The stronger the talent displayed by Heaven, the more faces he feels, which is happier than his own breakthrough.

    Mayor Yang Zhennan looked serious. He seemed to believe the words of Master Fengyuan. Three years later, the young people below might really shine at the Tiandaozong apprenticeship.

    Master Fengyuan and Teacher Qian Sanshao were also shocked.

    Qian Sanshao sighed: "With the four-tier battle in the infrastructure construction stage, the sixth-tier basic stage can be established, and it can also break through the battle. Such talents are the highest in the capital of the empire. It will gain more and more The more interesting."

    "Don't forget, he just performed tiger boxing. If he had the same boxing skills as that kid, I'm afraid he would have won." Master Fengyuan said, a trace of spirit flashed in his eyes.

    Qian Sanshao was shocked when he heard the news, but he had forgotten it. If Cangtian and Wang Fei had the same boxing skills, then Wang Fei would have been defeated by Cangtian.

    In this way, Cang Tian's strength is terrifying.

    With this in mind, Qian Sanshao couldn't help narrowing his eyes. He looked at the sky below where Faye Wong was fighting fiercely, and muttered: ``Master Tian, ​​it seems that Master will spend a lot of money on you.

    The Master Fengyuan next to him thought deeply and knew that once Qian Sanshao showed this expression, he would be engaged in a conspiracy.


    At this time, the sudden thunder in the square once again attracted everyone's attention.

    I saw the heaven's farming base broke through the fifth floor during the infrastructure construction period, and the distance with Faye Wong was completely narrowed. With the powerful physical strength of the blood of the Heavenly Tyrant, his strength has surpassed Wang Fei on the sixth floor during the foundation construction period.

    Although the level of Tiger King is not better than Qi Shangquan, but under the domineering sky, it has slowly begun to gain the upper hand.

Wang Tian's words stopped and did not speak, because the scene had changed a lot, everyone's eyes were full of shock.

    Wang Tian turned his head, his eyes suddenly blurred.

    In the square, his son Faye Wong did not know where to take out the seven golden needles, and stabbed his head hard. Suddenly, the halo was even more terrifying than his sudden eruption of terror.

    "The golden needle pierced the acupuncture point, Faye Wong is desperate!"

    "At this time, Faye Wong's strength has directly entered the seventh level of the basic period, which is comparable to the older generation of masters."

    "Unfortunately, the sequelae of Jinzhen points must be reduced to a level. After this battle, he will fall from the sixth level to the fifth level of the basic stage."

    Everyone watching the game was completely shocked, and Wang Fei's hard work also shocked them.

    Wang Tiexiong's face was cold. He looked at the third old man and Wang Tian sternly, and said coldly: "The good child you taught really gave my Wang parents the face. If my grandson makes a mistake, you can give him life."

    The three elders were full of pain. He didn't care about the life and death of the sky, but Wang Fei's actions completely killed 1,000 enemies and wounded 800 people, which was not good for him.

    In contrast, Li Tianfang and Lin Wei watched all this happily. The decline in the strength of the Wang family is only beneficial to them. They are eager to fight in the royal house.

    Regardless of people's mood on the high platform at the time, Faye Wong, who was unwilling to pierce acupuncture points in the field, rose sharply. He surpassed the fourth form of upper punching and directly played the fifth form. Terrorist forces generally flock to the sky. Go together.

    Heaven frowned, he did not expect Faye Wong to be so desperate. Only deep hatred can do this.

    "Little Beast, I don't think you will make a comeback this time!" Wang Fei smiled. The Fifth Type Seven Injury Punch was very terrifying, and immediately caused the Tiger King Cannon in the sky to collapse, and the terrifying energy destroyed the blue bricks on the ground. It was overthrown.

    In the sky at the center of the storm, he looked at Wang Fei indifferently, with a hint of mockery in his cold eyes.

    This expression made Wang Fei very angry. He desperately urged all the real energy in his body to release his most powerful force, it is necessary to kill the sky in one breath.

    On the high platform, Wang Tiexiong watched the battlefield keenly, and his whole person was ready for rescue.

    The third old man and Wang Tian looked at each other, and a trace of crime flashed in their eyes. They wanted to prevent Wang Tiexiong's rescue, so that Wang Fei killed Heaven by mistake.

    As for Wang Tiexiong's anger afterwards, they didn't care at all. After all, they only represent a small part of the Wang family. Unless Wang Tiexiong wanted to completely split the Wang family, he would not dare to do anything to them.

    Of course, Wang Tiexiong didn't know what was happening inside them. He watched the battle below nervously at this moment.

    At the same time, everyone in the square stared at the two people in the center of the storm. Even Mayor Yang Zhennan, Master Fengyuan and others wanted to see if there was a way out to heaven.

    "go to hell!"

    In the storm, Faye Wong smiled cruelly at the sky. But as the two sides approached, the smile on his face immediately became firm, and then a terrifying expression appeared.

    In mid-air, a big hand covering the sky and sunlight suddenly appeared, completely condensed from the cruel energy, and directly shot at Wang Fei with powerful and incomparable energy.

    This sudden huge palm shocked everyone.

    "Catch the sky!"

    Cangtian let out a cold cry, his huge palm immediately grabbed Wang Fei, and fell down abruptly in fear and despair of his opponent.


    A terrible roar sounded, and a deep hole appeared in the ground of the square. Among them, Faye Wong fell into the pit and passed out. His whole body was covered with blood.

    By the big pit, the smoke dissipated, revealing the figure of heaven, and his eyes scanned the audience coldly.

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