Chapter 31 The world

be quiet!

    Fatal silence, the whole square was silent.

    Everyone at the scene was stunned. This was a huge disparity in power and a predictable result, but Heaven turned around with a weak victory and was defeated in front of everyone two levels above him. Faye Wong staged the peak of youth showdown.

    Seeing the young man standing proudly in front of the big pit, everyone was shocked. They know that the new stars of heavy rail cities are rising.

    There is no doubt that Cang Tian was famous in the first battle, and he was destined to cause a sensation in the entire heavy iron city.


    On the high platform, the older generation of masters were shaking, and Wang Fei, who was on the seventh floor of the grassroots stage, was defeated by heaven. It's not that Heaven has the ability to fight against the masters of the older generation.

    Among them, Li Tianfang was the most uncomfortable. His grandson Li Tianjiao is also on the seventh floor of the foundation stage. Although he is definitely better than Wang Fei to forcefully improve his strength, it is not that different.

    Is it possible for Cangtian to defeat Wang Fei and rival Li Tianjiao?

    Li Tianfang couldn't help but looked at the red-faced Wang Tiexiong with envy. He thought that the old man's despicable luck caused his wasted grandson to stand up again.

    In the crowd, Li Tianjiao remained silent. He cannot accept this fact. Although he thought he could defeat Wang Fei, he could not accept that the waste of Kurata's failure to establish a foundation in nine years could also defeat Wang Fei.

    "I admit that I underestimated you, but I won't let you surpass it." Li Tianjiao's eyes rose to the sky, looking at the sky in the field, he has listed the sky as his biggest opponent in his heart.

    Cang Tian seemed to feel his gaze, and when he looked at him, his eyes suddenly collided.

    "Li Tianjiao!" Cangtian's eyes sparkled, and his fighting spirit soared. He also felt the fighting spirit in Li Tianjiao's eyes. In his heart, Li Tianjiao is also an opponent.

    Unlike Wang Fei, Li Tianjiao is the true genius of Heavy Iron City. Although Li Tianjiao and Wang Fei have only one level difference, the distance between the 7th floor of the infrastructure construction period and the 6th floor of the infrastructure construction period is very large. This is to measure the gap between the older generation of masters and the young masters. No one can enter the 7-layer field of the infrastructure construction period before the age of 30.

    But Li Tianjiao did it, which is enough to prove his talent.

    The two stared at each other for a long time, Cang Tian was immediately pulled up to the high platform by Wang Tiexiong, and enthusiastically introduced him to the old man in this iron city. At this time, Wang Tiexiong was very happy. Seeing his proud expression, the person he introduced was very sour.

    Li Tianjiao stared at the sky silently, and then quietly left. Despite his arrogance, he is not an idiot. Since he has realized heaven, he will take heaven seriously and will not laugh at him as before.

    Wang Ting looked at the sky that everyone was watching intricately, and then followed Li Tianjiao away.

    The past events are finally over. Wang Ting knew that she and Heaven could not go back in time. Instead of being laughed at, it is better to seize the happiness in front of her.


    The atmosphere in the square is lively, and the sky becomes the protagonist, which is praised by the heavyweights of the blacksmith city.

    But in the crowd, two pairs of ferocious eyes looked at him. This was the third old man and Wang Tian. At this moment, they are rescuing Faye Wong who was beaten to death by heaven.

    Wang Fei's injury was very serious, but it was not because of a hand injury to capture the sky. This is because he himself used gold needles to pierce the acupoints to forcefully increase his strength. Now that the sequelae have broken out, it is estimated that he will not be able to get out of bed within a few months. At the same time, his realm dropped from the sixth floor during the foundation construction to the fifth floor during the foundation construction. Don't even consider recovering from farming within a year.

    "This little beast can't stay!" Wang Tian looked at his father and said in a low voice.

    The three elders looked gloomy and nodded.

    Today, the exploding talent of the sky has scared them. If three to five years have passed, they may not become opponents of heaven.

    The two lifted Faye Wong and hurriedly left the square. Whether it was Wang Fei's injury or his current mood, they didn't want to stay here anymore.

    When talking with Mayor Feng Yuan and others

Could it be that his master alchemy taught him it? He said: "Qian Sanshao thought of this in his heart, and he couldn't help feeling a little jealous. With such a master, the road to cultivation in the future will definitely be smoother.

    After the two exchanged experiences, they began to talk about things in the field of cultivation. Of course, Cang Tian has never left the heavy iron city. His vision is too small. Most of the time, Qian Sanshao is telling stories, and he is responsible for listening to them.

    After listening to Qian Sanshao's explanation, Cang Tian had a general understanding of the field of cultivation.

    In the past, Cangtian only knew Honghuangda No.6 and the Datang Kingdom. Now he knows that there are still many countries on the Honghuangda No. 6, which are controlled by the martial arts of the farming world.

    In the field of "red and yellow big six understanding", the correct method is different from the magic method. Among the justice sects, Tiandaozong is the leader, followed by Baihuamen and Ten Thousand Buddhas. In Alcatraz Island, the Sky Demon Sect is regarded as the Devil Temple, while the Poison Demon Sect is slightly weaker.

    These six top sects ruled the entire Honghuangda 6 farming world, and the six great empires of Honghuangda 6 are also subordinate to these six farming. These empires are their back garden for disciple training.

    Of course, in addition to these six top sects, there are still many sects in the farming world, but these sects have little influence, and most of them belong to these six sects.

    The Datang Kingdom where Cangtian is located is only a small country on the 6th floor, which belongs to the sphere of influence of the Taoism of Heaven.

    After listening to Qian Sanshao's explanation, Cangtian couldn't help but sighed: "We are now sitting on the well and looking at the sky."

    Qian Sanshao nodded. Although he is better than the sky, compared with the entire prehistoric land, they all sit in the same well.

    "But one day, I will travel the entire prehistoric six years!" Cangtian stood up and said proudly, his eyes full of confident light.

    His self-confidence seems to have infected Qian Sanshao, and he also stood up and said, "Well, when the time comes, our two brothers will break into this field of cultivation together."

    After Cangtian heard the news, he looked at Qian Sanshao, the two looked at each other and immediately laughed.

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