Chapter 298: A Brief Fight

Chapter 298: A Brief Fight

The ferocious force that had suddenly burst forth in the large hall swiftly drew the gazes of those around. When these gazes saw the fierce and brutal faced young man, they were all momentarily stunned. Immediately, they turned their gloating faces toward Xiao Yan, whom the young man was facing. Clearly, they had all recognized this young man who possessed a very well known name in the capital.

“Have they finally started fighting….” In the large hall, Little Princess smiled and shook the red wine in her transparent cup as she laughed softly.

“Uh… that is… Mu Zhan?” Most of the people surrounding the Little Princess were children of aristocrats. Therefore, they could identify the young man with a face filled with fierceness and brutality. Immediately, their expressions changed as they let out an involuntary cry. Many of them had suffered under this fellow back then.

“No wonder you said that something interesting would happen tonight. I see that you are talking about this fellow…” Eyeing the green clothed Mu Zhan, Liu Ling was momentarily stunned before he immediately laughed softly with understanding.

“Many people in the capital know that Mu Zhan is extremely infatuated with Ya Fei from the Primer clan. Back then, before he left, he had even arrogantly expressed that he would kill whoever dared to touch Ya Fei…” A shallow smile surfaced on Little Princess’s face. Her gaze glanced at Xiao Yan who had become gloomy faced because he was caught off guard by the sneak attack. She said, “He is fairly unlucky to have met the returned Mu Zhan while he was being so intimate with Ya Fei…”

“Based on Mu Zhan’s character, Yan Xiao will most likely suffer tonight. Back then when Mu Zhan had left the capital, he was already a three star Dou Shi. After training for two years at the empire’s border military barracks, he has likely reached the peak of a Dou Shi…”

“If he is to suffer then let him suffer. He will naturally need to pay a certain price for getting involved with someone else’s woman. Otherwise, he would continue acting like a country bumpkin entering the city and look down on everyone.” Liu Ling smiled and said. He eagerly wished for someone to dampen Xiao Yan’s vigor.

“But this is the Nalan clan. Grandfather Nalan will definitely not allow Mu Zhan to be overly presumptuous. Therefore, if Mu Zhan wants to teach Yan Xiao a lesson, he needs to do it with the quickest speed possible. Otherwise, when Grandfather Nalan and Primer Tengshan, who have just left, return, he will no longer have a chance.” Little Princess said with a smile. By rejecting her invitation this afternoon, it was clear that Xiao Yan had caused this young lady of extraordinary status to be displeased. Therefore, she did not have any intention of stepping forward to mediate the matter.

Liu Ling laughed coldly and softly said, “But Mu Zhan is coincidentally the type of person who would not say anything unnecessary when he starts fighting. Just watch, they will soon begin fighting…” As he said these words, his gaze was already thrown to the spot in the hall where the disturbance had occurred.


Xiao Yan relaxed his fist and immediately clenched it tightly again. Only after he repeated this a couple of times did the numb feeling gradually disappear. He glanced at the fierce and brutal young man who was like a vicious tiger deep in the mountains, inhaled a deep breath of air and coldly said, “Is there something wrong with your head?”

From the strike a moment ago, Xiao Yan clearly knew that the fellow in front of him definitely had no intention of holding anything back. If it was a person with slow reaction instead of him, that person would likely have been seriously wounded without even having the time to react. Therefore, Xiao Yan’s heart was filled with fury against this person who had inexplicably launched a killing blow.

The green clothed young man faced Xiao Yan and opened his mouth. His row of white colored teeth were quite savage looking. He did not reply. Instead, his heated gaze paused on Ya Fei by the side, whose pretty face contained great fury. With a gentle voice, he laughed, “Ya Fei, it has been a long time since we met. You have become even prettier and definitely worthy of being the wife I have reserved…”

“You… you lunatic!”

Ya Fei’s face became a little flushed because of her anger. Her voluminous chest rose and fell slightly. Despite not having met for two years, this fellow was still as barbaric and unreasonable as before. Without saying a word, he directly gave someone a ruthless blow.

“Yan Xiao, are you alright?” Ya Fei swiftly walked over to Xiao Yan’s side. She looked up and down, sizing him up as she hurriedly asked.

Xiao Yan shook his head. His gaze remained on the green clothed young man’s body as he softly asked, “Who is he?”

“Mu Zhan. He is a member of the Mu clan from the three large clans, a lunatic that really gives one a headache. Back then, part of the reason I went out to gain experience was because I wanted to hide from him.” Ya Fei smiled bitterly and said.

“His attack is really vicious, really vicious.” Xiao Yan softly laughed. His smile contained a dark and cold killing intent but this caused the pretty face of Ya Fei beside him to change.

“Don’t be reckless. Mu Zhan is the most outstanding person among the young generation of the Mu clan. Back then, when he left the capital, he was already a Dou Shi. After gaining experience from being in the border barracks for two years, his strength is fast catching up to the older generation. You…” Ya Fei, who was extremely familiar with Xiao Yan’s character knew that he had really become furious at this moment. However, Mu Zhan was also no ordinary person. If they were to really fight, it was difficult to tell just who would win. Thus, she immediately hurriedly dissuaded him.

“Brat, are you new to the capital? No wonder you dare to be so close to Ya Fei.” The concern Ya Fei showed to Xiao Yan caused the fierceness and brutality on Mu Zhan’s face to be even more abundant than before. He twisted his neck and a bone cracking noise clearly sounded.

Xiao Yan lifted his eyes and glanced at this young man who did not even bother to cover the killing intent in his heart. He pursed up his lips and the corner of his eyes swiftly swept around the hall. A few members of the Nalan clan had already began to step back. From the looks of it, they wanted to go and inform Nalan Jie and the others about what happened here.

Perhaps Ya Fei was correct. The young man in front of him did indeed give Xiao Yan a feeling of danger. Even if this was so, however, he did not intend to hide behind Ya Fei until Nalan Jie and the others arrived… A moment ago, Mu Zhan’s dangerous sneak attack, which nearly caused him to be seriously injured, had caused the desire for battle in Xiao Yan’s heart to soar. It had been suppressed for a month with Xiao Yan not getting in a single fight during that time and was now accompanied by anger as it completely erupted. Therefore… this time around, he did not intend to continue to endure it.

Xiao Yan’s dark black eyes stared at Mu Zhan as he brushed aside Ya Fei’s dissuasion. He spread out his right hand and immediately curled it. A ferocious suction force immediately sucked a broken leg of a chair, around the thickness of one’s thigh, into his hand from a short distance away. He held it tightly and his body descended into silence. An instant later, his green colored Dou Qi once again surged out. His body swiftly moved away from Ya Fei. With a step of his feet, an energy explosion sounded and Xiao Yan’s figure turned into a black line as he shot at Mu Zhan in a lightning like manner.

“Brat. You got guts!”

As he gave a grim grin to Xiao Yan who had actually took the initiative to launch an attack, an emerald green Dou Qi swarmed out of Mu Zhan’s body. His pair of fists actually turned faintly into the color of dead wood.

At this moment, the place where Xiao Yan and Mu Zhan were at, had undoubtedly become the focus of attention of the entire hall. When everyone saw Xiao Yan, who did not chose to withdraw in the face of Mu Zhan but instead took the initiative to attack, those who clearly knew Mu Zhan’s strength quietly shook their heads. Within their hearts, this action of Xiao Yan appeared to be an attempt to appear in the limelight in front of Ya Fei.

“This fellow is really asking for it. Isn’t it better to quietly stand in the same spot and wait for Grandfather Nalan and the others to arrive? Yet he wants to overestimate his ability and is going to get humiliated in front of others.” Seeing Xiao Yan’s action, Liu Ling shook his head as he smiled and said. He had known Mu Zhan since a long time ago. Therefore, he had a very clear idea of just how much of a headache one would have when fighting with this battle crazy person.

“Looks like even outstanding people cannot avoid having their heated blood flow upward in front of a beauty.” The Little Princess shook her transparent cup. Her smile was like a little demon. This group of theirs, who had lived in the capital for many years, was not optimistic of Xiao Yan’s chances in the fight between him and Mu Zhan.

During the time that the few people were conversing, Xiao Yan and Mu Zhan came into contact in a lightning like manner under everyone’s sight.

With a face as deep as water, Xiao Yan icily watched the fierce and brutal faced Mu Zhan in front of him. Just as he was about to reach the front of Mu Zhan, his heel rotated and his body strangely appeared beside Mu Zhan’s left hand. His fist tightened and a huge chair’s leg that was covered by a green colored Dou Qi carried a ferocious wind as it ruthlessly smashed at Mu Zhan’s head.

Sensing the force above his head, Mu Zhan coldly smiled. His fist was abruptly thrown upward and came into a hard collision with the tough chair’s leg.


Following a muffled sound, the chair’s leg, which had the thickness of one’s thigh, was blast apart in all directions by Mu Zhan. After breaking apart the chair’s leg, Mu Zhan tightened his fist, which once again contained a strong force, and shot it through the wooden chips that were flying in all directions. It then violently smashed toward Xiao Yan behind.

Xiao Yan tilted his head slightly. That fist which had shot violently out from the wooden chips that had covered Xiao Yan’s sight, moved along the side of Xiao Yan’s shoulders and passed by it. The ferocious wind from the fist caused a burning sensation to appear on Xiao Yan’s skin. However, this little pain did not slow Xiao Yan’s attack by even the slightest bit. At the moment Mu Zhan’s fist passed by his body, Xiao Yan’s body strangely slid down and he simultaneously turned his body partially as he descended. His right palm supported him on the ground as he twisted his body, rotating it in half a circle. His feet whirled half a round in midair. It then carried a sharp force as they crossed one another and sheared at Mu Zhan’s neck. The appearance of the attack was like a sharp scissors.

“Hei, not bad…” The somewhat strange scissors crossing killer legs caused a fanatic emotion to rise in Mu Zhan’s eyes. His hands protected his neck. His skin, which was the color of flesh swiftly turned into a brown color. When one looked at it, it appeared like a tough dead wood.


Xiao Yan’s legs violently smashed at Mu Zhan’s hands but they emitted two strange sounds. The large force contained on the feet caused Mu Zhan to take a step back but Mu Zhan’s combat experience had far exceeded Xiao Yan’s expectations. Even while he was stepping back, he had already skillfully stabilized his body. His feet violently kicked toward Xiao Yan’s head, which was near to the ground.

The other party’s reaction, caused an astonishment to swiftly flash across Xiao Yan’s eyes. The left hand that he had used to stabilize his body suddenly rotated. Without anyone else being aware, a wisp of green colored flame surfaced on the exterior of the fist. After which, it was thrown forward and violently smashed together with Mu Zhan’s feet.

“Bang!” The ferocious forces collided together. Both the fists and legs of the two parties were thrown backward. At the place where Xiao Yan used his right hand to support himself on the ground, a few tiny crack lines swiftly began to spread.


The exchange this time around caused both of them to emit a muffled groan. Xiao Yan’s right hand gently tapped on the ground and the hard floor was cracked apart with a ‘bang’. His body, on the other hand, borrowed this pushing force and shot up before dexterously landing on the ground. He took a few small steps back. Once he had resolved his balance, his expression contained a seriousness as he eyed Mu Zhan, who had smashed a table into pieces while he was moving backward.

In just a short minute, the two of them had experienced a soul-stirring close quarters hand-to-hand combat. Regardless of who it was, if either one of them had become slightly absent minded in that clash a moment ago, that person would have ended up in a dire condition by the other party’s merciless attacks.

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