Chapter 40 Invincible ambition

In front of the noisy city gate, Cang Tian and Li Tianjiao looked at each other, their eyes were full of war, but they both knew that it should not start now.

    "Three years later, I am waiting for you in the capital of the empire. I hope you will not let me down." Li Tianjiao looked at the sky, his fighting spirit soaring in the sky.

    "As you wish!" Cangtian's eyes were firm and his fighting spirit was unparalleled.

    Two unparalleled heavy rail city geniuses reached a three-year agreement here. Everyone around is full of expectations. There is no doubt that in three years, there will be a battle between the imperial capitals.

    "Brother Wang has a good grandson!"

    Li Tianfang smiled and said to Wang Tiexiong with emotion.

    "Between each other!" Wang Tiexiong also laughed, his eyes fixed on the sky, and he thought: You have a Li Tianjiao in the Li family, and my Wang family is pretty good. One day, the Wang family will become stronger.

    "Yes! Where should I be? Just a furry kid who just lost his diaper, cousin Tianjiao, aren't you his opponent, are you?"

    Suddenly, a joking voice came from behind Li Tianjiao, and then Li Jie walked away slowly, looking at the sky with a mocking face.

    Li Tianjiao frowned, but did not speak.

    Cangtian coldly watched a young man walk out from behind Li Tianjiao, and said lightly: "The dog is not turned off properly, and the dog in broad daylight will be released and bitten."

    Li Jie was very angry when she heard the following words: "Presumptuous, you dare to talk to me like this, do you know who I am?"

    "Who are you? It's very important to me." Cangtian said coldly.

    "Looking for death!" Li Jie was very angry, clenched his fists, and exploded into the sky. His entire body was full of vitality, and immediately revealed the powerful 7-layer cultivation base during the infrastructure construction stage.

    There was a scream from the crowd. He is indeed a child of the Li family in Beijing. At this age, he is the same as Li Tianjiao, and has seven basic stages of cultivation.

    Wang Tiexiong's expression was ugly, and he said to Li Tianfang next to him: "Brother, you have done too much!" His good mood for Li Tianfang disappeared immediately.

    "Brother, you misunderstood." Li Tianfang explained to Wang Tiexiong with a wry smile.

    After listening to Li Tianfang's explanation, Wang Tiexiong's face became even more ugly. The other party is a child of the Li nationality in the capital, which they cannot afford.

    Wang Tiexiong wanted to stop their fight, but he suddenly felt the tremendous pressure from him, making him unable to move at all.


    Wang Tiexiong was taken aback. He looked at Fei Baihu's seventh oldest. Among all the people present, only this strong man in the alchemy stage can suppress him with his aura.

    The seventh old man coldly watched the battle between Li Jie and Tian Ye, his eyes twinkling, he didn't know what he was thinking!

    Wang Tiexiong is helpless, not as strong as humans, and can only hope that the sky will not be hurt. Fortunately, there is the example of Tian Tian defeating Wang Fei. Even if he cannot defeat Li Jie, he will not fail.

    Between thoughts. The battle at the scene has become fierce.

    Li Jie shot angrily, but was blocked one by one by heaven. At this time, Li Jie also knew that he had just underestimated the other party, so he went all out.

    However, what shocked Li Jie was that although Heaven only had a cultivation base on the fifth floor during the infrastructure construction period, his strength was not lower than the seventh floor during the infrastructure construction period, and he only had a weak advantage.

    "Boy, I didn't expect you to have power, but a small place is a small place. Faced with the unique learning of our Li family, I know how you can resist."

    Li Jie knew that he might not be able to support the sky with his own strength alone, so his fist changed, his fist looked more majestic than before, and the terrifying power came like a raging sea.

    "This is the strongest boxing skill of our Li family-Shanghai boxing!"

    Li Jie roared, his aura soaring, his aura of anger was like a river rushing forward violently in a flood, stirring up a 3,000-foot wave.

    Everyone was shocked. They deserve to be a big family in the capital. The dwarves in the heavy iron city cannot acquire such powerful and unique knowledge. People can't help worrying about the sky.

    Only the seventh old man standing on the flying white tiger whispered secretly. He is very powerful, and it is natural to see that this kid Li Jie only understands the movements of Shanhaiquan, but does not understand its artistic conception, otherwise

There was a cold light in the sky, and the Overlord fist greeted him again, and a terrible halo immediately swept the entire space.

    However, at this moment, a terrible pressure came down, and then a huge palm exploded in the sky, its terrifying momentum was shocking.

    "Old Piff!"

    The sky was so angry that it turned out to be the seventh elder of the Li family. Despite facing him, he shot at him. He attacked him, really shameless and shameless.

    Wang Tiexiong was also very angry, but he could only stare at this scene and his eyes were completely red.

    All the audience were shocked by this sudden scene.

    The strong in the pill formation stage is undoubtedly frightening. The tremendous pressure made Cangtian's face suddenly turn white. Only then did he feel the real power. Facing the strong in the pill formation stage, he has no room to fight back. This made him reluctant.

    "Boy, your strength is still too weak. If you are willing to follow the old man as a teacher, the old man will spare you! How about?" There was a soft voice in Heaven's ears.

    "Sight!" Cangtian gritted his teeth and roared.

    "You want to bake bread instead of wine!" The seventh old man snorted coldly, and the terrible pressure suddenly increased. As if carrying a big mountain on his back, his whole body suddenly sank, almost kneeling on the ground.

    "Boy, I make you arrogant!" Li Jie stepped on the shoulder of the sky, showing an ugly face.

    The people around couldn't help expressing sympathy, but in front of the strong men in the pill formation stage, they did not dare to say it out loud, and could only sigh that the sky was too hard. At this time, facing the pill formation stage, they were obviously asking for trouble.

    Shame, absolutely shame!

    Cangtian looked at Li Jie's shoulder, Cangtian's eyes turned red, and his cold murderous intention was shot into his eyes. His blood boiled, and a purple light appeared on the surface.

    Suddenly, the oppression of the seventh elder was broken, and Cangtian slowly stood up and punched Li Jie.

    "I am invincible!"

    Heaven roars. At this moment, even in the face of the pill formation period, he has no fear at all. The essence of Bawang Quan has been fully understood by him, and the invincible dominance is undoubtedly obvious.

    "Boy stop!"

    The seventh elder was shocked and hurried to rescue, but it was too late!

    Cangtian tried his best to shoot Li Jie in the thigh. There was only a low voice in the crowd. The thigh that was blown up by the sky suddenly spewed blood, and the whole body was broken. The flesh and blood are sprayed like a paste. On Cangtian's face, he appeared more cruel and ugly.

    "Ah..." Li Jie was shocked, he flew out and fainted in pain.

    "Boy, you are looking for death!" The seventh old man's eyes were red. When he saw his grandson was dead or alive, he was so angry that he slammed his palm into the sky.

    The sky looked up at the sky, roaring, unwilling. However, the difference in strength is too great for him to fight back. In front of the strong at the pill formation stage, everything looked so pale.

    "Dead!" The seventh elder sneered, but his smile immediately became firm.


    A black arrow shot with a terrifying energy wave and hit the seventh elder's giant palm. Suddenly, two powerful forces exploded, and the aftermath set off the sky, spitting out a few mouthfuls of blood.

    The seventh old man was also shaken back, his face staring ugly in the direction of the arrow.

    "Li Laoqi, you dignified the seventh-level master of the pill formation stage to deal with the younger generation. It is so majestic." Not far from the heavy iron city gate, a figure held a flying sword in his hand. He was holding a black longbow, and obviously, he had just shot an arrow.

    "It's Master Fengyuan!"

    Seeing people coming, there was a scream from the crowd.

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