Chapter 34 Overlord Fist

In the early morning, warm sunlight fell on Ting Yuxuan.

    In the room, a young man sat cross-legged on the bed, holding a mysterious seal in his hands, and a dense halo gathered towards him from the air.

    This is an exercise in heaven.


    The sunlight outside the window shone in, and Cang Tian, ​​who was sitting on the bed, opened his eyes with a faint voice, and suddenly a purple-red light flashed through his eyes.

    Heaven gently exhaled a breath of suffocation, stood up and stretched out, feeling that his whole body was very relaxed, and his spirit and spirit reached the peak.

    Although this was only a night of farming, with the primitive farming level and the help of Guiyuan Maru, his farming tonight is equivalent to others' farming for ten days, so he can clearly feel his own farming. A little progress.

    "The planting base on the fifth floor of the Foundation Building has been completely stabilized. There is no breakthrough in the short term. Hey, I really want to continue practicing. Unfortunately, this longan pill can only be eaten once. I was really unhappy that day. Cang Tian frowned.

    Although his cultivation level is very fast, he is still somewhat dissatisfied. If this situation spreads, he will definitely directly anger a large group of people.

    "Boy, go to the back mountain. Today, the old man taught you a magical power. Although cultivation is very important, when you really fight, you still have to rely on your fists. Tiger fists and mages are not enough now." In the middle, the voice of Emperor Dan came.

    Cang Tian was taken aback, and then he was full of surprise and said with a hippy smile: "I have been waiting for your old saying."

    Although he has the current farming base of Cangtian, he can learn from the three masters of the Wang family, but compared with the existence of Emperor Maru, those three big farts are not, and he does not want to be far or near.

    "Smelly boy, don't leave right away, it's nonsense!" Maru Huang smiled.

    Cangtian laughed and rushed out of the house. After a simple cleaning, he bid farewell to Aunt Qing.

    As for breakfast, he set it all in the back mountain. In any case, there are a lot of games in the back mountain jungle, and a lot of fish in the river. And the greedy little mouth of the golden monkey, waiting for him to grill fish and barbecue.

    In the past, this little golden monkey had eaten raw food, but since he had eaten heavenly grilled fish, he has never eaten raw food again. He waits for heavenly grilled fish every day.

    After leaving the palace, Cangtian ran all the way, and within half a minute, he came to the Houshan Waterfall.


    Little Golden Monkey has been waiting here. Seeing the sky coming, he jumped on his shoulders and screamed, so kind.

    "Okay, okay, come down!" Cangtian finally pulled Xiaojin off his shoulder, and suddenly saw a dead deer in front of him, he couldn't laugh. He smiled at Xiao Jin and cursed: "Your child is very smart. You have prepared food."

    "Squeak!" The little golden monkey screamed happily, jumping around on the big rock beside him.

    Cangtian reluctantly picked up some dry wood from the woods, lit the fire, and prepared to grill the fish for this little guy. Little Golden Monkey followed him and learned some different things.

    Emperor Dan came out of the corpse of heaven very early. When there was no one, he didn't bother to stay in the cauldron of resistance.

    After some preparations, the two of them sat by the stove.

    "Elder Dan, what magic do you want to teach me?" Cangtian asked curiously when he was grilling.

    "It depends on what type of supernatural power you need." Huang Dan asked with a smile.

    When Cang Tian heard these words, he was shocked. He couldn't help but remember, what kind of supernatural power does he need? After thinking about it for a long time, he couldn't think of a reason.

    On one side, Emperor Dan looked at the meditating sky and smiled: "Think about it and tell the old man."

    After a long time, until noon, Cangtian still did not think of what magical power he needed. This seems to be a very simple question, but he could not find the answer.

    When Emperor Dan saw this, he reminded him: "Boy, do you know the beginning of the road of cultivation?"

    The sky was silent, listen carefully.

    Emperor Dan said: "As early as in ancient times, there were countless beasts on Honghuang Da Liu, which caused disasters to the world. There were also many natural disasters, which caused people on Da Liu to suffer various disasters. At that time, there were no cultivators. , People only use their own power to fight against ferocious beasts

While the sky was meditating, Emperor Pill also looked at the sky nervously. What he asked just now, in fact every master would ask his apprentice, because these words are related to the lifelong philosophy of the cultivator.

    You know, the road to farming is to fly to the sky. Not only must you face various disasters, but you must also endure the long years of loneliness. Without a firm heart for farming, you will fall on this farming road sooner or later. .

    At this moment, Cangtian is undergoing various psychological arguments in his heart.

    If it's just to reach a thousand-year agreement with my mother, why should I worship Tian Taoism? I can practice in Heavy Iron City until the Yuan Ying stage. With Maru's help, this is definitely not a problem. But is this my choice?

    Cangtian asked himself, this is undoubtedly negative.

    At this moment, Cangtian's head suddenly showed the sarcasm and sarcasm of the children when they failed again and again. Then, the vicious eyes of the three elders Wang Tian, ​​Faye Wong and others, and Wang Ting's despicable eyes immediately came to mind.


    Cangtian's eyes became brighter and brighter, and purple light flickered in his eyes.

    "Maybe, this is the way I want to go."

    Heaven stood up and looked at the sun in the sky. The strong sunlight pierced his eyes. There was only a firm voice in his mouth.

    "Now, I don’t know why I want to farm, I don’t know my path, and I don’t know what road I will take in the future. But even if this road is difficult, I want to take a beautiful road. In short, as long as it is great , That's good, for me, one trip through the world will not be wasted."

    Heaven was carried by Emperor Dan, his cloak was flying in the wind, and he was full of vigor when the sun was born in the morning.

    Emperor Dan showed a faint smile in his eyes. He smiled and said: "In this case, the old man will deliver you a style of Bawang boxing, which is extremely domineering and go forward bravely. I hope it can help you. One way. But without an invincible heart, those who learn this kind of boxing will definitely die in this kind of boxing."

    "Bawang Fist!" Cang Tian heard these words with a confident look.

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