Chapter 36 From the imperial capital

Wang Tian's conspiracy was unexpected, which made Cangtian feel very sad, and he walked towards the palace with a gloomy expression. Along the way, he hurriedly met many people, and everyone rushed towards the door, which surprised him.

    "Strange, what are these people doing in a hurry?"

    Cangtian couldn't help being curious, but after a day of training in Houshan, his body was already very tired, so he didn't think too much, and walked towards the palace.

    Not far from the gate of the palace, Cang Tian suddenly heard the conversation of two guards at the door.

    "Hey, I heard that the big man in the capital of the empire is a strong man in the pill formation stage. It is said that he is stronger than our city master." A guard whispered.

    "No, even the city lord personally greeted me. I also heard that this great man is one of the four main families of the imperial city, the seventh old man of the Li family, and a famous person in the entire Datang. Country. "Another guard. Exclaimed.

    "Hey, I don't know when our Wang family will have a pill formation period."

    "Hehe, I am afraid it is not far away. With the talent of the young master of the kingdom of heaven, it will be a matter of time before we break through the pill formation stage. By then, this heavy iron city will become what our king said."


    When the two talked, Cangtian slowly walked from a distance. When the two guards saw the sky, they trembled, immediately tightened their bodies, and respectfully shouted: "Hello, Master Heaven!"

    "Yes." Cangtian nodded, then stopped, and asked curiously: "Who is the big man you just mentioned? Will my grandfather meet that man?"

    The two guards were shocked when they heard this, and secretly marveled, saying that the young master in the sky is very powerful, and now they know that at such a distance, they can hear our voices and cannot compare with others.

    Suddenly, the two guards became more respectful. One of the guards said: "The young master knows nothing. Soon after you went out this morning, the mayor sent someone to tell him that a great man in the capital of the empire is coming to this heavy iron city and let the heavy iron The patriarch of the whole family went to look for him."

    "Oh, do you know who that person is?" Cangtian was surprised when he heard these words. Who is this person, his face is so huge that the big figures of the entire heavy iron city will see him. But it also made him understand why so many people rushed to the gate all the way, so everyone saw the excitement.

    "It is said that it is one of the four major families of Tang and the seventh elder of the Li family." Another guard said hurriedly. He is self-righteous, such an opportunity is not always available in front of the "Master of Heaven".

    "The seventh elder of the Li family!"

    Cangtian's eyes condensed suddenly, and this Li family is different from the Li family in the heavy iron city.

    In the Tang Dynasty, in addition to the royal family, the four main understanding families of Zhao, Qian, Sun, and Li are the most powerful, and Qian Sanshao is the direct descendant of the Qian family.

    These four big families were so powerful in the Tang Dynasty that they could not be compared with the king, no wonder they had such great faces.

    Cang Tian was a little curious and wanted to see and watch, but he was very tired now, so he eliminated this idea. After returning to Ting Yuxuan, he took a bath and started practicing.

    Cangtian took Guiyuan pills as usual and began to determine the efficacy of refined pills.


    At this moment, outside the gate of the heavy iron city, there are many big figures of the heavy iron city, and some residents look excited. It can be said to be crowded and noisy.

    In front of the crowd, Mayor Yang Zhennan led the big and small patriarchs of the heavy iron city farming tribe, waiting for someone.

    Heaven’s grandfather Wang Tiexiong, Li Tianfang, the head of the Li family, and Lin Wei, the deputy head of the Lin family, are among them. Since Lin had retreated some time ago, Lin Wei is now in charge of the Lin family. In fact, he is also the next person in charge of the Lin family.

    "Brother Li, I heard that the ancestors of your Li family are compatriots of the Li family in Beijing. This time the seventh old man of the Li family came here. I don't know what happened?" Wang Tiexiong asked curiously.

    Others nearby also showed curiosity when they heard this sentence. Only the mayor Yang Zhennan dismissed it. Obviously he knew the reason early on.

    When Li Tianfang heard these words, there was a trace of pride on his face and a proud smile: "Li Tian received a letter from the modern patriarch of the Li family yesterday, saying that he would

Roar! "

    A majestic and domineering tiger roar came from the sky, and the entire heavy iron city seemed to tremble.

    In the sky, a giant white tiger with two wings flapped and slowly fell down with two giant wings. The whole body of this white tiger was snow white, like snowflakes in winter. Its four thick legs and feet were as big as a person's waist. The sharp claws on the paws, like sharp swords, shone with a frightening cold light.

    At this moment, this double-winged white tiger was staring at the crowd with two huge eyes coldly, making everyone feel a chill rising from the soles of their feet.

    Everyone at the city gate suddenly fell into deathly silence, only the sound of chills, showing the shock of everyone's heart.

    "Is this the legendary monster flying white tiger?" Suddenly, a voice rang from the crowd, followed by a series of discussions.

    "Yes, it's definitely the flying white tiger in the legend. Look at that fierce aura, I'm afraid that the average pill-forming strong man is not its opponent. This Li family is really big, and it can subdue the flying white tiger as a mount." Exclaimed.

    Wang Tiexiong, Lin Wei, Li Tianfang and others were also in shock, looking at the huge white tiger in front of them with wide eyes, feeling incredible.

    "The Seven Elder Prize is really an honor for Yang to come to my heavy iron city. It is a great honor for Yang to welcome the late arrival and hope to forgive him!" At this time, the city lord Yang Zhennan greeted him with a smile.


    When the flying white tiger saw Yang Zhennan approaching, he let out a low warning roar, his eyes were full of vigilance. Obviously, it also felt Yang Zhennan's strength.

    "Little Bai, don't be rude!"

    An old voice came, and everyone immediately saw two figures walking down from the white tiger. It was an old man with a grim complexion who was speaking. A young man stood beside him. At this moment, the young man looked contemptuously. Looking around, he whispered: "What a broken city is this, it's simply not influential. Is there any genius in this kind of place?"

    Although his voice was low, the people present were all masters in the base-building period. In addition, he was not very far away, so he could naturally hear him, which immediately made them embarrassed.

    In the end, it was the old man who broke the embarrassment. He looked at Yang Zhennan and said lightly: "You are the old man's disciple Yang Xiaozi, the fourth floor of the pill formation stage, and his cultivation is good."

    The Zhao Yun he said was an elder of the Zhao family in the capital, and also the master of Yang Zhennan. Yang Zhennan relied on the relationship of this master to sit on the city lord of the heavy iron city.

    It was the first time that the others in the room heard of the city lord's cultivation base, and they were all surprised. The fourth level of the Dan formation stage was a realm that they could not even think of.

    However, the Seventh Elder was able to see the cultivation base of the city lord at once, so his own cultivation level must be higher than that of the city lord, and everyone was suddenly surprised.

    "The seventh elders have passed the award." Yang Zhennan respectfully said: "The banquet has been set up for the seventh elders, and the seventh elders please!"

    "it is good!"

    The seventh elder nodded, and immediately led the young man to follow Yang Zhennan to the City Lord's Mansion.

    Li Tianfang hurriedly followed, talking with the Seventh Elder in a low voice.

    As for Wang Tiexiong and Lin Wei, the Seventh Elders didn't even look straight.

    "Hey, the strength is not as good as humans." Wang Tiexiong sighed and left lonely.

    Lin Wei nodded. Although he and Wang Tiexiong were not right, their mood at the moment was the same as Wang Tiexiong's. Compared to the outside world, they can only dominate the heavy iron city.

    Everyone dispersed one after another, but the news spread immediately in the heavy iron city. Everyone was wondering what the great man from the imperial capital had done this time.

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