Chapter 106 - The Two Treasure

Of the two White men who came over, one seemed to be in his fifties while the other seemed to be in his forties.

Yang Yi pointed at the White man in his fifties and sullenly said, “You, what’s your crime?”

Just when he was about to speak again, the older White man suddenly mumbled, “A horrible crime.”

Kerry said, “Boss, I know. This fella is Professor Hammond Phil. He’s an actual professor. He murdered his girlfriend. He had also been accused of rape.”

Collins who was sitting at the side sighed and said, “Our boss doesn’t need a bastard who murdered his own girlfriend. Boss, should we teach him a lesson?”

Just when Yang Yi was about to signal to his underlings to teach the old pervert a lesson, Hammond Phil hurriedly said, “I have money! I can give it to you. Please, I’m dying.”

As soon as both Collins and Rodriguez heard about the money, they looked at Yang Yi and waited for further instruction. Kerry whispered in Yang Yi’s ear, “Boss, the fella does have money. He was actually a professor at the University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts. In fact, some of his students are even movie stars. It was a national uproar when his case went to trial.”

Yang Yi’s interest was piqued. He asked out of curiosity, “Oh, USC School of Cinematic Arts? What did you teach?”

“Acting. They got it wrong. I am a professor. I didn’t rape anyone. I just…”

Yang Yi asked with interest, “What did you just do?”

“I only committed murder. I didn’t rape anyone. Everything that was done was done with consent.”

Yang Yi continued to ask, obviously interested, “So, why did you kill your girlfriend?”

Hammond Phil was rather sad when he answered, “I loved her dearly but she betrayed me. I ended up killing her out of anger. It was not my intention to kill her. Afterward, some of my former students suddenly came forward and accused me of raping them. At the time, they were all consenting…”

Kerry quietly said, “Just ignore what he says, Boss. Despite the fact that he’s rich, he’s a real bastard.”

Yang Yi nodded, “How much can you offer me?”

Hammond Phil answered quickly when he saw a glimpse of hope, “A thousand dollars! I don’t have much money left. A thousand dollars is what I can offer.”

Yang Yi laughed as he said, “No one will bully you in the future. There is one other point, be prepared to come to my cell to give me lessons.”

Hammond Phil froze for a moment before asking, “Lessons?”

Yang Yi arbitrarily asked, “Do you think I have what it takes to be a movie star?”

Hammond scrutinized Yang Yi before he softly said, “You’re very handsome. Your innate talent is also very promising. To be frank, you’re too handsome. So, you won’t have many prospects because Hollywood doesn’t need Asians who are handsome. They only need knaves to play the role of villains or minor supporting roles. So, you won’t get any good opportunities.”

Yang Yi laughed as he said, “At least you’re honest. I will protect you but you’ll have to give me lessons. Teach me how to act. I might just become a movie star in the future.”

Regardless of whether Hammond Phil was a rapist, he could teach Yang Yi a potentially useful skill. Where else would he find another professor to teach him acting?

After Hammond Phil was accepted as an underling, Yang Yi looked at the other inmate and asked, “What about you? What’s your crime?”

“Using poison.”

Kerry informed Yang Yi softly, “He’s also a professor. He murdered six people using poison!”

Yang Yi laughed as he said, “That’s interesting. Another professor. What’s your name and which university are you from?”

“I’m Geller Rezso. A Chemistry Professor from the University of California Los Angeles. I murdered my six colleagues using poison. I was sentenced to two hundred years without parole.”

Yang Yi asked with interest, “Why did you murder them?”

Geller softly said, “I’m an immigrant from Hungary. I came to the States when I was eighteen. After much difficulty, I finally became a professor. I had thought I’d reached the peak of my life yet my career was a complete failure. Not only did I not get any resources from the school, my colleagues shunned and ridiculed me and censored my work. After all that, they even schemed to have me dismissed. So I poisoned all of them.”

At this time, Kerry whispered in Yang Yi’s ear, “Boss, this fella was just being envious! He couldn’t compete against his colleagues, so he killed them.”

Without a doubt, there were a lot of crouching tigers and hidden dragons in this prison. Yang Yi continued to ask with interest, “Did you kill all six of your colleagues in one shot?”

“No. It was four different poisonings. I used a few different types of slow-acting poison. The Dean of the Chemistry Department was the first to die. Later, three others died one after another. Under autopsy, it was revealed they were poisoned and thus I was arrested. I confessed to everything I did. The remaining two ended up dead as well. By the time they found out, they were poisoned beyond saving.”

Yang Yi appreciated the fact that Geller had been honest, “Do you regret poisoning them?”

Geller was indifferent when he answered, “I have a Ph.D. in both Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. However, my passion was in toxicology. Although I also studied synthesized substances, my biggest interest was in poison extracted from either plants or animals. I should have gone to Medical School instead and studied Toxicology. I did manage to obtain a Masters in the field of medicine. Sadly, I realized my own passion too late. By then, I had been offered the position as a professor in the Chemistry Department at UCLA and took the offer.”

What could a chemistry professor do in prison? Not only could he not fight, he was also not willing to lower himself to become someone’s henchman. Moreover, what could he offer when he was going to be stuck in prison for life? Since he couldn’t get out, none of the gangs would be able to make him cook drugs when he was released from prison. If that was the case, such a chemistry professor had less value than an inmate who could fight.

On the contrary, Geller was a talent to Yang Yi. He was a real treasure in his opinion.

Yang Yi said without hesitation, “Sure, you will be under me in the future. I will protect you and no one will dare to bully you again.”

Geller nodded for a moment before he said, “But, I don’t know how to do anything. I don’t even have money or cigarettes to offer you…”

Hammond Phil who was standing at the side hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, you will have the cigarettes. Sir, I know the rules. I will pay his two packs of cigarettes each month as well.”

Although Geller had some psychological problems and he wasn’t very sensible, he was in fact much more valuable than Hammond Phil.

Yang Yi managed to gather two real treasures while accepting underlings. Thus, he waved his hand as he laughed, “Both of you have now been accepted.”

Both Hammond Phil and Geller looked thin and pallid. Although no one would deliberately bully Geller, he was still the type anyone would harass when they bumped into him.  As for Hammond Phil, all the inmates would bully him because he gave off the vibe of someone who deserved to be harassed. So, one could imagine what type of life the two men had been living.

Setting aside the other points, the two men definitely had never been well fed while they were in prison.

Hence, Yang Yi looked at Kerry and imposingly said, “They are now under my wing and those who follow me don’t need to go hungry. Kerry, go and collect some food for them.”

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