Chapter 35 Stumbled upon

Bang bang bang!

    In the silent jungle, a fierce collision erupted. The two characters intertwined and collided with each other in mid-air, stirring up shocking and fearful waves of energy.

    This is Cang Tian and Xiao Jin.

    After Emperor Dan passed the Overlord Fist, he and Xiaojin tried it.

    On the basis of farming, Cang Tian is not yet Xiao Jin's opponent. According to Emperor Dan, Xiaojin is now in the seventh floor of the base construction period, but it is very talented, and its actual combat effectiveness is comparable to that of the eighth floor. Once mad, his power is even greater. Close to the ninth level during the infrastructure construction period, naturally this is not something that heaven can overcome now.

    Therefore, Cang Tian can let go of his hands and feet and try the newly learned Bawang Quan.

    "If you want to control Bawang Fist, you must first have an invincible heart. Only if you are invincible inside, your fist will be invincible. Your child is lucky to have the sky and the blood of the hegemon, and he is domineering and learning correctly Own fist. This is perfect. Upward."

    Emperor Dan's words have come. When Cangtian fights Xiaojin, he will explain to the sky in detail. He personally mentioned this super master and coupled with Heaven's unique insights, his Overlord Fist quickly improved.

    Cang Tian listened to the emperor's instructions, and his thoughts were immersed in the invincible emotion of Bawang Quan. He flew for a long time, raised his fist, and exploded the sky, his arrogance is undoubtedly obvious.

    "Xiaojin be careful... Overlord Fist!"

    Accompanied by the cold drink, a kind of majestic energy gushes from the celestial body, rushing out of the fist like a turbulent wave, sweeping the sky with unparalleled power.


    Xiao Jin felt the halo of the sky, and the solemn color appeared in his eyes. Above his fist, there was a dazzling golden light, like two golden suns, shining in the air.

    Obviously, the sky had already made Xiaojin feel the aura of danger. This is the first time Kurata has felt this kind of halo. Only the short old man beside the huge rock felt this way.


    With the terrible bombing, thunderstorms were heard in the air.

    The violent waves of irritating energy swayed throughout the space, and all kinds of air currents suddenly shot out, running around wantonly.

    Heaven is facing a terrible energy storm, his fists are still rushing forward, purple light gleams in his eyes, messy, and the whole person exudes a domineering courage.


    The sky looked up at the sky, roared, Bawang fist moved forward without backing away.

    Suddenly, a very threatening breath came, and Xiao Jin's whole body stood upright, like a sharp sword turned upside down.

    The pressure of terror is in the air!


    Xiao Jin let out a roar, and his whole body suddenly rose, and two dazzling golden lights shot out from his black eyes, piercing the gap and sweeping around.

    "This turned the little monkey into a lunatic!"

    Not far away, Emperor Dan looked at all this in surprise. He didn't expect that the Overlord Fist that had just been handed over to the sky was so powerful that he was really shocked.

    "It deserves the blood of a tyrant. Just like that person, this fist is completely tailored for him." Emperor Dan sighed in his heart, his eyes flashing with essence.

    At this time, the aerial battle between Cangtian and Xiaojin had been determined. Although Bawang Fist has unparalleled power, it still lost to the crazy Xiaojin in the face of the absolute power gap.

    However, after losing to the crazy Xiaojin, Heaven was completely dissuaded. You must know that Crazy Xiaojin is comparable to the powers of the nine basement eras. He was only built in the fifth stage of the basement, so he would naturally lose.

    "Elder, this overlord's fist is really powerful. It's really interesting. Unfortunately, there is only one style. I am really unhappy." Cang Tian strode over, somewhat dissatisfied.

    "Squeak!" Xiao Jin also jumped up, waving his paws, squeaking, and felt that the Bawang Fist was very powerful.

    "A brat, one style is enough for you to use." Huang Dan scolded with a smile.

    "Hey, then I will do it." Cangtian smiled, and Emperor Dan was so angry that he cursed.

    "By the way, the person who created this Overlord Fist, and how it feels tailored for me." After some mischief, Aoda asked curiously.

    Emperor Dan smiled mysteriously when he heard these words and said: "It was created by an ex who bleeds with you ten thousand years ago."

    "It's him!" Cangtian's eyes lit up and his face was full of surprises

"This is not true!" Emperor Dan shook his head and said, "I got this fist from the relic. This relic should have been left by the predecessor. I have this kind of overlord's fist there."

    "Oh! What's left?" Cangtian opened his eyes.

    "Don't mention any thoughts, boy. This is a forbidden place in the farmland. After nine people died, I was lucky to escape." Emperor Dan smiled and scolded, "But as far as I know, this Bawangquan should have nine styles. That's it. At that time, I can only get this style by relying on my own strength. As long as I have enough strength, try my luck. Now you should learn this style and be obedient."

    Cangtian heard what he said: To what extent Huang Dan will die for a lifetime, if he goes to find his own death now, he will immediately dismiss his thoughts.

    He practiced Bawang Quan again in the back mountain. In the evening, Cangtian said goodbye to Xiaojin.

    Through the dense jungle, you can already see the palace buildings.

    "Boy, hurry up and cover your breath. Someone is in front, and the power is above you." Huang Dan's voice suddenly appeared in his mind.

    Cang Tian suddenly became alert, held his breath, held his breath, and hid in the grass beside him.


    But for a while, the two came together and appeared not far from the sky.

    "It turned out to be them, how could it be possible!" Cang Tian, ​​who was hiding in the grass, opened his eyes wide. He knows all the people who come here. One of them is his archenemy, Wang Tian, ​​and the other is Lin Batian's son, Lin Batian. guard.

    This is the back mountain of the palace. Wang Tian appeared here. Cangtian was not surprised, but it was strange that Lin Wei appeared here. Moreover, everyone in the heavy iron city knows that although the three major families are very polite on the surface, the secret competition between them is very fierce, especially the relationship between the Wang family and the Lin family is the most prominent.

    Cangtian didn't understand how Wang Tian and Lin Wei got along. They are still in an important place behind the palace.

    "Strange, how did my weak breathing feel just now? This is an illusion!" Wang Tian said at this time, and he frowned and looked around solemnly.

    Cangtian was secretly shocked. He should have such a strong spiritual consciousness to become a master of the ninth basic stage. Fortunately, the Emperor Pill reminded him in time, otherwise he would be discovered.

    "Brother Wang, there are very few people coming from the back hill of the palace. You must have an illusion. Besides, if there are people, unless it is Mr. Wang Tiexiong, other people in the royal family can hide under your head. No nose. Lu." Linlin Weihaha smiled and complimented.

    When Wang Tian heard this, he felt very comfortable. He thought it must be an illusion, so he smiled and said, "Brother Lin said that Wang was too careless. Now, the child Wang Tiexiong is out of the city. Don't be too careful."

    The paradise hidden in the grass is very confused. What did Grandpa do outside the city gate? The purpose of these two people meeting here is also what, but considering this is not a good thing, please wait until I finish listening first.

    At this time, Lin Wei spoke again.

    "Brother Wang, the mid-range solid stones will be shipped within half a year, but we can proceed as planned. My brother congratulates you on becoming the head of the royal family." Lin Wei said with a smile.

    "Brother Lin is very polite. Don't worry. After I take over the king's house, our two families will always form an alliance to be responsible for this heavy iron city." Wang Tian said with a smile.

    Cangtian sneered secretly, hiding in the bushes. The two of them have no good intentions. Wang Tian and the Lin family conspired to serve as the head of the patriarch, but I found that it was a pity!

    "Brother Lin, why does the mid-range Lingshi take so long?" After smiling, Wang Tian asked with some confusion.

    Lin Wei smiled painfully when he heard these words: "Brother Wang may not know the preciousness of the middle soul stones. Only great figures above the alchemy stage can own them. The entire heavy iron city is only owned by the city owner, Qian Ji. Auction. Row. ."

    "We can't take any action against the city owner, and Qianji Auction House doesn't know what happened. There are many reasons to shirk responsibility, so we can only go to the Royal Capital to exchange it. It will take half a year to go."

    "That's it!" Wang Tian was shocked when he heard these words, and then sneered: "Then let the old man live for another half year. After half a year, I will send him and the beast to the west."


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