Chapter 746: He Clan

Chapter 746: He Clan

The Bloody Battle Mercenary Company had always been the largest and most renowned mercenary company within a fifty kilometer radius of the Qingshan Town. Being able to maintain this kind of position while being near the Magical Beast Mountain Range was enough to indicate their great strength. However, this kind of situation had undergone a drastic change ever since that so-called Snake Nest Mercenary Company had entered Qingshan Town a year ago.

The Snake Nest Mercenary Company was also quite a strong Mercenary Company on the edge of the Magical Beast Mountain Range. It could be considered to be equivalent to the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company. In normal circumstances, neither party should be able to do anything to the other. However, the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company was disadvantaged lacking a strong background to support them.

Everyone was aware of the background of the Snake Nest Mercenary Company. It was the He clan from Black Rock City. This clan could be considered a prominent clan even in the northwestern region of the empire. Although its reputation could not be compared with the three large clans of the empire, it was not to be underestimated. The greatest reason for this was that the current He clan had a four star elite Dou Wang!

Dou Wang, this class which held an extremely great weight within the Jia Ma Empire was sufficient to cause many people to submit in awe. After all, this class could already be considered a true strong person.

The Dou Ling and Dou Wang were the two classes with the greatest divide during the Dou Qi training journey. One might not dare to say that there were as many expert Dou Lings as the grains of sand in a desert within the enormous Jia Ma Empire, but it was not exaggerating to say that one would find a large bundle of them by just randomly grabbing. However, it was likely that there were less than a hundred Dou Wangs within the entire Jia Ma Empire. This also clearly represented the difference between a Dou Ling and Dou Wang.

The Company Leader of the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company was a seven star expert Dou Ling while the Company Leader of the Snake Nest Mercenary Company was an expert eight star Dou Ling. The two of them were around the same strength and it was difficult to determine the superior person should they fight. However, during the many exchanges between the two mercenary companies during this one year, the Snake Nest Mercenary Company had gained the upper hand in most of them. The reason for this was because the Snake Nest Mercenary Company was able to borrow quite a number of experts from the He clan to aid in their fights.

The Company Leader of the Snake Nest Mercenary Company was the son-in-law of the He clan. Moreover, he was liked by the clan head of the He clan. Hence, the latter merely closed an eye when he borrowed the clan’s experts to deal with his opponent. It was but a small mercenary company and it would not matter if it was destroyed.

The last time that Xiao Yan met Ka Gang and Ling Er was coincidentally the moment when the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company was facing a life and death situation. That time around, the Company Leader from the Snake Nest Mercenary Company had invited a total of two experts from the He clan whose strength were around that of a six star Dou Ling. Hence, he had overwhelmed the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company in terms of the expert level. Seeing their leader being defeated, the Blood Battle Mercenary Company’s moral was naturally low. The had difficulty stopping the Snake Nest Mercenary Company’s attack. If Xiao Yan had not appeared midway through the attack, it was likely that the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company would have completely disappeared from Qingshan Town.

Xiao Yan did not personally go and lend a hand after rescuing Ka Gang and Ling Er. After all, from the way he saw it, he did not have much of a friendship with the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company. He had intervened to rescue them only because he had met Ka Gang once back then. Hence, he had given Ka Gang five ‘Fire Lotus Bottles’ that he had made himself. From how he saw it, these five ‘Fire Lotus Bottles’ were sufficient to deal with some Dou Ling class mercenaries.

Of course, things did occur according to his expectations. After obtaining the five ‘Fire Lotus Bottles’ that Xiao Yan had given him, Ka Gang rescued the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company from being destroyed. The three ‘Fire Lotus Bottles’ that he threw caused the Snake Nest Mercenary Company’s leader and the two experts from the He clan to suffer two deaths and one injury. This tactic instantly turned the situation around. The Snake Nest Mercenary Company suffered a terrible defeat.

As a result of surviving through a great disaster, the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company’s reputation had soared. Within a short one month, they had expelled all of the people from the Snake Nest Mercenary Company out of Qingshan Town. However, they also knew that this matter would definitely disturb the He clan. It might even be transmitted to the ear of the clan head of the He clan. After all, two of the clan’s expert Dou Lings and his son-in-law ended up with such a miserable fate. This kind of loss was something that could not be easily ignored from the He clan’s point of view.

Although they ultimately knew this, the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company was unwilling to give up their many years of hard work. Hence, the difference in opinions within the company was quite large. However, just as they were about to come to a decision, their faces turned pale upon the realization that the experts from the He clan had already arrived at Qingshan Town. Moreover, the thing that caused them the greatest despair was that the clan head of the He clan, whose strength was at the Dou Wang class, was also among the members of the He clan who had arrived.

Under the frightening strength of this expert Dou Wang, all the defenses of the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company were easily destroyed one after another. The entire mercenary company was filled with despair and helplessness under the dark, cold face of the clan head from the He clan. At this moment, Ka Gang, who held the thought of taking chances, secretly broke the jade plate that Xiao Yan had given him back then.

Despite not being certain about whether Xiao Yan was a match for this clan head from the He clan, the former was already the only hope of the entire Bloody Battle Mercenary Company at such a moment. Hence, Ka Gang still broke that jade plate in his hand even though he lacked confidence.

The premises of the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company which were originally filled with laughter and curses had become unusually quiet at this moment. Nearly a few hundred members of the company and their families were chased toward the open ground which they usually used for training. Under the dark and cold gaze of those guards from the He clan who surrounded them, even the children could only bite their lips tightly, not daring to emit even the slightest crying sound. This was because there were already dozens of corpses, whose heads had been separated from their bodies, on an empty ground beside them. At this moment, it was a warning with blood.

A large chair with a soft covering was placed on the stairs on the open ground. An old man wearing chinese clothes was seated on it while possessing a gloomy expression. At this moment, his hand was tightly holding a jade bottle. His eyes were like poisonous snakes as they swept over it slowly.

“All of you have relied on this to seriously injure my son-in-law and kill the two experts from my He clan?” The old man played with the jade bottle in his hand. He glanced at the fire lotus in the bottle and spoke with a dense tone.

A commotion occurred on the open ground. The lips of Ka Gang, who was right at the front, moved. He stepped forward and spoke in a hoarse voice, “I am the one who got ahold of this jade bottle. If you wish to kill, I will allow you to dispose of me as you please. However, I hope that the clan head of the He clan will be magnanimous and let off these women and children from the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company. They are not aware of anything.”

Behind Ka Gang was a pale-faced middle-aged man. Looking at his clothes, it was likely that he possessed quite a high position within the company. At this moment, however, he could only reveal a miserable smile. Although he possessed the strength of a Dou Ling, he was totally worthless in front of this clan leader of the He Clan. This was because he suffered serious injuries from the other party’s punch.

“Second Uncle, are you alright?” Ling Er who was beside the middle-aged man helped the latter up while possessing a pair of red eyes. Her voice contained a little tearful sound.

“I’m fine…” The middle-aged man spoke bitterly, “However, I may be fine now but my ending later will also wash this place with blood.”

“That won’t happen… as long as mister Xiao Yan is able to come, we will definitely be fine.” Ling Er hurriedly shook her head as she bit her lips and spoke softly.

“Mister Xiao Yan? The mysterious person who gave the both of you the ‘Fire Lotus Bottles’? Ke ke, his name is similar to the chief of the strongest ‘Yan Alliance’ currently in the capital. However, how is it possible for you and I to meet such a strong person?” The middle-aged man mocked himself and shook his head. He did not place his hope in this area.

Ling Er moved her lips. However, she did not say any words. After all, the person who was seated on the stage was an elite Dou Wang who could destroy the entire Bloody Battle Mercenary Company with a raise of his hand. Her eyes also darkened a little when she thought of Xiao Yan’s age.

The head of the He clan clenched his fist during the time that Ling Er was conversing with that middle-aged man. The jade bottle was covered with crack lines. His eyes suddenly narrowed a moment later and he suddenly threw the jade bottle. A bright explosive sound resounded over the place and a deep hole that was over ten feet in size appeared in the open ground.

The eyes belonging to the clan head of the He clan brightened slightly as he looked at the deep hole. He did not expect that this small jade bottle of fire lotus would actually have such a destructive strength. If he were able to get ahold of a little more of these thing and throw dozens of it together, even a Dou Wang class expert would need to temporarily take shelter.

“Where did you get ahold of this thing?” The clan head of the He clan turned his gaze toward Ka Gang and questioned.

“I have coincidentally obtained it while I was hunting Magical Beast in the mountains.” Ka Gang’s eyes quivered. He immediately replied when he heard this question. From the looks of the situation, it seemed that this old fellow had some greedy thoughts toward this ‘Fire Lotus Bottle’. However, Ka Gang did not wish to reveal Xiao Yan as his benefactor, it was likely that it would cause quite a great amount of trouble to the latter.

Although Ka Gang had gave a swift reply, the glint within his eyes did not escape the crafty clan head of the He clan. The latter immediately laughed coldly. He randomly swung his hand and a force rushed out before eventually smashing heavily against Ka Gang’s body.


Ka Gang immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood upon receiving such a heavy blow. His body rubbed against the slippy ground for over ten meters before coming to a stop. His body had just stopped when two guards from the He clan charged forward and grabbed him before violently throwing him back.

“I will give you one more chance. I can let you off if you tell me.” The clan head of the He clan rubbed his sleeves with his hand and spoke indifferently.

“I have already told you that this is something I obtained from the mountains.” Ka Gang’s expression was pale. A trace of blood was repeatedly seeping out from the corner of his mouth. His body lay on the ground as he raised his head and spoke with great difficulty while staring intently at the clan head of the He clan.

The hand belonging to the clan head of the He clan that was rubbing his sleeves slowly stopped. A darkness gradually surfaced on his face as he slowly walked down the stairs. A moment later, he arrived in front of Ka Gang and he looked at Ka Gang, who was struggling on the verge of death, with cold and indifferent eyes. A savage smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. He immediately raised his hand high up before violently stomping on Ka Gang’s head. From the looks of the force, it was likely that Ka Gang’s head would immediately burst apart like a watermelon that landed on the ground if he were struck by it.

Numerous sharp cries immediately sounded in the open ground upon seeing this scene. The ferocity on the corner of the mouth of the clan head of the He clan grew even more dense upon hearing the sharp cries from around him. However, when his foot was merely an inch or so from Ka Gang’s head, a calm voice quietly sounded in the open ground. That foot of his had suddenly stiffened at this moment.

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