Chapter 41 Challenge and Dan

Above the heavy iron city, Master Fengyuan was holding a flying sword and a black longbow in his hands.

    Everyone was shocked. This is another strong player in the pill formation stage. There is now a good show to see. It is best to fight in the pill formation stage to keep your eyes open.

    "Wu Jin Bow!"

    Elder Li Jiaqi looked at Master Fengyuan and pointed it at the black longbow in Master Fengyuan's hand. His eyes suddenly snapped, revealing a hint of surprise.

    "The spirit weapon Wu Jin bow, isn't this a monster bestowed by the Qian clan? How could it appear in his hands? Maybe..." The seventh old man was taken aback, and he glanced at the crowd below.

    There seems to be a feeling. Among the crowd, a path was gone, and Qian Sanshao, who was covered in grease, walked slowly.

    "A seven-year-old man, your Li family is also one of the four major families in the capital. You even attacked the younger generation. This really gives you the face of Li's parents." Qian Sanshao said sarcastically, with his hands behind his back. , His face was full of jokes and he didn't care at all. And the identity of the seven elders who were strong during the formation of the pill.

    Everyone couldn't help being surprised, but some people immediately realized the identity of Master Qian. As the person in charge of Qianji Auction House, many people know Qian's background. No wonder he ignores Lee VII.

    The seventh old man blushed when he heard the news. He did suspect that it was a sneak attack at the time, but he didn't care about such a small place, but he did not expect to encounter a little monster of the Qian family.

    "Young Master Qian San was joking. The old man was just worried about his grandson, but why did the Young Master stop the old man?" The seventh elder immediately adjusted his expression and asked softly. As an old man who lived more than a hundred years old, his face had reached its peak.

    On one side, Wang Tiexiong raised the swaying sky. At this moment, he heard the seventh old man's words, and he couldn't help staring at each other. Just now, the opponent showed no mercy at all. If it weren't for Master Feng Yuan's lens, Heaven might not even be left behind.

    Qian Sanshao seems to have foreseen the face of the seven-year-old elder, and saw him sneer: "It is a seven-year-old man, you took action against my elder Qian Ke Qing for no reason. Now you are still questioning Ben Shao. Do you think it promotes The battle between our two families?"

    In the sky, as Qian Sanshao's voice fell, Master Fengyuan slowly raised the black longbow in his hand. Suddenly, a black arrow was completely condensed by the true essence, and the cold light flickered.

    The seventh elder's skin color suddenly changed, and he felt his scalp numb. He hurriedly waved his hand and said, "The third young man is joking. That old man has no hatred for your money family. Besides, our two families have been together for many years. Why do we hurt us for misunderstanding? What about feelings?"

    Facing the Wu Jin bow in Master Feng Yuan's hand, the seventh old man had to lower his head. Although his cultivation base is higher than Master Fengyuan, he is pale and weak in front of spiritual tools. Master Fengyuan possesses spiritual weapons, and even three of them cannot compete.

    "Oh, it turned out to be a misunderstanding. I was very anxious. I thought your Li family was going to deal with our Qian family. But because it was a misunderstanding, it didn't matter. But our old Ke Qing of the Qian family was hurt by you. After all, what does the seventh elder think about taking ten intermediate spirit stones for compensation?" Qian Sanshao suddenly smiled when he heard these words, and his small eyes shot a green light.

    The face of the seventh elder was suddenly covered by black lines. He does not believe that Heaven is the elder Keqing who killed his Qian family, but he is not as strong as the others and he is helpless. After all, he didn't want to cause a dispute between the Li family and the Qian family.

    "The third young master is right. The old man's behavior is a bit heavy. These are ten intermediate spirit stones!" Qi Lao had a dark face and took out ten intermediate spirit stones and threw them to Young Master Qian San. The 18th generation ancestor of the other side scolded it again.

    Qian Sanshao smiled, took the Lingshi and gave it to the sky.

    The people around were envious for a while. It was an intermediate spirit stone. It was a kind of intermediate spirit stone, and only the owner of the pill formation stage could have it. Many of them only saw it, but there was nothing in the pill.

    You should know that although there are many spirit stone veins on the Red Emperor 6, most of them are low-grade spirit stone veins, and few

Everyone is staring, isn't this kid still giving up.

    Qian San Shao also frowned. Although he was not afraid of the Seventh Elder, he did not want to have a relationship with the Li family.

    "Boy, what else do you have?" The seventh elder said with a calm face, and shouted at the sky below, with the killing intent in his eyes, but seeing the Wujin bow in Master Fengyuan's hand, he still converged a lot.

    Cangtian's eyes were red, and his eyes shot out of the sky-shaking warfare. He coldly said: "Old man, today you are pressing me at the level of the pill formation stage, and I will break through the pill formation in the future, and I will kill you."

    The seventh elder's face sank when he heard the words, and his heart jumped with no reason. He said to Qian San Shao below in a solemn voice: "San Shao, the old man has given you a lot of face, but this kid is looking for himself." Yi finally couldn't. tolerate.

    Qian Sanshao frowned. He glanced at the sky, pondered for a moment, and his eyes flashed, facing the Seventh Elder article: "After all, it is wrong for you to bully the small by the big. I don't think so. Three years later, you will fight to the death in the imperial capital. A solution to today’s grievances. How?"

    The seventh elder laughed at the words, and said with disdain: "San Young, do you think you can let this kid be an old man in just three years? If your San Young, the old man still has this possibility, just rely on him? Huh!"

    "So the seventh elders agreed, so this young master will be your testimony. However, this young man will be the first to say ugly things. If you do anything unethical before then, don't turn your face away from him. Now." Qian Sanshao said lightly, he was buying time for the sky.

    The Seventh Elder naturally knew that Qian Sanshao was thinking about it, but he didn't care, he laughed and said, "What if the old man gives him three years, and the old man takes his life after three years." After that, the white tiger soared into the sky. There was only a burst of laughter in the sky.

    "Old Piff, you wait!"

    Cangtian's eyes were red and staring at the disappearing skyline of the Flying White Tiger, his heart was boiling.

    Qian Sanshao looked at the sky, sighed secretly in his heart, shook his head, turned and left

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