Chapter 32 Mysterious parents

The blockbuster made by Cangtian in the coming-of-age ceremony spread throughout the heavy iron city in just a few days. Everyone was shocked and sighed at the impermanence of heaven, and that genius returned to that time.

    Compared with the shock of the residents of Heavy Iron City, the Wang family couldn't believe that they had witnessed the wastage of nine years of infrastructure failure and turned into a sensational masterpiece.

    There is no doubt that after the coming-of-age ceremony, Cangtian's position in the Wang family was completely changed. No one dared to look down on him now, and those who saw him looked at him in awe, without contempt or ridicule at first.

    The strong are respected, and the kingdom of heaven has proved the eternal laws of this world with its actions.


    Bang bang bang!

    By the waterfall on the mountain behind the palace, the two people have been colliding in the air, making a noise.

    This is Cang Tian and Xiao Jin.

    On the huge rock next to him, Emperor Dan was grilling fish while instructing them to practice.

    As the coming-of-age ceremony ended, Cang Tian reinvested in the days of regret. He will not become lazy because of defeating Faye Wong, his goal is still very long.

    In addition, on the night of the grand ceremony, Kurata and Qian Sanshao had a lot of dialogues, the most important of which was the feast of the Tajima disciples three years later. The two have agreed that they will participate in the ceremony together.

    In the heavy iron city, even in the entire Datang Kingdom, the Tiandaozong reception is a very important event.

    Especially in this generation, Heavy Iron City has two geniuses, Cang Tian and Li Tianjiao, so many people began to pay attention to this legendary grand ceremony. There is no doubt that Cang Tian and Li Tianjiao are qualified to participate in this ritual, and may even be accepted as disciples by the Tajima sect. This is indeed a glorious event.

    You know, the ancestors of the Wang family are the inner disciples of Tiandaozong. This has always been the most proud thing of the Wang family. If this generation of heaven can worship Heavenly Taoism, then the entire Wang family will benefit from the Tang Dynasty and become a great nation.

    Cangtian's goal is to worship Tian Taoism, and he is now working hard to achieve this goal.

    "Boy, if you want to worship Tiandao religion, you are still far from enough. Now I know that Tiandao religion is very strict in accepting disciples, and their most basic requirement is to form alchemy before the age of fifty."

    Emperor Dan said while grilling the fish.

    After Cangtian and Xiaojin collided, they flew down and stayed listening to the sound.

    "It's not difficult to make medicine before the age of fifty. Why haven't we seen a person in Heavy Iron City before?" Cangtian asked curiously.

    Emperor Dan glanced at him and said, "This is only the most basic requirement. In fact, every time Tiandaozong recruits disciples, there is a prescribed number. If you pass this number, no matter how good your qualifications are, they will not For this reason, many young people participating in the awards ceremony must compete for seats. The cruel scene is now beyond your imagination."

    When Cang Tian heard these words, he couldn't help but slap. He did not expect that Tiandao religion still has a prescribed number of disciples. From this perspective, this is not enough to reach the pill formation period, he must become stronger.

    Emperor Dan looked at the sky with a serious expression: "What we need to do now is to raise the level of cultivation as much as possible in the past three years to welcome the ceremony of accepting Tiandao believers. Within three years."

    "Yes!" Cang Tian nodded, his eyes firm.

    After the commandment ceremony, he began to practice pen regret. During the day, he and Xiaojin confronted each other to exert their fighting ability and improve their combat effectiveness. Practice qigong in the evening and strive to improve the level of farming.

    With the help of Guiyuan Wan, coupled with the special blood of the Heavenly Tyrant's blood, the heavenly planting is still very fast.


    "Xiaojin, see you tomorrow!"


    As the sun sets, the sky bids farewell to the little golden monkey in the evening. The little golden monkey is full of spirituality, dancing with his hands to bid farewell to heaven.

    Back to the palace from Houshan, it was only half a cup of tea.

    At the gate of the palace, the two guards guarding the gate saw God. Their eyes were very hot, and their faces respectfully saluted: "Hello, Lord God!"

    Cang Tian nodded. Since


    Pushing the door open, Cangtian saw Grandpa sitting in a chair, and looked at him with a smile on his face.

    "Grandpa!" Cangtian salutes you.

    "Well, what are the courtesy of our grandfather and grandson, let us sit down." Wang Tiexiong waved his hand, pointed to the chair next to him, and motioned Cang Tian to sit down and speak.

    Cang Tian was also very casual in front of Grandpa, and after listening, he sat down. He looked at the old man in front of him with clear eyes, waiting for his teaching.

    Wang Tiexiong first looked at the sky carefully, then nodded with satisfaction, and said with satisfaction: "Yes, the fifth floor of the foundation period is very solid. After the coming-of-age ceremony, you don't seem to be lazy. Grandpa breathed a sigh of relief."

    "Grandpa rest assured, from now on, Tian'er will never let you down again." Cangtian said firmly after hearing the news.

    Wang Tiexiong nodded.

    After a pause, Wang Tiexiong looked back at the sky and said softly: "If your mother sees you like this, you will be proud of you." As he said, the old man's eyes couldn't help being wet.

    When the sky heard the news, his body trembled and said, "Grandpa, my mother..."

    His parents have always had heart attacks like heaven. After all, he is not a true orphan. He has parents, but his parents have left him since childhood.

    "Don't blame your parents, your parents don't want to leave you on purpose. They have very important things to do. As long as you practice hard, one day you will meet." Wang Tiexiong stroked the sky's head and felt comforted. .

    "Grandpa, can you tell me my parents? I don't even know my father's name."

    Cangtian sobbed in a low voice for a while, Cangtian raised his head and asked, eyes full of hope. In the past, his grandfather had prevented him from asking his parents for various reasons.

    So far, Cangtian doesn't even know his father's name.

    "Before you became ignorant, it was difficult for grandfather to tell you. Now that you have grown up, there are things that should be told to you." Wang Tiexiong said kindly.

    When Cangtian heard the news, his eyes flashed, and Grandpa was finally willing to tell his parents.

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