Chapter 138: Objective Location

GOR Chapter 138: Objective Location

It was around ten o’clock at night.

“This is the Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel?” As their vehicle came to a halt beside the building, Chen Xiaolian who was seated on the first passenger seat could not help but express his doubts.

Under the darkness of the night, the building before them appeared no different to a fortress made purely of reinforced concrete.

It was as though a dam had been constructed on the road.

“This is the coordinates,” Chen Xiaolian opened the door and was the first to jump out. His hand held onto his gun as he remained vigilant. He was then followed by Lun Tai and Bei Tai.

“Coordinates confirmed,” Chen Xiaolian carefully reexamined the quest notification and their surroundings. “This is the designated location.”

He walked to Takeuchi Mikiko’s side and looked at the slightly depressed Japanese girl. “Have you been here before?”

“…no,” Takeuchi Mikiko’s voice was filled with traces of panic and she vigorously shook her head. “The school had organized a visit here before. But, it is only for the top students… I, I did not come here before.”

While they were on their way to this place, Chen Xiaolian had gotten a rough understanding regarding the general information about this Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel.

Simply put, this was a huge underground water management system. It was responsible for managing the drainage system of Tokyo and the surrounding areas. Additionally, it was also the biggest man-made drainage system!

That was right, the biggest!

“This should be the entrance to the drainage system. The drainage system itself should be located 50 meters below ground from here,” Nicole said with indifference. “It is a huge, circular underground drainage tunnel, one with a diameter spanning over 10 meters and over 6 km in length. The length of the underground drainage tunnels throughout the area of Tokyo totals up to 16,000 km, all of them could be connected to this drainage tunnel. At the same time, they also constructed 5 massive water management silos. At any rate… this is an unprecedented underground marvel of engineering.”

Chen Xiaolian glanced at Nicole. “You read up a lot on it?”

“When heading to Tokyo, I had checked up on some information,” Nicole shook her head. “I am not a rookie. Gathering information is one of the basic combat qualities for each Floating Angel.”

“Now what?” Lun Tai asked. “What do we do now?”

Chen Xiaolian looked at Takeuchi Mikiko and frowned. “First, escort the quest target inside. After that… we’ll decide after considering the situation. Be prepared for any changes.”

They left the vehicle and their team walked toward the underground drainage system. Everyone had carefully placed Takeuchi Mikiko in the middle position and they carefully headed toward the drainage system.

It was very quiet during night time and no figures could be seen at all.

As they moved closer, they found that there were no security personnel around. Everything within their surroundings was still.

For the drainage facility that was responsible for controlling all the drainage system within Tokyo area to be empty, something was naturally not right. This situation caused everyone’s vigilance to shift to the highest state.

The building constructed purely from reinforced concrete exuded a sense of coldness.

After reaching the bottom area of the building, they saw that there was a valve door. The rotating capstan on the door had been pulled open and the valve door was left ajar.

Chen Xiaolian gestured to Lun Tai. Lun Tai then headed forward, moving close to the door and listening from the outside. After that, he raised his gun and moved in through the side. His weapon had already been equipped with a tactical flashlight; after the beam of light from his flashlight swept through, Lun Tai gave the ‘safe’ sound.

They then entered through the valve door and into the interior of the drainage system.

“This… something does not feel right.”

Nicole held up her nose. “Do you smell that, what a strange smell.”

“Yes, I smell it,” Roddy nodded his head. “It smells like… disinfectant?”

“It smells of hospitals,” Bei Tai muttered. “I hate that smell the most.”

They were inside a passageway with metal stands, platforms and pipes on both sides.

Chen Xiaolian soon found a sign hanging on the walls.

“The front should be where the elevator lies. According to this sign, we can reach the underground drainage system through the elevator,” Chen Xiaolian smiled. “However, it is also written that only staff members are allowed.”

They all turned on the tactical flashlights installed on their firearms, letting several beams of light spill out and illuminate the area.

The interior of this cold building was devoid of any sound and was deathly still.

Walking through the passageway for over 20 meters, they found the staff elevator. However, it required a card. Chen Xiaolian looked at Roddy. “You are up.”

Roddy gave a faint smile and moved forward. He extended his hand to make contact with the control knobs of the elevator. Instantly after activating his ‘Mechanical Heart’ skill, the display lights flashed with a green light. The doors of the elevator opened. Following a buzzing sound, the lights of the elevator also lit up.

The elevator was a staff elevator and has a very spacious interior. Even when all of them had entered, they were barely able to occupy half the area within the elevator.

There were no floor numbers on the buttons within the elevator. There was only one button. Clearly, this was a direct elevator access.

“How unexpected. The Japanese people often build narrow houses, but their elevators turned out to be so spacious,” In an attempt to lift the atmosphere, Chen Xiaolian cracked a joke. Unfortunately, the joke failed miserably as no one laughed.

Glancing at the shivering Takeuchi Mikiko, Chen Xiaolian placed a hand on the girl’s shoulder. “Do not be afraid! There are so many of us protecting you.”

Takeuchi Mikiko raised her head and looked at Chen Xiaolian with a fearful expression. She bit her lips and said nothing.

Moments later, the elevator reached the underground and jolted noticeably. The elevator doors slowly opened to reveal a brightly lit passageway.

Luminescence lights were attached to the ceiling and the white light illuminating the area was devoid of warmth. Instead, a despondent feeling could be felt.

The passageway felt somewhat cold. After walking out from the elevator, they found it branching in two directions. Both passageways have no end in sight and were slightly curved.

“Left or right?” Qiao Qiao asked Chen Xiaolian.

As Chen Xiaolian was hesitating, suddenly…


A clear sound rang out from the far left passageway!

Everyone’s faces turned tense! Lun Tai and the others subconsciously raised their firearms.

That sound was clearly gunfire!

“Yoko-chan! Are you aware that you have made the wrong choice? Because of your wrong choice, you will receive a very severe punishment! Additionally… you will also drag me down with you!”

A middle-aged man in work clothes was holding onto a gun as he stepped closer.

His hair was considerably thinning and had already showed baldness at the center part. Upon his work clothes was a name tag.

His gun was pointed down at a middle-aged Japanese woman, who was kneeling down by the corner. Both her hands were clutching onto the metal pipes fixed on the wall and tears were evident on her face.

She looked around 40 years old, but still had a lingering charm to her. Although the lines by her eyes had revealed her age, her facial features still made her look somewhat beautiful. Especially considering that she was wearing a black colored work clothes. Additionally, some parts of her attire had been torn. The same was true for the pair of stockings that she wore. Her appearance possessed the capacity to fill men with criminally impulsive thoughts.

“Domoto-san! I beg you, I beg you! I just want to save my daughter!” The middle-aged woman broke down in tears. “You’ve promised me! You promised me! You said that as long as I do what you said, you will ensure my safety! And my daughter’s!”

“Idiot! Now that the situation has devolved into such a chaotic state, we no longer have any ability to go to Tokyo to pick up someone who does not matter!” “The Japanese man known as Domoto snapped back. “Right now, you had better hand over the item to me! If you do not, I will personally kill you!”

“Domoto!” The Japanese woman screamed sharply. “You lied to me! You said that you will treat me very, very well! You said you will love me with care! I… I…”

“You idiot!”

The Japanese man threw a slap at Yoko’s face, causing her to stagger and blood to trickle down the edges of her mouth. “What I need right now is that item you brought out! Hurry up and give it to me! Do not force me! Yoko!”

Domoto raised the muzzle of the gun and opened the gun’s safety catch. “I do not wish to be the one to kill you! Yoko, I still remember that beautiful night that we shared together. As long as you hand over that item to me obediently… just tell me where you hid it. I will let you live. Not only that… I promise you, I will think of a method to send some people over to escort your daughter to a safe place! How about it?”

“I will never trust you again!” Yoko suddenly shouted out. “You are a liar! Liar! I know what terrible things you have done! Such a terrible act… will lead to so many, many deaths! God will certainly punish fiends like you!”

“Idiot! For the sake of a great undertaking, sacrificing some ants is only normal,” Domoto sighed. “Since you are unwilling to tell me, then I can only kill you.”

“Even if you kill me, you won’t get away either!” Yoko sneered. “Do not take me for a fool! The situation has escalated beyond your control! As of now, you and I share the same position! You have also become a homeless dog! The experimental product from the lab went out of control and had gone loose! This evil is the fruits of you evildoing bastards! You all did something to terrifying, yet you lost control of the situation!

“This incident will definitely be settled. Then… after that, you will definitely receive judgement!”

“Die!” Domoto’s eyes had turned red and he raised the muzzle of the gun, his finger placed upon the trigger.


At the very moment that the bullet was firing out through the muzzle, a hand extended forward from the side and pushed the muzzle to the other side!

A bullet fired out and it nearly grazed Yoko’s face as it flew out! It struck the surface of the reinforced concrete walls, causing sparks to fly out.

After ricocheting a few times, the bullet bounced back and a miserable scream was heard coming out of Domoto. The ricocheting bullet had struck his thigh and he fell to his knees onto the ground.

“Argh! The bullet hit my leg!”

The one who shoved the gun aside was Chen Xiaolian.

The Japanese man was crying as he clutched his thigh, sitting on the floor. Chen Xiaolian observed him coolly and bent down to retrieve that man’s gun.

The sound of rapid footsteps rang out from behind him as his team members moved forward. Then, he heard a sharp cry!


Takeuchi Mikiko, who had remained silent and fearful suddenly turned mad and rushed out. She extricated herself from Xia Xiaolei beside her and threw herself onto the arms of the Japanese woman. Next, she began to cry loudly.

Chen Xiaolian was surprised. He turned around and looked at his team members behind him. “If I am not mistaken, the Japanese meaning for oka-san is mother, right?”

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