Chapter 38 The lees migration

The atmosphere of the heavy iron city is still very noisy. On the third day that the seventh elder of the Li family lived in the Li family, the news outside was even more shocking.

    The Lee family is about to move as a whole!

    This news is undoubtedly very sensational. People think that with the help of the capital, the Li family will rule the heavy iron city, but they did not expect to receive news of the relocation of the Li family, which is very shocking.

    Soon after, people learned that Li Tianjiao was appreciated by the head of the Li family in the capital, so he gave him a special city, let the heavy metal city Li family take charge, and Li Tianjiao's grandfather Li Tianfang became his son. The master of the city.

    Suddenly, the entire heavy iron city was a sensation, and the Li family really took to the sky this time. During the infrastructure construction period, it is undoubtedly a good thing to be able to master a city with Li Tianfang's nine-story planting base.

    Obviously, the Li family who owns a city will naturally look down on small places like the heavy iron city.

    Everyone couldn't help but envy for a while, the Li family gave this order, really working hard, it is best to have a good grandson!

    However, people immediately thought of an important question. The Li family is one of the three major families in the Heavy Iron City. It must have many characteristics. What to do with these things when they leave.

    As a result, families in this heavy iron city began to have ideas and hurriedly visited Li's house one by one.

    Suddenly, Li's family became sour and sweet, and there was an endless stream of tourists in front of the door.


    Hearing what Yu Xuan said in the palace, Cang Tian had just returned from Houshan and was about to take a bath to practice, but was called away by a guard, saying that his grandfather was looking for him.

    Out of curiosity, Cang Tian came to grandpa's study.

    Wang Tiexiong sat in the chair with a bright and full smile.

    During this period of time, Cangtian went out early and returned late, almost becoming a habit. Many children in the palace are discussing what Kurata is doing. As the patriarch, Wang Tiexiong naturally knew this. He spied on the sky secretly and knew that the other party was farming in the back mountain. In addition to eating, he farms almost every day, which undoubtedly makes him very happy.

    However, Wang Tiexiong didn't know that he would be spotted by Emperor Pill immediately when he peered into the sky, so Cang Tian performed a wonderful performance in front of him. However, since this period of time, Cangtian County has indeed been farming, but even if Wang Tiexiong is his grandfather, the outside world cannot know the farming.


    Cangtian bowed and sat down, waiting for Wang Tiexiong to speak. He knew that if Grandpa had nothing special, he would not disturb his cultivation.

    Sure enough, after sitting down in the sky, Wang Tiexiong groaned and said: "You may have heard the news that the seventh elder Li from the capital has come to Heavy Iron City."

    When Cangtian heard what he said, he nodded. Although he heard a little bit, it had nothing to do with him, so he didn't ask in detail.

    Wang Tiexiong continued: "The ancestors of the Li family were once the mortgaged children of the Li family in Beijing. Before the collapse of the Li family, the Beijing Li family naturally dismissed it. But now, the Li family has a Li Tianjiao, the Li family The leader of the Li family spoke highly of the Li family. The Li family was awarded a special city, and tomorrow the Li family will all move to the heavy iron city."

    "it is good?"

    Cang Tian was surprised when he heard this sentence. He didn't seem to expect that the Li family would have such a relationship with Jingcheng. What makes him even more strange is that the Li family in Jingcheng even built a city on Li Tianjiao, which is undoubtedly a huge honor.

    However, this has nothing to do with their Wang family! On the contrary, leaving the heavy iron city of the Li family is only beneficial to their Wang family. After all, are there any strong competitors? Why is Grandpa frowning?

    The sky is puzzled.

    Wang Tiexiong's face was a bit ugly and his voice was low, and he said, "You know that Wang Ting and Li Tianjiao have a marriage contract. The second old man decided that their family will leave the Heavy Iron City with the Li family, and they will be the Wang family from now on."

    Cangtian's expression changed when he heard this, and he finally knew the reason. At this moment, the second elder saw Li Tianjiao's future and naturally dismissed the Wang family.

    After thinking for a while, Cang Tian raised his head, a chill flashed in his eyes, and said firmly to his grandfather:

Heavy Iron City, I really want to leave, I really can't stand it! "Li Tianfang, the patriarch of the Li family, stood in front of the city gate, looking affectionately at the familiar and simple city in front of him.

    The Li family has lived in this city for dozens of generations, and their affection for this place is very deep. Naturally, I was a little reluctant to leave.

    Li Tianjiao, who was still standing next to him, was relatively calm. He said indifferently: "Grandpa, when our Li family becomes stronger, we can send someone to take over Heavy Iron City. If Grandpa wants to come back, he can do it at any time."

    "Tianjiao sees it thoroughly!" Li Tianfang gazed at his precious grandson happily, and then said to the Li parents and elders around him: "This time our Li family has left this heavy iron city honorably. We will wait a moment. Come back again. Tiecheng will tremble!"

    "Yes!" the Li family's children replied, everyone's eyes were excited.

    In the crowd, Wang Ting looked at the familiar ancient city in front of her with complicated eyes, and whispered: "Is this walk right or wrong?"

    The second elder of the Wang family patted her on the head next to him, and said politely: "Let's go, leave this city, in the future we will become people of two worlds." He was very excited. Quan, if he is not strong, but relies on the Li family, he still has the opportunity to break through the pill formation period, and Li Tianjiao will undoubtedly become the head of the Li family in the future, and his grandson Ding Ting will naturally become the Li family’s mistress.

    Wang Ting nodded, her thoughts were very complicated at the moment.

    Soon, the Li family bid farewell to relatives and elders in the city, and a large number of troops began to come out.

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