Chapter 33 Parents' relics

Heaven knows nothing about his mysterious pair of parents, all of this is learned from some of the Wang family's subordinates and some rumors in the heavy iron city.

    It is said that his mother Wang Yunxi used to be a farmer of the Wang family and became the first master of the younger generation of Heavy Iron City when she was young, far beyond the abilities of her peers.

    At the same time, due to her unparalleled appearance, she has become a dream lover in the hearts of countless young talents in the heavy iron city.

    However, when this arrogant and arrogant woman reached the seventh floor during the foundation construction period, she left the heavy iron city to find a chance to break through the pill formation period.

    It took thirty years and there was no information about her return in thirty years, so everyone in Heavy Iron City thought she had died outside, and everyone lamented her jealousy and talent.

    But when people forgot about her, she suddenly came back and brought back a child, which shocked everyone in the heavy iron city.

    Wang Tiexiong sat on a chair, looking at the sky friendly, leaving a trace of memory in his eyes, and then slowly said: "It was a night eighteen years ago. It was raining heavily that day. The sky was flashing with lightning and thunder, and the whole world was immersed. In the breath of God..."

    Wang Tiexiong was immersed in his memory, aside, the sky listened carefully. Eighteen years ago, it happened to be when he was born.

    "After I dealt with family affairs that day, I returned to this house and prepared to practice." Wang Tiexiong paused and then continued: "Just when I was about to concentrate, a familiar cry suddenly came."

    Wang Tiexiong was a little excited when he said it. He trembled and said, "That is your mother's voice. She is my voice. I will never forget her voice. At that time, the rumors about your mother's death had long since disappeared. Now, I I'm desperate. This sudden call made me think it was an illusion, but I opened the door hopefully, but I saw nothing but you lying on the cradle."

    Wang Tiexiong looked at his grandson half a head taller, with a smile on his mouth, and said, "The lightning and thunder that day, even ordinary children of six or seven years old. People also hid in the bed and screamed, but I saw you In the cradle, looked at me with wide eyes and a pure smile."

    Cangtian smiled honestly, he didn't remember what happened.

    Wang Tiexiong continued: "When I saw you, I felt connected by blood, and I already had guesses in my heart. I yelled your mother’s name outside, but there was no answer. I shouted for a long time, and finally decided that your mother has gone very far. So she gave up."

    After Wang Tiexiong took it out of the drawer, he took out a simple envelope and a black mask, handed it to Heaven, and said, "This is in your cradle. This letter is for me, and the mask is for your father. The relic is left to you."

    When Cang Tian heard the news, his eyes suddenly became excited, looking at the two cultural relics of his parents.

    "Hey, this is a strange mask!" The black mask first attracted the sky. When he opened it, it was a grimace, ugly and terrifying, as if a resentment was coming, making the sky cold.

    Father gave himself such a gift?

    Cangtian couldn't help rolling his eyes, wondering in his heart how his father would give such a gift to his child.

    Even the Emperor Cangtian ruined and laughed on Cangtian.

    "Hey, that's not right! This mask is very strange, the material is very strange, the old man has never seen it." Huang Dan suddenly shouted. He stared at the grimace mask in Cangtian's hands, and muttered strangely: "How does the old man feel? This is not a special mask, but more like human skin!"

    When Cangtian heard these words, he trembled and quickly put down his mask, picked up the simple envelope, and opened it.

    "Father, Sill has important things to do. I can't meet you. I hope my father can forgive me. The child in the basket is Sill's son, and I disturb my father to take care of him. After a thousand years, we will meet. . Sincere Yunxi, an unfilial girl!"

    The font in the letters is beautiful, as if a fairy is dancing softly, you can see that it was written by a woman.

    After reading the book, Cang Tian was a bit lonely. The letter was too short and there was no real news about his parents. The only thing worth noting is the last sentence: in a thousand years, we will meet each other.


    Cangtian took a closer look and found that it was indeed "a thousand years".

    "The life span of practitioners in the infrastructure construction stage is 300 years, and the life span of practitioners in the alchemy stage is 800 years. Only the legendary practitioners in the newborn and infant stages can reach a life span of more than 10,000 years. A thousand years . My mother believes that my grandfather and I can cultivate to the initial stage? Isn’t the infancy there?" Cangtian was suspicious.

    With his talent, the soul stage of growing into a new life in his life is not a problem, but his grandfather is old and it is possible to break through the pill consolidation stage. If he wants to break through the new soul stage, he can only look for future opportunities.

    "What is the important thing mom said? Let her leave me alone. Who is Dad? He didn't even mention his name in the letter?"

    Cangtian doubted this. He thought Grandpa would solve the mystery of today's life experience, but unexpectedly, this made him confused about his life experience.

    Wang Tiexiong looked at the sky quietly, comforting: "Oh my god, grandpa is old and doesn't want to see your mother again. But you are still young and talented. As long as you work hard, your family will be People will be reunited. I know your mother very well. She has never lied to me. She said that if you can meet in a thousand years, you will naturally meet."

    After hearing these words, Cang Tian suffered the loss in his heart, nodded to Grandpa, and said, "Grandpa, you can't give up. You are not under eighty. This is the heyday. Maybe next year you will rest in the stagnation period. We work together."

    Wang Tiexiong laughed loudly and said: "Okay! Tian'er is right. Our grandfather and grandson work together. After a thousand years, we will seek the justice of your irresponsible parents."

    Looking at the excited grandfather, the sky stared at him. His mother's letter strengthened his faith in farming!


    The moon hangs high and the sky is full of stars.

    After returning from grandpa, Cang Tian returned to Ding Yuxuan's own study and started a new practice.

    The millennium set by his mother is full of motivation for farming. Although he still doesn't know the news of his parents, he now has at least one goal compared to his previous ignorance.

    Yuan Ying period!

    Undoubtedly, this is a long goal, and it will even take more than a hundred years to complete.

    You should know that in the Datang Kingdom, the cultivators in the Chengdan period can guard a city, while the cultivators in the Yuan period are already at the level of ancestors. No matter who they are, they are all great men in Datang State.

    Shangtian is far from the pill formation stage. As for the new soul stage, I don't know when it will happen.

    Cultivation, remember to maintain a high position, Cang Tian knew in his heart that he was still working hard to worship Tian Taoism.

    After thinking about it, he adjusted his breathing, Kurata took a round pill, closed his eyes, concentrated his attention, and started practicing.

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