Chapter 1023: Six-Joint Flame

Chapter 1023: Six-Joint Flame

The Six-Joint Body Flowing Ruler was divided into three levels, Splitting Fire, Body Flowing Fire, and Six-Joint Fire. The difference in the strength of these three levels was also extremely great. However, Xiao Yan had seldom used the Six-Joint Body Flowing Ruler’s attacking technique ever since practicing this skill because the thing that he valued the most was the defensive ability of the Six-Joint Body Flowing Ruler. Of course, this did not mean that the Six-Joint Body Flowing Ruler did not possess any other good points. For it to be able to reach the Di class Middle level, the offensive strength of the Six-Joint Body Ruler would naturally be even more powerful than the Flame Splitting Tsunami if it was used well!

However, Xiao Yan of the past could at the very most use the Splitting Fire due to the limitations of his ability. He would have to strain himself if he used the Body Flowing Fire. The Six-Joint Fire was even more distant. However, his breakthrough to the Dou Zong class this time around had allowed all of his abilities to leap forward overnight. He had also strode to the Six-Joint Fire level of this Six-Joint Body Flowing Ruler.

This was one of the various benefits that advancing to the Dou Zong class had brought about. Dou Zong and Dou Huang were two completely different levels.

Unless someone at the peak of the Dou Huang class possessed some truly strong trump cards, when attempting to leap across classes to challenge an elite Dou Zong, one’s ending would definitely be extremely miserable. After all, the gap between the two was too great…

This was also the first time that Xiao Yan had used the Six-Joint Fire of the Six-Joint Body Flowing Ruler ever since Xiao Yan had broken through to the Dou Zong class. Although he had difficulty predicting its strength, he knew that it would definitely be stronger than if he used all his strength to unleash the Flame Splitting Tsunami!

A strange flame that appeared greenish-brown gently adhered to the surface of the ruler. This flame was not a real flame. Instead, it was a strange flame that had appeared when the Dou Qi within Xiao Yan’s body was compressed to a point that was difficult to imagine. Of course, this could not be strictly considered a flame. At the very most, it could be considered an alternative of compressed Dou Qi.

It was fortunate that he had already reached the Dou Zong class. Otherwise, with his previous strength of a Dou Huang, it would definitely be impossible for him to compress Dou Qi to such an extent.

The greenish-brown flame adhered to the tip of the ruler, appearing as though it would scatter with one blow. However, it was this inconspicuous flame that tore a-finger-wide black line in the air like an incomparably sharp blade when it was swung with the ruler’s wind…

There was no sonic boom or other unusual phenomenon when the ruler was swung out. Only a kind of dead silence like that prior to the eruption of a volcano!

However, it was this gentle swing of the ruler that caused the expressions of everyone present, who possessed some knowledge, to change. Tang Ying, Mu Qing Luan, and even Feng Qing Er revealed a solemness in their eyes. Disbelief and shock filled their eyes as they looked at Xiao Yan.

“This fellow… is actually an elite Dou Zong?”

Although Xiao Yan had changed his appearance slightly, he still appeared quite young. Hence, when Tang Ying and the others saw that the aura spreading out from his body had actually reached the Dou Zong class, a great storm had appeared in his heart. It did not calm down even after a long time.

“This person…”

Feng Qing Er eyebrows were knit. Her pretty eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan. When his aura had completely erupted earlier, the strange familiar feeling that she had sensed earlier had become much denser. She was clearly aware that this kind of unknown feeling would not randomly appear. Moreover, her perception was also much stronger than an ordinary person.

Of course, compared with Tang Ying’s group, the ones who felt most stunned by this were the sea of people in the stadium. From the start, no one held much confidence in Xiao Yan being the victor. Now, however… the aura that erupted like a volcano from Xiao Yan’s body had truly exceeded that of Wang Chen!

Wang Chen was a quasi Dou Zong. Just what level was Xiao Yan, who had exceeded him, at? There were only two words that answered that question, Dou Zong!

By having lost the ‘quasi’ word in front, the gap between them was just like the Heaven and Earth!

“This fellow… has actually reached the Dou Zong class…” Lin Yan at the edge of the arena was also staring at Xiao Yan’s back with a stunned look. When he had left the Jia Ma Empire back then, he clearly remembered that Xiao Yan was merely at the peak of the Dou Wang class. Now, however, he had actually leaped to a Dou Zong existence after only a few short years. Was this kind of training speed not a little too frightening?

It should be known that he had already reached the level of a four star Dou Huang, yet his strength had only soared so much because he had accidentally obtained an inheritance from an ancestor. However, the speed he was proud of seemed unworthy of even being mentioned compared with Xiao Yan.

Although Lin Yan admired Xiao Yan, his highest estimate of his strength when they had reunited was at the very most equal to that of Wang Chen. However, he had never expected that Xiao Yan was truly able to reach the Dou Zong class!

At this moment, he had finally understood why Xiao Yan dared to publicly accept Wang Chen’s challenge. With his current strength, how many among the younger generation were his match? Even Wang Chen was only at the quasi Dou Zong level despite possessing the support of a great being like the Yellow Spring Pavilion.

The expression of Huang Quan zun-zhe in the VIP seats had become unusually dark and cold at this moment. His gaze sinisterly stared at Xiao Yan. He had actually been mistaken this time around!

Of course, he was not the only one who had been mistaken. Lei zun-zhe, Feng zun-zhe, and Jian zun-zhe by the side also revealed some shock on their faces. A moment later, a solemn expression flashed across their eyes. Although a Dou Zong was unworthy of causing them to act in this manner, the age of this Dou Zong was merely twenty or so. By being able to reach such a level at such a young age, this person either had monster-like talent or an extremely great background supporting him from behind!

“Looks like this person is not simple. Wang Chen is no match for him.” Jian zun-zhe fondled his beard as he slowly spoke.

Huang Quan zun-zhe eyes turned cold when he heard Jian zun-zhe’s words. He replied in a chilly, dark voice, “It is not over yet. Randomly guessing the outcome will only embarrass yourself.”

The corner of Jian zun-zhe’s mouth was curled. His eyes looked at the arena and coldly laughed, “I want to see just who will ultimately be embarrassed.”

During the tit for tat exchange between the two, the situation within the arena had become unusually dangerous in a split second.

The ferocity on Wang Chen’s face had become a lot stiffer in the face of Xiao Yan’s silent ruler attack. A dense feeling of danger vaguely spread from deep within his heart, climbing to every corner of his body as it did.

“How is this possible? How can this brat be a Dou Zong?”

Wang Chen grit his teeth. He inhaled a deep breath of air as his eyes swiftly turned crimson. A craziness surged out of his heart. He clearly knew just what kind of punishment would await him once he returned should he be defeated in Xiao Yan’s hands!

The moment he thought of this, the madness within Wang Chen’s heart thickened. In the end, a beast-like roar was emitted from his throat. Following the emission of this roar, the small blood vessels on Wang Chen’s skin suddenly burst apart. In an instant, he was covered in blood.

“Yellow Spring Blood Skill!”

Under Wang Chen’s crazy roar, his aura rose wildly like a fire arrow within an instant. Following the increase in strength of his aura, both of his eyes turned dark-black in color. Dark-black energy surged out of his body in all directions, spread out. Looking from a distance, he appeared just like a ferocious ancient beast, emitting a savage fierceness.

Tang Ying’s group involuntarily inhaled a breath of cold air when they saw Wang Chen’s appearance.

“This fellow has even used the Yellow Spring Blood Skill… what a lunatic.”

Dark-black energy lingered over Wang Chen’s body. His majestic strength caused even space to ripple. A fierceness flashed across his eyes as he abruptly clenched his fist. Dark-black energy agglomerated in a lightning-like manner.

The dark-black energy swiftly agglomerated as a dense corpse stench spread from Wang Chen’s right hand. Immediately, his entire arm turned as black as ink.

“Yellow Spring Rotten Corpse Arm!”

The dark-black arm suddenly shot out with a low roar.

A crack was formed in the air when the black arm struck out. The tough silver wood arena seemed to have met its nemesis as it swiftly lost its luster. Immediately, it was just like withered wood, turning yellowish and rotten…

“It is the Yellow Spring Rotten Corpse Arm? That is the extremely powerful Dou Skill of the Yellow Spring Pavilion.”

Numerous astonished cries immediately sounded outside of the arena when everyone saw Wang Chen’s black arm. Clearly, this Dou Skill was quite well-known.

The exclamations outside of the arena had just sounded when the falling ruler figure finally carried a wisp of greenish-brown flames abruptly fell. After which, it suddenly collided with a black arm!

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth was lifted into an icy arc the moment the collision occurred. A wisp of Glazed Lotus Core Flame was quietly channeled through the body of the ruler before finally being shot out.


The sudden collision brought about a soul-stirring explosion. An incomparable energy ripple spread out from the point where the two made contact. It swept out like a storm, and the silver wood arena instantly ended up as a large pit. Arm thick lines swiftly spread out like a spiderweb. Within the blink of an eye, they occupied half of the arena while wooden fragments flew everywhere.

Silver-colored wooden fragments shot out at great speed like a storm. A silver light flickered when the sunlight shot over, causing it to appear extremely beautiful.


The tornado that had just been formed from the silver-colored wood fragments when a figure suddenly shot away from it. It immediately smashed heavily into the arena. After which, it tore and formed a large gully in the arena, one that over nearly a hundred meters long…

The entire stadium was completely silent. Countless numbers of gazes were dull as they looked at the dark-black figure inserted in the silver wood.


Wang Chen struggled to climb up. However, a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out. He was about to maneuver his Dou Qi when waves of searing pain was transmitted from within his body. He hurriedly looked into himself, only to see a wisp of an extremely hot jade-green flame emitting a high temperature within his body, wildly destroying it…

“This is?” Wang Chen’s eyes immediately shrank when he sensed this wisp of jade green flame!

The storm that was created from the silver wood slowly disappeared. Xiao Yan’s figure slowly surfaced within it. His dense eyes glanced at Wang Chen, who still had a breath remaining. After which, he raised his head and looked at Huang Quan zun-zhe, who had a frighteningly gloomy expression.

“Good, good, brat, you have really surprise this venerable self (zun-zhe)!”

Huang Quan zun-zhe slowly stood up. His voice revealed killing intent and fury, that he was trying his best to suppress.

Xiao Yan’s eyes slightly narrowed. He cupped his hands to Huang Quan zun-zhe and said, “I have already fulfilled the agreement. Goodbye!”

Xiao Yan turned around and walked to the edge of the stadium after saying these words.

“*Cough,* wait…”

Just when Xiao Yan had turned around and taken over a dozen steps, a coughing voice that contained a dense laugh was transmitted over. Xiao Yan paused his footsteps and turned his head. His eyes were chilly as he looked at Wang Chen, who was climbing up from the ground with much difficulty. Xiao Yan’s voice was ice-cold as he said, “Do you still wish to continue?”

“*Cough*...” Wang Chen spat out a mouthful of blood. The savage smile on his face appeared exceptionally frightening when mixed with the fresh blood.

“I really did not expect that you would have advanced to the Dou Zong class within three short months. Looks like you gained the most from the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool… don’t you agree, Xiao Yan?”

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