Chapter 39 See me off

In front of the heavy iron city gate, all the members of the Li family strode out the gate, their chests straight forward. Around, many residents of the heavy iron city came to watch. They all know that the Li family is here this time. They all watched the Li family's children leave enviously, hoping that they would be one of them.

    Beside the brigade, several figures stood above Feibaihu, including the seventh elder of the Li family in Beijing, and young children from the Li family in the capital, as well as Li Tianjiao and Li Tianfang. Among them, Li Tianfang was allowed by the Seven Great Elders only for Li Tianjiao's sake, otherwise he would not be qualified to ride the Flying White Tiger.

    "This is a monster!" Li Tianfang blushed as he looked at the white tiger flying under his feet, and was extremely excited.

    Alongside, Li Tianjiao's face was indifferent, just looking at things in the crowd. His indifferent appearance made the seventh elder of the Li family secretly exclaimed: "This son is not only talented, but also cool-headed. Maybe, the "that" of our Li family has already met an opponent. Time, but I don't know, Is this good or bad for the Li family?"

    In addition to the seventh elder who secretly followed Li Tianjiao, the young Li Tianjiao from Beijing also secretly followed Li Tianjiao. He saw what Li Tianjiao was looking for in the crowd and couldn't help but joked: "Brother and sister Cushing Tianjiao have already arrived. What are you looking for? Could it be that the brothers and the Jin Musangjiao can't do it?"

    He is the grandson of the seventh old man, named Li Jie. This time it was the seventh old man who deliberately brought him here and asked him to contact Li Tianjiao first and then become his friend. Of course, Li Jie initially looked down on Li Tianjiao, a hillbilly, but after a secret test, he changed his opinion. Now he and Li Tianjiao have become brothers. After all, his power is respect.

    "Cushing is joking. I'm looking for an opponent. I don't know if he will come today. I will leave today. I don't know when we can meet. It's a pity." Li Tianjiao smiled calmly and faced the Li family in Beijing. Although children are dismissive, they still have to establish a good relationship for the future of the family. After all, the other party's grandfather, the seventh elder, is a big figure in the Li family in the capital.

    "Oh? Is there a cousin's opponent in such a small place? That cousin needs to observe and observe." Li Jie was surprised when she heard this sentence. He was so shocked that Li Tianjiao could grow up to the seventh floor during the base construction period in such a small place. , I thought Li Tianjiao was the strongest among the younger generation of heavy iron cities, but he did not expect that he still had an opponent.

    Li Jie was shocked and jealous. He can accept Li Tianjiao. After all, he already knew that the other party was a member of their Li family after all. Li Jie may have the fine traditions of the Li family, but he absolutely does not allow it. Such a small place has better qualifications than people.

    Next to him, the seventh elder of the Li family was also a little surprised when he heard the news, and asked Li Tianfang from the side: "Is that person such a young Tianjiao?"

    Li Tianfang didn't dare to ignore it. He smiled and said, "That person is a few years younger than Tianjiao. He just held an adult ceremony not long ago."

    "This is impossible!"

    It was Li Jie who was amazed. He was full of suspicion. He said: "How is it possible! At the age of eighteen, he has seven planting bases. Even if he first adopted Jidan, he could not do this.

    The seventh old man didn't believe it, so he looked at Li Tianfang suspiciously.

    Li Tianfang was full of anxiety, he didn't want to leave bad phenomena in the heart of the seventh elder. But he didn't know how to explain. After all, if he did not see God's performance in the service, he would not believe it was true.

    "he came!"

    At this moment, Li Tianjiao above the Flying White Tiger shot a sharp light in his eyes, suddenly looking at the crowd.

    The seventh old man and Li Jie heard Li Tianjiao's words and immediately looked at him. They want to see if this person is really like Li Tianfang said.

    "Well, I want to see who the opponent Tianjiao is talking about." As Li Jie swept across the crowd coldly, cold light flashed in his eyes.

    In the crowd, Wang Tiexiong drove Cang Tian forward. The order-keeping children of the Li family knew Wang Tiexiong, so naturally they dared not stop him and took them to Feibaihu.

    "What a powerful monster

At this time, Wang Tiexiong had greeted him and smiled at Li Tianfang: "Why didn't Brother Li leave the Heavy Iron City without informing Wang Mou's living? Our two families have been together for so many years. Does Brother Li look down on our Wang family?"

    Li Tianfang walked off Baihu, smiled, shook his head, and said, "Brother Wang is joking. This is not because I heard that Brother Wang is in the pill formation stage and I dare not disturb." This is purely an excuse, mainly because he kidnapped The second elder of the Wang family. The family, let him face Wang Tiexiong.

    That being said, when he became the head of the Li family, the relationship between the Wang family and the Li family was very good. Because the Lin family was the leader, he still had a certain recognition of Wang Tiexiong.

    "My brother is leaving. Even if Mr. Wang has something serious, he must come and send him out." Wang Tiexiong shook his head and smiled. Speaking of this, he and Li Tianfang are both enemies and friends. Now, the Li family left the heavy iron city and went to the Wang family. No interest in entanglement, which made him a little emotional for a while.

    The same is true for Li Tianfang. He looked at his old rivals and friends for many years, and said excitedly: "My brother is really temperamental, but Li used to have a small stomach."

    "The past is over." Wang Tiexiong smiled, shook his head, and the two grinned a little.

    "By the way, this reminds Brother Wang. A few days ago, I saw you Wang Tian from the Wang family and Lin Wei from the Lin family secretly interacting. Brother Wang should still be careful." Li Tianfang whispered.

    Wang Tiexiong's expression changed, but he immediately returned to normal. He couldn't believe it was true. After all, the relationship between the Wang family and the Lin family is not very good. How do Wang Tian and Lin Wei contact? Moreover, who knows if Li Tianfang will show him before leaving, he will not believe that Li Tianfang is really laughing at him. However, since he had a bad relationship with the third elder, he was not sure whether Li Tianfang's words were true or false.

    "My brother is very interested." Wang Tiexiongyin nodded.

    Li Tianfang shook his head secretly. He knew that Wang Tiexiong didn't believe him, so he did the same when he replaced him. After all, they were opponents before.

    During the conversation, Li Tianjiao also walked to Feibaihu, came to the sky, and stared at the sky.

    Cangtian still looked at the most powerful opponent in front of him, but not anymore, because he was leaving the heavy iron city. But God believes they will meet again one day.

    Standing in the noisy crowd, the two young people looked at each other, as if only two people remained in the world.

    "The eighteen-year-old on the fifth floor during the foundation construction period, no wonder Tianjiao is regarded as an opponent!" The seventh old man standing on the flying white tiger also looked at the sky below, his eyelids jumped. Li Tianjiao does believe that this secret road is an opponent. If there is such a talent in the Li family, I am afraid it will be another young talent.

    Li Jie, who was on the side, dismissed it. He laughed and said: "It turns out that this is only the fifth floor of the basic period. Although it is good, it is not worthy of being called the opponent of Tianjiao's cousin. Cousin is really used to living in a small place. He knows the vast world."

    The seventh old man shook his head when he heard these words. His grandson is very talented, but he is polluted by the disgust of the children of the capital, his eyes are all the pride of the rich descendants. As we all know, their Li family also grew up on the grassland.

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