Chapter 158 Part 2: Small D

GOR Chapter 158 Part 2: Small D

“I hear that he is a graduate from our school. However, something happened in his family. A few years back, his parents were arguing about a divorce and they ended up fighting. The father then used a knife to stab the mother to death. It was supposedly an accidental murder; the father was arrested, and he was given an indefinite jail sentence. This fellow on the other hand, appears a little simple minded and foolish. It seems he had received quite the shock, causing some problems here,” The girl with chubby cheeks pointed at her head and gave a wry smile. “Naturally, he was unable to get into a university. After having something like this happen to his family, he no longer has anyone to take care of him. He also has no money. Thus, the sub-district government agency negotiated with the school a way to let him live. And that is to let him work in school – they cannot let him starve to death after all. He is too foolish. From what I heard, something once happened as the team was undergoing training. Some of those wild kids tore down the training equipment. As the administrator in charge, he foolishly went to report the matter to the school. Thus, he ended up inciting hatred from these group of boys. Every now and again, these boys would come and bully him. The fellow is foolish anyway and he dares not fight back when bullied – even if he wants to fight back, he does not have the strength to do so.”

“The school just ignores them?”

“Those boys are all specialized in sports. Their grades may be a mess, but they have athletic talent. Some of them have already enrolled into their respective universities. For the sake of their enrolment record, the school will not cause any issue for those boys, provided they do not cause too big of an issue,” The girl with chubby cheeks shrugged her shoulders. “Do not bother with all these. No one will come to solve this issue. These boys are vicious. Even students from our schools get beaten up by them. If you go over, you will certainly end by being beaten by them! See there? That boy in the middle is trying to woo Yu Jiajia. As it so happens, Yu Jiajia is right here. Having someone go over is just what he wants. That way, he will be able to show off just how powerful he is.”

Seeing that Chen Xiaolian was not saying anything, the girl with chubby cheeks thought that he had become scared. She laughed and said. “Let us go. I have already asked around for Han Bi’s phone number. However, they want to ask who you are before giving it to you. Just follow me.”

After saying that, the girl turned around, wanting to lead Chen Xiaolian away. However, after taking a few steps, she realized that Chen Xiaolian was not following her. Turning around, she saw that the fair faced youngster had already walked down. He lightly jumped over the fence of the stands and onto the sports field. He then walked through the rain toward the group of boys who were bullying the youngster.

“Sigh! Why won’t you listen to my advice? This is just asking for a beating,” The girl with chubby cheeks became nervous.

Chen Xiaolian had both his hands inside his pockets as he walked all the way until he reached the edge of the sports field. Even from afar, he could see the boys continuously pushing down the thin youngster. Every time the thing youngster attempted to rise up from the pool, he would be pushed down.

“Haven’t you guys had enough?” Chen Xiaolian slowly walked over before shouting out with a cool voice.

The fellow in the middle heard him and turned around to size up Chen Xiaolian. When he realized that the one he faced was a fair faced boy who was one head shorter than he was, he showed a fierce expression on his face and cursed out.

Chen Xiaolian was not able to fully understand what the fellow said. However, he could guess that it was nothing good. The fellow was probably telling him to mind his own business.

Chen Xiaolian ignored him and walked over. His shoulders lightly bumped into two football players who were standing before him, causing them to fall back to the side. Then, Chen Xiaolian continued walking forward. He extended one hand to pull up the thin youngster who was inside the pool of water.

Up close, the youngster appeared even thinner and shorter than he had expected.

Chen Xiaolian’s height was somewhat flawed at only 170 cm. This youngster was shorter than Chen Xiaolian by a notch. Additionally, his thin arms and spindly legs gave the impression that his body was not fully developed. Both his face and body were drenched and his hair were clumped together due to the water. He stood amid the cold wind, shivering, his eyes revealing numbness.

A football player stepped forward and grabbed Chen Xiaolian’s shoulder, only to be thrown off. The football player fell onto the ground and cursed out.

The other football players gathered around Chen Xiaolian and they uttered harsh words.

Chen Xiaolian frowned. “What a mouthful of expletives. Can’t you people speak human words?”

One of the football players lashed out with a kick. Chen Xiaolian did not dodge the kick. Before the football player’s kick could connect, Chen Xiaolian’s foot had left a footprint on the football player’s abdomen area. The fellow screamed out as he was sent flying backward and fell onto the muddy ground. His body rolled over due to momentum.

“You like to step on others so much?” Chen Xiaolian sneered.

Chen Xiaolian showed no hesitation toward the other two football players who came rushing over. He sent out a kick for each of them, sending both down the ground. They held their stomachs as they bent their bodies, incapable to getting up.

Chen Xiaolian’s hands remained inside his pockets; his eyes coldly sweeping through the area.

The remaining people were shocked.

These were simply a bunch of bad boys with not much in terms of courage. Normally, they would depend on their strength to bully others. Now that they had encountered a tough opponent, they could only look on with a dazed expression.

The one who was leading the group in this act of bullying appeared embarrassed. This was especially so after he found that the group of girls on the stand were all looking over.

He clenched his teeth and cursed out with another expletive again. Just as he was about to throw a punch, Chen Xiaolian pulled out his hand from his pocket and slapped the fellow in the face.


The sound of the slap rang out loud!

The sound was both clear and loud and nearly half the people within the sports field were able to hear it.

“I…” The fellow was slapped senseless. He was momentarily stunned before screaming out. “F** your…”

Before he could utter out the last word, he received yet another slap to the face!

This slap threw him down to the side and he fell into the pool of water, both sides of his face having turned swollen.

“You like to fight? What is the point in fighting those weaker than you? If you like to fight that much, then I will accompany you.”

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes stared at the two remaining people who were still standing. These two had clearly become terrified and they retreated, step by step.

At that moment, several middle-aged men ran over, two of them were referees and another two who were probably the team coaches.

Chen Xiaolian had no interest in talking with these people, especially the coaches – to be able to produce bastards like these, those coaches was clearly nothing good.

One of the coaches attempted to pull Chen Xiaolian and was thrown off instead while the other one was shouting something loudly. He was probably using his identity as a teacher as he attempted to question Chen Xiaolian which school he came from.

“The only reason I am not beating you up is because I am giving you some face. Don’t you dare assume that I will not beat you up,” Chen Xiaolian coldly spat out. “If you want to let your students watch as you get your ass handed to you, then by all means, keep shouting.”

Although the coach was an adult, he too, was clearly scared.

The ability to beat up several of those football players was something rare even among adults. Moreover, these students who specialize and play football all day long have a very strong physique.

The coaches were clearly terrified. They quickly shouted out something about bringing them to the infirmary and to look for a stretcher. They carried the football players who were beaten up and ran off. Before running off, they even spat out a few harsh words.

Chen Xiaolian was able to understand those words. They were simply saying things like reporting to the police or looking for the school security.

Chen Xiaolian did not bother trying to reason with those fellows. Instead, he pulled up the youngster who was being bullied and pulled him over to the area under the canopy.

The youngster too, had become terrified. He wore a dazed look as Chen Xiaolian was dragging him over to the area under the canopy. Then, he sat down on a seat in a timid manner.

“Holy shit! You are so good at fighting! Where did you come from?” The girl with chubby cheeks came over, her face was filled with excitement.

“You said you found Han Bi’s classmates? Where are they?”

“I will bring you over. However…” The girl with chubby cheeks revealed a troubled expression.

It was not long before Chen Xiaolian came to understand the reason behind her troubled expression.

He stood before a group of girls within the stands. It was clear from their expressions that the group of girls was not feeling happy – after all, Chen Xiaolian had just swept the floor with the football players of their home team.

This was especially true for one girl with short hair and pointed chin. The girl was the one that the chubby cheeked girl had found, Han Bi’s classmate. Unfortunately, her attitude was unbearable. “Why should I tell you Han Bi’s phone number? Go find it out yourself!”

Chen Xiaolian knitted his eyebrows.

The girl with chubby cheeks chuckled from beside him. “She is the girlfriend of one of the football players that you beat up.”

Hearing that, Chen Xiaolian came to understand the situation. He looked at the girl and hesitated for a moment before turning around to walk away.

The act of threatening a girl was something Chen Xiaolian was unable to do; he also had no interest in doing something like that. After having beaten up someone’s boyfriend, it was improbable to hope for the person to help him.

At any rate, finding Han Bi should not be too difficult – he was simply an ordinary student and not some head of state. Since his identity was not something confidential, Chen Xiaolian could just ask about elsewhere.

“Hey! Are you thinking about running away? Running away after beating someone up! Let me tell you, I have already reported to the police!”

Chen Xiaolian suddenly stopped moving.

He felt that he should give these girls a lesson.

He turned around and walked toward the fence located before the field stand.

The girls were feeling fearful and the short-haired girl with pointed chin was so fearful, she diverted her gaze away. “You… you dare to beat up a girl?”

“Let me teach you something,” Chen Xiaolian looked straight into her eyes and said in a soft voice. “Remember, a real bad guy does not care about something like beating up girls. This attitude of yours is only of use when going up against a good person. When you encounter a real bad guy, this attitude of yours will result in you being beaten up until you lose your teeth, understand?”

The short-haired girl with pointed chin. “… … …”

“Secondly, you said you reported this matter to the police? It would be best for you to resolve that issue soon. I do not care what you tell the police. Just remember, if the police ever come to trouble me, then I will come over to your school every day. When that happens, your dear boyfriend will get to enjoy a beating every day.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian pointed at the fence beside them… it was the standard metal fence commonly placed before a field stand, built using metal pipe as thick as an egg.

Chen Xiaolian extended his hand and easily tore out one of the metal poles. Next, he twisted it to form a U-shape!

“I doubt your boyfriend’s bone is harder than this,” Chen Xiaolian smiled and ignored the students who were scared stiff from his actions. He turned around and left.

Of course, he did not forget to pull the thin youngster who was bullied earlier out of there with him.

Standing in front of the school gate, Chen Xiaolian looked at the skinny youngster before him.

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